23 December 2012

Link round-up for 23 December 2012

Deity Shmeity has some cool nativity scenes.

Here are some snowflakes up close.

Chip-on-the-shoulder Christians have soured Christmas.

If you work in Iowa, you can be fired for being hot.

Betty Bowers has some advice for the Westboro Baptist Church.

Tony Kushner took a lot of trouble with the language of Lincoln.

If God really existed, what would be the point of prayer?

SEB dissects a stupid Christian e-mail.

"New Atheist" should be a title of honor.

This guy is weirdly, and sadly, obsessed with black people.

Republicans alienate yet another key voting bloc -- single women.

A German reporter infiltrates the US Christian Right.

Conservative football fans react to Obama's Sandy Hook speech.

President Clinton favored police guards in schools in 2000.

The evidence shows that violent video games are not a cause of real-world violence.  Remember Roger Ebert's wise words.

"Register-Her" is the latest MRA scheme to intimidate and silence women.

How do taxes under Obama compare with those under Reagan?

The moral basis of Christianity is odious.

The teabagger right wing has little-known Islamic connections.

CEOs find there's a price to pay for trashing employees' rights under Obamacare.

Should Christians give up the fight against gay marriage?

45% of Georgia conservatives favor treason.

Christianity's misogyny follows naturally from the Bible.

Andrew Sullivan is staggered by Congressional Republicans' nihilistic extremism.  Bruce Bartlett (himself a conservative) thinks they're simply nuts.

Is a secular right wing still possible in the United States?

"Insourcing" is the new word in globalization.

Here's a lot you never knew about the Netherlands.

What is life like in the world's happiest country?

Despite the Arab spring, censorship remains a threat.  Turkey's Islamist government is freaking out over the Simpsons (found via Mendip).

Polio-vaccination workers in Pakistan are being murdered by religious fanatics.  More here (found via Lady Atheist).

Women professionals in Pakistan face systematic harassment.

Also in Pakistan, a mob murders a mentally-ill man who had burned a Koran.

The US Christian Right cheers on Uganda's murderous anti-gay law.

Everyone who still thinks China will displace the US as the world's leading power needs to read this story of how business in that country really works.  The majority of China's rich people are planning or considering emigration.

Neptune is big.  And some of Mercury is cold.

Global temperatures are rising in line with IPCC projections -- but the sea level is rising faster.

We should study the immortal jellyfish -- German scientists are studying the immortal hydra.


Anonymous Blurber said...

The fact that American Christian Evangelicals are celebrating the advancement of Uganda's 'kill the gays' bill, is really scary and I’ve had heard nothing about their support until now. Thanks for noting.

24 December, 2012 10:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

American fundamentalists have actually been supporting and encouraging that Uganda law for several months now. Many of them make it clear that they consider it a model for what should be done in the West.

25 December, 2012 08:40  

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