22 December 2012

Christmas shopping

Some people aren't so easy to shop for, but one can always find something.....

For Mitt Romney:  a custom carrier crate in which he can ride on top of the car for his next long-distance trip (Big Bird will drive).

For Paul Ryan:  a list of local charities which could use some help actually washing their dishes.

For ideological purists right and left:  tickets to Lincoln.

For the atheist community:  something valuable we thought we'd lost -- Jen McCreight (yes, she's back to blogging).

For Ron Paul supporters:  no, I'm not getting them anything, I want some of whatever they've been smoking all these years they believed he really had a chance of becoming President.

For Todd "legitimate rape" Akin:  a textbook on basic biology (I ordered them in bulk since so many Republicans these days seem to need them).

For those Michigan Republicans who clutch their pearls and faint at the word "vagina":  this song.

For those traveling by air this Christmas:  another song.

For the Democratic party:  $560 -- that's the actual total I donated to political campaigns this year, and it was worth every cent.


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