18 December 2011

Link round-up for 18 December 2011

Wow, even aliens have Triple-A.

Perry believes in, uh.....

If frogs go extinct, you'll notice.

Anti-wanking crusader and non-witch Christine O'Donnell is back with an endorsement. Hysterical Raisins is inspired.

The key to a good complexion? Orgasms and spinach (found via The Japing Ape, who comments further).

Here's the difference between religions and cults.

There's a fair bit of truth in this.

Buy a calendar and support stem-cell research (found via Maria Konovalenko).

Hitchens is commemorated by Lady Atheist, Advocatus Atheist, Dead Logic, PZ Myers, Toby Young, David Frum, and the magazine he most recently worked for, Vanity Fair. Religious ghouls hoped for a deathbed conversion, and now smarmily speculate, but he made it clear that that wouldn't happen. Other goddists affirm his point about the vileness of religion. Andrew Sullivan and his readers remember the man.

The evil SOPA internet-censorship bill has been stopped -- for now. Congress also heard from the public on a robo-call law.

A whiny sniveling atheist-basher misses the point as usual.

Don't worry, teabaggers will ignore these charts.

PZ Myers looks at a common delusion among atheists.

More Occupier protests on the west coast degenerate into stupid harassment of working-class people.

TARP will end up making a profit for the government.

Defenders of SharĂ®'ah law practice hypocrisy.

Fog in Channel, eurozone isolated -- Britain was right all along. The EU is becoming a higher-profile issue with voters.

Britain has potential allies -- Ireland and others -- and may now become a rallying point for dissenters.

Britain's Conservatives have cut subsidies to higher education, so students find jobs.

A likely credit downgrade of France puts more pressure on the euro.

The EU's new plans just mean more destruction of socialism and democracy, and the European left is waking up. Unions held major strikes in Italy this week.

Religious thugs attack and threaten Irshad Manji in Amsterdam (sent by Republic of Gilead).

This overview of China hype is on a right-wing site, but makes a lot of important points.

The Arab rebellion has spread to the nastiest Arab regime of all, but the media aren't telling us.

London cab drivers face unique challenges and have brains to match.

Don't tan.

Charles Dickens had a surprisingly large influence on modern culture.

The ocean sunfish is a fish of extremes.

An official US panel recommends banning most medical experi- ments on our closest relatives.

The discovery of chitin in cuttlefish fossils leads to yet another creationist mangling of science.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One of the one's Infodell that caught my atencion the other day was the "Dont Tan" thing ... something I have alwayz wondered about. Because I tan of course in the warmer month's here without even trying to ... I mean ... were in Texas : ) I had a buddy who would work doing roofing, and didnt hardly ever wear a shirt during work ... his skin was as dark as some folk's that was African American and he was from white Euro background. I try to of course avoid sunbathing, but cant help to go out in the day to do thing's or whatever. even wearing a t- shirt my arm's and face still get coloured quick, or leg's wearing short's, it's almost unavoidable. Then I know them folk's that are night type people (nocturnal lifestyle's, in the undergroung scene or whatever) who avoid all sunlight just too purposely stay pale. A friend (DeeAnn) had a beauty and tanning salon business, and the tanning bed's stayed booked with gal's lined up. In the summer if I lay out on the patio/ yard in short's and sandals only, I am alwayz under the shade tree though, and only out at the pool out front like that "after" the sun goes down.

20 December, 2011 13:42  

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