02 August 2011

Link round-up for 31 July 2011 (delayed)

Here are 15 words we don't have.

What was Jesus's ethnicity?

Ranch Chimp looks at a 19th-century integrated community in what is now Central Park.

Despite its aggressiveness in the House, tebeaggerdom among the public is looking like a spent force.

Several groups are fighting against fundie indoctrination in the US military.

David Frum keeps trying to talk sense to the right wing. Others take a shot at it.

A lawsuit over 9/11 wreckage brings an outpouring of Christian love. More here.

GOP.com makes an intriguing graphic error.

John Nail looks at the costs and benefits of health-care reform. Further important progress here.

"It's almost impossible for anyone to get the Republican nomina- tion without saying things that make it impossible for him to win in November."

Nominating Perry would alienate the young and the educated.

The People's View looks at the debt ceiling deal (found via Hello Mr. President).

As expected, Smartypants has some of the best blogging on the deal: the far right's unhappiness with it, a prediction to watch, a first look at public reaction, and the need to take the long view.

Here are some further specifics.

While we're still dependent on oil, we can at least get it from some- where more civilized.

Depressed about the absurd spectacle of American politics? Think of the good we've done.

Britain's Telegraph newspaper has a pretty good assessment of the teabaggers. Al-Jazeera looks at the Christian Right (thanks to Shaw Kenawe for the link).

Andrew Sullivan returns to his native England after 26 years away, and finds a land changed but familiar. Interesting observations on british money here.

Russia's ambassador to NATO warns his people of the dangers looming if Republicans return to power in the US.

Egypt's prospects are better than we think.

Forbes embarrases itself over global warming (found via Preliator pro Causa). More precision reporting here.

The "white roof" plan has many positives, even for snowy areas.

Variations in bonobo food calls offer clues to the dawn of human language.

The Neanderthals really were, well, Neanthderthalish, which helps explain why they're not here any more.

(This round-up was delayed and reduced in size due to technical issues. Things should be back to normal by the weekend.)


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hell- O Infodell! ... better late than never on the "round- up" delay thing, eh? Stiil goin through these, but I liked the talk of optimism on Frum Forum as far as Canada's oil. I wish at time's that the market's worked different when it come's to these type resource's, and I get bored listening to American politician's talk about what their gonna do about our "dependence" on foreign oil ... which is about as much nonsense talk as them constantly talking about how their gonna create job's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they cant do nothing about either, especially the way they act, even if they could. I dont like much to do with any countries that are like those religious ran countries. I focused year's ago on the cost's of petrol and how it would rise at what rate's ... to this day ... I was very accurate on it ... and I see it as getting tighter looking at the math, with the rise of demand that we will see especially in Asia over the next couple decade's, plus the fact that the terrorist's are going to really try to disrupt much.

Thanx for the link's, I will go back to the Bonobo's since their kin, and I have some fajita steak's cooking on the grill out back :)

02 August, 2011 13:48  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

i need to stop stopping here, because i always wind up spending hours clicking on links and reading stuff i would have otherwise missed.

03 August, 2011 16:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Heh.....Well, they've speeded up the process, anyway.

Nonnie: It's too late.....the addiction has you in its grip.....:-)

04 August, 2011 03:57  

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