19 August 2007

The new China syndrome continues

More toxic levels of lead, in children's jewelry and various other products (as an aside, why is there even such a thing as children's make-up?). I guess China's real main export item is actually lead, in various forms.

The Beijing thugocracy's response to the ongoing crisis is to object to American rules limiting lead content.

Update: One should note that much Chinese lead is consumed domestically, with dire results. What we're dealing with here is not a callous conspiracy to harm Westerners specifically, but rather a backward society and hopelessly-corrupt authoritarian regime which make an effective regulatory system impossible. China is also about to start selling low-price cars in the US. Would you drive one? It seems many Americans are skeptical. The results of these safety tests performed in Germany are not encouraging; video here.

Update 2 (21 August): And now it's pyjamas too. Good grief, I could practically start a second blog dedicated to this subject alone. The representatives of the gangster-regime (and their apologists in the West) are getting steadily more irate as the flood of information on these problems grows.


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