03 July 2007

"Techno-populism" awakens

Thomas Sowell offers the plainest and clearest explanation yet of what happened:

The people stopped it. That is what democracy is all about.....This bill was an insult to people's intelligence from start to finish, and the elites are continuing to insult people's intelligence after being defeated.

Talk about investigating illegal immigrants was just window-dressing to fool the gullible public. When the public turned out not to be as gullible as the politicians and other elites thought, the answer has been to insult their intelligence some more.

If the bottomless condescension of politicians doesn't make you mad enough to keep up the pressure on the government for more enforcement, try this:

Hours after the Senate voted against advancing the immigration reform project, the Mexican activist Elvira Arellano announced a campaign of resistance against the U.S. government.

Arellano, who has remained in a Northwest Side church since August 15 to avoid an order of deportation, said this would be the deadline the government will have to "revive and pass a comprehensive immigration reform.” Otherwise, pro-immigrant organizers will begin a campaign “aimed at bringing this government and this economy to a halt.”

Who in the name of the Devil do these people think they are?!

If you observe illegal-alien activity in your area, here's contact information for national immigration enforcement, and here's a list of local offices (found via Chell's Roost).



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