11 June 2007

More on the collapse of the amnesty bill

It really was a mass popular uprising, according to John Podhoretz and the New York Times (thanks to Chell for the link).

Glenn Reynolds's book An Army of Davids, on how technology is empowering "the little guy" in ways never previously possible, is well worth reading in this connection -- the revolt against the elite consensus on amnesty is a good example of what he was talking about.

According to Mickey Kaus, Bush doesn't get it and is planning to revive the amnesty. Click here for more details on the plot, and the DVD cover art. Vigilance!

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Blogger Chell said...

Hopefully the amnesty bill won't get railroaded through. This is such a backwards standoff. I hope sensible Republicans hold their (our) ground.

11 June, 2007 11:02  

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