06 January 2007

Evolution and creationism

Here's an inexpensive book published by the University of California which assembles all the standard creationist and "intelligent design" arguments against evolution and explains the flaws in each one.

Found via Atheist Girl, who is back with new postings after a couple of months of the site being inactive.

Here's a short video displaying actual skulls ranging from 6,500,000 years ago (roughly when our ancestors split off from those of chimpanzees) to the present, showing that there is no "missing link" or sudden discontinuity in the progression from a chimpanzee-like form to the modern human.

Found via Atheist Jew, who also has an essay arguing that the internet will accelerate the collapse of the creationist case by drawing out its advocates into situations where its fallacies will be exposed. He emphasizes the target audience of "lurkers" -- undecided people who don't participate in the debate but just wait to see which side can make a better case -- as I also do below.


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