21 November 2006

Religious stuff

Atheist Girl has lots of good insights and links of interest to non-religious people. Author Roya seems to be a sharp thinker -- an Australian student of Kurdish origin, she went from (presumably) Islam to atheism and libertarianism before the age of 14. Posting topics include evolution and morality, Ted Haggard, a response to Christian students, anti-aging research, etc., etc.

Apostates of Islam is a site run by ex-Muslims, including their testimonials about how and why they left Islam. It's unfortunate that those who most need to read this -- current Muslims -- will probably never deign (or dare?) to look at it.

It may be of some interest how I learned of the above site. One day a week or two ago I was studying a Russian grammar book on the bus on the way to work, when the woman sitting next to me glanced over at it and asked, "Russian?" I told her it was, and she mentioned having been "forced" to study Arabic as a child. It developed that she had been raised as a Muslim, but had left the religion later when she realized it was being used as a tool by domineering male family members to control her. She told me about Apostates of Islam. Apparently her experience is not as rare as one might think.

On a lighter note:

Give the gods your feedback with this questionnaire.

Get saved here! Great free gifts! (Well, I think it's a joke.)

Tired of worshiping the same old deity? Join the God of the Month Club.

Give up a bad habit here! Or at least learn to feel really guilty about it. (Note: sexual content.)

(Humor links sent by Mendip.)

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