28 April 2024

Link round-up for 28 April 2024

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Cats are a type of hair-trigger kinetic weapon.

A rookie journalist conducts her first interview.

Smell the ass, face the consequences.

What if trees were just like us?

Ancient mummies don't understand modern technology.

The TV is getting a bit dusty -- time to clean it.

Cats do things their own way, and meet fearsome aliens.

This is not a job for a philosopher.

Being an alien with acid blood is sometimes very inconvenient.

Call the plumber -- there's a leak.

Lady M discovers some wallpapers for witches.

This short film looks like a bizarre drug trip, but a few bits will seem disturbingly familiar.

Behold the power of an American tornado.

This volcano and lake of lava are of interest mainly for where they are located.

The English of Shakespeare's time sounded much more different from the English of today than most people realize.

We're approaching the turning point on greenhouse-gas emissions.

NASA is once again getting data from Voyager 1 after remotely fixing some technical problems aboard.  The spacecraft, which is now four times as far away as Pluto, is forty-six years old and its technology is primitive by today's standards, adding to the challenges of keeping it working.

Intel seeks to make ever-smaller computer chips.  The tool it uses for this purpose weighs a hundred and fifty tons.

They keep finding ways to make Windows shittier.

Recycling plastic doesn't work -- and the present emphasis on recycling is mostly the result of a corporate campaign to dodge responsibility for pollution.

More Tesla Cybertruck problems continue to surface.  They can kill you even if you aren't riding in one.

Here's what happens when you try to replace artists with "AI".

It's not hard to identify the target of this new parody song.

Cas d'intérêt examines the awesome art of Victor Hugo, and ponders the internet-based distractions of modern life.

Has Kristi Noem been to this Florida beach recently?

Be respectful of the vitalistically challenged community.

The Toronto police are making fools of themselves.

Don't mess with the thing.

Performative self-righteous wokeness has imploded into a black hole of absurdity.

Car makers have been selling information about millions of drivers to insurance companies without the drivers' knowledge.

No sane man would join this religion.

A California IVF lab is accused of knowingly implanting dead embryos in women.

In most ways, Taiwan is now a better place to live than the US.

Seattle police engage in pest control.

Atheism is not a matter of choice.

A Daily Kos writer begs the "progressive" left not to embrace anti-Jewish hatred and violence, even though the many examples he himself cites show that it already, definitively has.

True-believing megatrumpazoids have been scammed out of millions by fraudsters selling fake Trump debit cards and other "financial" junk.  Neither Trump nor his campaign have anything to do with the scam, which is based in Macedonia, but con men know easy marks when they see them -- people who believe the stolen-election, anti-vax, etc bullshit are clearly easy to fool.

This Texas company fired a worker for using safety equipment that was obviously necessary.

Stop paying attention to the New York Times.  It may have been a great newspaper once, but it's junk now.  And FFS stop giving them money for subscriptions.

The "pro-Palestinian" movement in the US has an eliminationist, and de facto genocidal, stance (found via Hackwhackers).  To support them is quite literally to support a new Holocaust.

Gateway Pundit, one of the most toxic and scurrilous far-right "news" sites, has declared bankruptcy in the face of multiple defamation lawsuits.

This person exists -- and could become the vice president.

Woke ideology is gradually being defeated, but die-hard true believers entrenched in some institutions will continue to cause trouble for a while yet.

Some students accepted by Columbia University are deciding not to go after realizing it's infested with violent Jew-hatred.

In the recent series of alarming events on Boeing planes, nobody has been killed (yet), but experts are still worried.

51% of Americans, including 45% of Hispanics and 42% of Democrats, support mass deportation of illegal aliens.

A Pennsylvania high-school boy with known violent tendencies, who maintained a "hit list" of girls to attack, bludgeoned one of his targets with a heavy implement and sent her to the hospital.  The media's weirdly dishonest reporting offers clues to what's really going on.

Arizona stolen-election claims by Kari Lake and Mark Finchem have been rejected by every court that has heard them.  The US Supreme Court has now done the same.

Two men -- one liberal, one conservative, both pro-democracy -- have formed a partnership to fight the polarization of US politics.

A New Mexico police officer committed a horrific abuse of power.

The sane are finally starting to take the country back from the lunatics.  It's going to be a big job.

Trumpanzees hope to sabotage Trump's hush-money trial, but they're probably too dumb to succeed.

Several members of Congress are behaving like Putinist collaborators.  Maybe they are.

Trump's dementia is rapidly getting worse.  It should be a major issue in the presidential race.

The labor movement contemplates organizing a general strike in 2028.

After passing the House by 311 to 112, the Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan aid package passed the Senate by 79 to 18.  Something is seriously broken when a bill with such massive bipartisan support could be delayed for months by partisan games-playing.  Infuriatingly, one of the very few Democrats to vote no was my own state's senator Jeff Merkley, because he opposes Israel's war to eradicate Hamas.  I used to quite like him, but I can never vote for him again after this.  You have to draw the line somewhere.

They stand with our country's enemies.  McConnell calls his party's isolationists to account.

A rabbi at Columbia university urges Jewish students to leave -- Jews are now being regularly terrorized and assaulted there.  At Yale, too, Jews are being violently attacked amid annihilationist taunts.  The left would not tolerate such persecution if it targeted any other group than Jews.  Our universities have turned into encampments of actual literal Nazis eagerly following the example of their German predecessors.  The masks are off.  It is disgusting that the media refer to these orgies of hatred as "protests".  By that standard, a KKK rally or a lynch mob is a "protest".

They don't really care about Palestinians.  They just hate Jews.

It's happening again, right here, right now.

In Canada, too, the new Nazis openly celebrate the mass torture, rape, and slaughter of Jews.

This British doctor is pushing religion on his patients.  The hospital authorities need to be doing something about this.

More here on the British police who stopped a man from approaching a "pro-Palestine" thug rally because his being "openly Jewish" would be "antagonistic" to them (from commenter NickM) -- at least one of the participants was already shouting "scum" at the man.  Police also told a woman at another such rally that swastikas being displayed there were not necessarily anti-Semitic.  There is clearly a problem.

The UK is sending more military aid to Ukraine.

British hospitals are turning away from trans ideology and back to reality.

Spain will force the Catholic Church to pay compensation to victims of sexual abuse.  The number of victims is estimated at 440,000, which is about one in every hundred people in Spain.

The delay in US aid caused Ukraine serious harm.

Ukraine is successfully hitting back against Russia's oil industry.

The pier being built by US forces in Gaza to help aid reach civilians has been attacked by jihadists with artillery.

An Iranian rap singer has been sentenced to death by the regime for criticizing the government.

The regime is also cracking down on women's assertions of freedom, though it still seems a bit nervous about public resistance.

More links at WAHF and Fair and Unbalanced.

My own posts this week:  some truths and inspirations, and why the NPVIC isn't the right solution to the Electoral College.

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This one is a must-watch:


Blogger seafury said...

Outstanding Bill's writers should be doing the Biden ads before it's too late

28 April, 2024 07:51  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The kid interviewing the cows was way too cute.

I've been through a small hurricane and some small earthquakes but never a tornado. Those things are seriously scary. I would not live somewhere they had tornadoes frequently. Nebraska had a 1/2 mile wide tornado just a couple of days ago and that thing was massive.

28 April, 2024 11:34  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

I actually knew Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit 10-15 years ago. I thought he seemed fairly normal, and sent traffic to my blog. I talked to him on the phone once, also contacted through email repeatedly

He’s one of those ones where you don’t know if he went crazy under Trump, or the real him came out. But what a horrible person he turned out to be.

And as you say, one of the most damaging websites in the country. A shrill propaganda rag at best

I couldn’t believe the traffic GP got in the Trump era, that site was making a lot of money. But like working for the mob, it can all disappear in a hurry.

BTW I love the voyager one story, linked here, that’s fantastic

And I canceled my New York Times subscription not that long ago, over the repeated hiring of Russians to cover the Ukrainian war. The paper seems to be infiltrated by them

29 April, 2024 05:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Seafury: I think he'd be more useful as an adviser. He's not partisan enough to throw his lot in entirely with one party. That's what makes his work valuable.

Mary K: The tornadoes are probably getting bigger because of climate change. Ironic that they're mainly striking the part of the country most inclined to deny that climate change is even happening.

Reaganite: It must be spooky to have someone you knew turn out like that. I'm sure you can do without the kind of traffic he'd be sending you now.

TGP's comment threads are something to behold. It seems to be a gathering point for many of the dumbest and most hateful people on the net. Actually useful, if it gives them less time to spread shit elsewhere.

I wonder how long the Voyager probes will keep working. They may be primitive but they're obviously well built, and our technology for interacting with them continues to improve. It's inspiring.

30 April, 2024 00:23  

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