17 April 2023

Video of the day -- from magic to murk

YouTuber Brittney assesses the trailers for two upcoming Disney films and finds pretty much what I found here, although she clearly speaks from a position of much greater movie expertise.  These seem doomed to flop like similar recent offerings.  Why are so many current movies like this?  As recently as Frozen (2013), Hollywood still had its magic.  What the hell happened?

Yet Brittney too sees a light at the end of the tunnel -- a bright cheerful neon-pink light:


Blogger Lady M said...

Well you know I love the dark because it's my color palette - bwahaha.

17 April, 2023 18:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, that kind of look would work OK for, say, a horror movie, but that just further illustrates why it doesn't work in these cases.

18 April, 2023 00:01  

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