19 April 2023

Truths and inspirations, 19 April 2023

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Blogger SickoRicko said...

Some good ones here.

19 April, 2023 10:26  
Blogger Martha said...

Good stuff! And words of wisdom from that 109 about avoiding people. I agree! LOL

20 April, 2023 08:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You sure round them up still. Lots to make one think for sure, but I actually came away laughing pretty good at a lot of these ... certainly more entertaining than the morning news {:-)

You know, I sware, some of these right wing fundamoralists today, actually remind me of shit like the Taliban or similar "love groups" {:-). I'm telling you, it's a slippery slope. See how abortion started with one thing, now it's led into the criminalization (or at least trying to here in Texas) of even speaking the word. Once again, you give an inch, they will take a mile. I mean, over there, they have little lids beheading Teddy Bears some teacher named Muhammad ... over here, they'll have kids shooting up stuffed animals and dolls with AR-15s, burning records, shooting up cases of beer for supporting LGBT, and burning effigies in pubic of pop-culture liberals ... and we brag about how civilized we are, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Speaking of morning news, living in Texas, the news this morning was all about the Starship of SpaceX ... showing all these folks like tailgating down on South Padre Island to see the take-off launch ... and I just seen a news piece, that the SOB blew up again (LOL) ... geeezz, one of these days that boy's gonna get it right, eh? (probably a fucken tax write off at that, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I mean, I say this, because I know a couple that drove all the way down there for some other SpaceX launch, and they said it blew up, they were disappointed.

God Bless America ... cause obviously, he don't give a rat's ass about America {:-)

20 April, 2023 08:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ricko: Thanks! I hope so.

Martha: If she's right, I should live to 209.

Ranch: It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference. Some bloggers now call the militant fundies in the US "Y'all Qâ'idah". Some Muslim countries now have more liberal abortion laws than some US states.

How have they been trying to ban the word abortion? I haven't heard that one.

I've long held that the X in SpaceX stands for "exploding". Half of Musk's rockets blow up just like his Teslas. And he wants us to trust his stuff to get people to Mars.

These days God is too busy appearing on pieces of toast to do much else.

20 April, 2023 09:02  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... y'all qaidah. You know, for a few years, I have told a lot of folks locally that we are becoming a semi-puritanical society, and borderline of going full theocracy, at the rate we been going. Many folks told me, I'm taking shit a little too far ... I mean, I considered what they say, that I'm maybe being a bit drastic. However, I feel this slow incremental change, many folks can't see what is happening. Put it this way, I'm 67, over the last few decades, I have seen quite a bit of change concerning religions, especially in politics ... I can remember a time, when Texas Gov. Rick Perry seemed liberal compared to what I see today, and when Republicans were actually much more moderate. But, folks have their own opinions, and maybe I am too drastic, but also, many people in late 1930s Germany didn't see what was happening to their country, too. Can fascism come to America? ... I believe it can, and there are certain people who would like to see it, although a minority, the trick is, to not let it grow too much, and to counter it. I believe it was Marjorie Green who said she's fine with the christian bible replacing the Constitution ... and there are certainly a good number of Republicans who would like to see that, as well as U.S. declared officially a christian state.

No, I was just using small chat to describe what I see happening here in Texas, by saying to say the word 'abortion' would be a crime. I mean, geeezz, it may as well be ... our Governor declared to have people people to act like bounty hunters, and be rewarded up to $10K to turn in folks or medical staff, encouraging or trying to abort babies. On a slippery slope, with laws and ideas like these being put forth, it only encourages the far right to even be bigger bullies with bigger balls. My point is , what can this lead to, if we seen what only a few years has led to? Not sure if you know Abbott well (TX governor), but he's really got the red ass, and a real redneck attitude about so much, and he's strict fundamoralist. They are actually not only taking books out of schools, but also out of public libraries here, and we're stuck with 5 more bloody years of this SOB. And all this crap he and his ilk spout, about how Texas is becoming California ... is crap, Texas never been California, nor is it becoming California, simply because so many Californians are moving here, as a matter of fact, many Californians moving here, are trying to get out of a over-regulated, over-taxed state like California.

I was going through some of your last weekend round-up. Interesting that Portland, and Oregon was losing population ... actually I thought the opposite, since I heard so many from California, were leaving and moving to places like Portland and Boise (Idaho). I guess don't look at it as a complete failure because folks are not coming in droves. Since you visited here in Dallas, I believe 03, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area has increased in population by a couple million, although there are massive freeway projects all over the metro area, and been for years, the traffic is just getting thick here, like L.A. type thick ... and with all the Angelino's (formerly of LA County) moving here, which are mostly from that particular county, even our rents have skyrocketed, mine increased to over twice what if was back them. So, it's not all that great ... just Dallas, has around a few hundred a day moving here ... Austin, has even fallen into this category. And, I would have hoped, that it would get rid of people like Gov. Abbott, but he still is running strong here, regardless of our more liberated metro areas.

20 April, 2023 09:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's important to avoid confusing social change with rules enforced by laws or by bullying. The society, in general, is still becoming more relaxed and tolerant. Fundies and other assholes who get into positions of power are enacting laws and other rules trying to push things in the other direction, but that isn't social change -- it's an attempt to reverse social change by compulsion, which doesn't work. At best, it can enforce sullen compliance. Another example of this is the hijab law in Iran. If universal hijab-wearing were truly part of the culture, then the regime wouldn't need to use such extreme force and threats to make everybody do it.

I don't know if you watched the Blaire White video in the last link round-up, but he mentioned that when he moved from California to Texas, he found that people in Texas were actually more tolerant and open-minded about some things than people in California, even though most people would have the opposite impression. Again, the rules the government enforces often don't reflect what the society is really like.

Portland used to be a popular destination for people leaving California (which a couple decades ago was mostly just because California got so expensive), but over the last few years Portland has turned into a crime-infested mess, and the state and local governments are too bogged down in ideology to handle the problems. Company after company is pulling out of downtown because their employees don't feel safe or the constant vandalism and robberies make it impossible to make a profit. It's no wonder people are leaving and nobody wants to move here any more. I hope to leave Portland eventually myself, though not the state.

21 April, 2023 01:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thnak You for pointing that out to me, as far as putting forth laws, and the reason folks abide/conform or whatever. It makes perfect sense, and makes me also feel a tad better about society.

No, I did not see Blaire White, I didn't really even know who Blaire White is

21 April, 2023 05:47  

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