05 April 2023

Truths and inspirations, 5 April 2023

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Made by Pliny

You know damn well which place he'd choose to attack

Click here for an overview of what this person's life is like now


Anonymous darms said...

you're saying that you are a fan of the 2nd amendment?

05 April, 2023 08:30  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Lots of good stuff. However, is arming teachers and staff the best solution?

05 April, 2023 09:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Darms: I'm pro-choice on gun ownership. I've always been upfront about that. Some of my reasons for taking that position are illustrated in images in this post.

Ricko: No, armed guards stationed in schools are the best solution. The experience of Israel shows that clearly. Being a guard and being a teacher are completely different skill sets. I didn't create that image -- but it makes its point despite that detail.

05 April, 2023 10:24  
Blogger Martha said...

These are great! The one about Finland is my favourite. And I also agree wholeheartedly with the one that says "You don't owe any more loyalty to an employer than they show to you." Absolutely!

06 April, 2023 04:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Unfortunately it looks like Sanna Marin will be out of office as prime minister of Finland in a few months -- her party didn't do well in the recent election there. I don't know who will take her place. The image still makes its point, though.

We're so used to employers demanding absolute loyalty while never offering a particle of it that we've come to think of this as normal. The pandemic does seem to have gotten people re-thinking things.

06 April, 2023 19:37  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

These are good. I might have saved a couple to share.

08 April, 2023 11:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Please do!

09 April, 2023 00:51  

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