31 December 2022

Video of the day -- disaster in China

Since early December, covid has exploded out of control in China.  This may be linked to the regime's abandonment of its earlier lockdown policy, though it's also being claimed that this outbreak started before the policy was lifted -- and given the regime's congenital dishonesty, there's no way to be sure whether the incidence of covid during the lockdown period was really as low as was claimed.  In any case, the results are horrific, as this video shows (more info here and here).  Part of the problem is that the vaccine used in China is far less effective than those developed in the democracies.  However, things in the US didn't get this bad, even before we had vaccines at all.  Maybe China's high rate of smoking is a factor (covid hits much harder if your lungs were already in bad shape), or it may be that the virus variants circulating in China are more dangerous.  Other countries would be wise to bar travel from China for the duration of the crisis there, to be on the safe side.


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