23 October 2022

Link round-up for 23 October 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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It's a purrfect romance.

Reminder -- rocks are heavy.


Read this handy guide to western US birds.

He's determined to load that bike onto his truck.

A classic song gets enhanced with catsMore cats here.

Blogger Martha has flowers and Halloween cartoons.

Oh, great, flying dogshit.

What if The Simpsons were a horror film?

This taxi driver opposes littering.

How did king Tut die? (found via Miss Cellanea).

Skeletons get high in Manitou Springs CO.  And they come from all walks of life.

Check out this Halloween-appropriate art by John Kenn Mortensen.

Horses are badly designed.

Sometimes, by helping others, you also help yourself.

Here's some adaptable furniture.

This rescue was a difficult job, but worthwhile.

A witness to the Lincoln assassination once appeared on TV.

Half a century after the credit for Marthe Gautier's discovery of trisomy 21 was stolen, it took a difficult struggle to set the record straight.

Here are ten common myths about evolution.

A new study confirms the effectiveness of covid vaccination, including the additional protection provided by boosters.

A new vaccine against the viruses that cause cervical cancer has been developed.

In the next few decades, the worst earthquake in US history will hit my area.

Time to vote, plus memories of the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

Brain-eating aliens have invaded, but don't be alarmist about it.

Immorality arouses God's wrath.

The Merde-a-Logo raid set a frightening precedent (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

"Men who obsess about ranking other men are not the rank they think they are."

If your society grows too unequal, this device has a proven track record of solving the problem.

Religion is weird.

This image sums up US political discourse.

Never feel you need to justify your writing choices.

Which place is it?

Grammarly has some privacy issues (this is the blog of an internet-security company, so take what they say with that in mind).

On the internet, the plague of ads and the plague of bots are working against each other.

Choking one's partner during sex is becoming common among college students, even though most don't enjoy it (a few months ago I wrote about the pornification of sex).

Men need support too.

Yes, it was an insurrection -- just a stupid one.

SilverAppleQueen has some questions for the "woke".

It's disgusting how some people abuse the disabled.

To keep good memories, you need to try harder.

Darwinfish 2 pwns a troll with some education about vote-counting.

Don't let a magic incantation silence you.

Bruce Gerencser reaches a turning point with fundamentalist family members.

If someone interferes with you at a polling place, here's how to contact the FBI and DoJ.

Don't make assumptions about retirement.

Non-Trumpazoid Republican politicians are nearing extinction.  But the percentage of Republican voters who believe Trump's stolen-election lie has decreased, though not by much.

"If you don't vote, you don't count."

A man punched and abused her.  She tweeted about it.  Then the real nightmare began.

This Republican-backed bill could utterly destroy online privacy.  There remains a real risk that it could pass.

The truth winnows the honest from the liars.

Trump provides support and encouragement.

How much blame do non-wingnut Christians deserve for Christian nationalism?

The wingnutosphere goes bonkers over the collapse of the Durham "investigation".

This is a vile and obscene insult to the martyred Mahsa Amini.

In Nebraska, an initiative to raise the minimum wage is on the ballot.

Here is the January 6 committee's Trump subpoena.

Conscription is immoral, always and everywhere.

The Democratic party is far out of step with mainstream voters on a great number of issues.  For example, on allowing teachers to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity in primary school, 70% of Americans favor a ban stricter than Florida's notorious law.  It's not a minor issue; to most people, there's nothing more important than their kids, and what those kids are being taught in school.  Those who want Democrats to win elections need to take these issues seriously.  There's not going to be a new Dobbs to conveniently torpedo the Republicans in every election cycle.

We need to get rid of the debt ceiling.

The police in this Texas town were a lot more effective than in Uvalde.

Randy Kaufman wants to protect children from weirdos like Randy Kaufman.

As the election approaches, see again Annie Asks You's candidate guide to federal and state races.

Here's the site to apply for federal student loan debt relief (from Angry Bear, which recommends applying ASAP in case Republicans sabotage the program).  You can still apply even during the current legal setback.

Religion shames and humiliates women for no good reason.

Early-vote turnout is high in Georgia and North Carolina.  And voter enthusiasm is high, comparable to 2018.

"We have no more silence left to give."

Gas prices are falling again (found via Hackwhackers).

Some polling suggests that the voters are now swinging back toward the Republicans.  Here's an argument that the turnout assumptions may be in error.  In any case, Democrats need to fight.

The Kroger-Albertsons merger would be a win for the financial parasite class, a loss for workers.

Biden may be becoming more open to enlarging the Supreme Court.

But they keep telling us this doesn't happen.

A Jewish author responds to Trump's attack on American Jews (found via Hackwhackers).

Perhaps it's those who grew up without freedom who value it the most.

It really doesn't matter if a candidate refuses to concede defeat.

After a year and a half, striking Alabama miners still stand firm.

A British tabloid set up a contest to see which would last longer -- prime minister Liz Truss or a head of lettuce?  As we now know, the lettuce won.  Maybe it should be the next prime minister.  Or will the Conservative party try to shove its Johnson down the country's throat?

Truss fell because of her fervor for tax cuts for the rich, a right-wing cult idea whose time may be passing (except in the US, apparently).

Italy's new government looks to be more stable.

If Republicans win Congress, it will endanger US aid to Ukraine.

Precedent shows that Russia can't beat Ukraine with airstrikes (found via Reaganite Independent).

Russia is abducting Ukrainian children and taking them to Russia.

Russia's military rail network is failing due to Western sanctions.

Rebellion spreads among Russia's Bashkir minority, demanding independence.

Anger spreads in Russia as "mobilization" victims start coming home in body bags (found via Reaganite Independent).

Caving to Putin's nuclear threats will make nuclear war more likely.  If he does use a nuclear bomb, here are some possible responses.

The Iranian theocracy has drone experts in Crimea helping the Russian war effort.

The Iran protests have the potential for revolution (found via Reaganite Independent).  Some protesters are preparing for an armed struggle.  Even schoolgirls aren't intimidated.

The Saudi regime has imprisoned a US citizen for tweets written in the US.

New US export controls will cripple fascist China's chip industry, which is dependent on US technology to build advanced weaponry for the regime.

More links at Angry Bear, Miss Cellania, and Fair and Unbalanced.

My own posts this week:  Putin's war comes home, and the approach of Halloween.

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Blogger Trin Carl said...

Love your talk on politics. I have plenty of talks like those with my ride-share passengers on my blog. This is my first time to your blog. Hope to catch you soon. @theglobaldig.blogspot.com

23 October, 2022 06:36  
Anonymous Annie said...

Thanks very much for linking to two of my posts about the election: “We Need to Fight Harder,” and my “Blue” Candidates Guide. Re the latter: though I’m leery of all polling this year, I used the Cook Report to prepare the guide in September. Their October update moved three Dem races—Kaptur, Kildee, and Horsford—from tossup to leans Dem. Cuellar moved from leans to likely, and Wild from leans Republican to tossup.
These changes show that this critically important race can be won by the only party that wants to ensure people’s votes count, reproductive freedom is protected, the economy doesn’t tank under failed policies, etc, etc. Voters don’t have to agree with the Democrats on everything to know what’s necessary this year. Please, Infidel’s clever readers: don’t waste votes by staying home or voting third party candidates. Thank you!

23 October, 2022 10:13  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Thanks for using a couple of my posts. I love all the little movies. (I captured a few.) The earthquake video was very interesting. As for the political stuff: This world is in a mess!

23 October, 2022 10:51  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I received my ballot in the mail and already filled it out and sent it back in. Makes it a lot easier to vote.

23 October, 2022 12:25  
Blogger Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Thx for the shout out though my contributions are even darker than usual.

23 October, 2022 13:07  
Blogger Lady M said...

That Bushtit is a Golden Crown Kinglet but despite that , I enjoyed the wacky bird names. Really loved the work by the artists John Kenn Mortensen. That is some brilliant, spooky dark stuff.

23 October, 2022 14:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Trin Carl: welcome aboard -- I'll check out your blog.

Annie: Thanks for your informative posts. Interesting that several races have moved toward the Democrats when polling in general is shifting in the Republicans' favor. Of course many races will depend mostly on local factors (my state, Oregon, is normally pretty blue, but the race for governor here is too close to call).

Ricko: I keep going back and forth about the earthquake. It will certainly be by far the worst in US history. Sometimes I want to just move out of Portland if and when I can afford it. On the other hand, most other places have problems too, and rents are prohibitive almost everywhere.

Mary K: Voting by mail is the way to go. I'm glad you have that option in Nevada.

Pliny: Their darkness is well merited. The obscene concentration of wealth these days in the hands of a few boring jackasses like Musk and Bezos has a lot of people thinking about the French revolution.

Lady M: Those bird names are mostly more accurate than the "real" ones and should be adopted generally. Mortensen is very impressive. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of him before.

23 October, 2022 19:47  
Blogger Daal said...

thanks for including me here - the Lincoln video is quite a trip! Would be great fun to see this one colorized & cleaned up. once at a mummy exhibit, a curator told me that back in the day, they took care with all the deceased organs, placed them in jars & such, but when it came to the brains, they threw those away because they thought they were worthless lol

23 October, 2022 21:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for your posts!

I hate to say it, but I can think of some people for whom those embalmers wouldn't be wrong about the brains.

24 October, 2022 03:25  
Blogger Martha said...

Another great round-up! And I always enjoy cat posts! I can never get enough of those.

27 October, 2022 16:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

There seems to be an endless supply of cat posts out there.....

27 October, 2022 22:25  

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