11 September 2022

Link round-up for 11 September 2022

Never forget.  Never forgive.

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A furious French cat demands entry.

The stone age had issues.

Fear the evil bottled water.

See mega sunflowers, an inflated cat, and more.

Lions turn maudlin, and bears rule!

Behold the mighty warriors of Islam.

I hereby declare this bridge open.

Disgusting slimy parasites have standards.  Otherwise, well, this could happen.

Jizz jewelry is the hot new thing in certain circles.

Do not swim here.

This is the UK, c 1903.

Jenny_o explores the daunting world of home repair.

Lady M's garden has one trespasser exempt from the warning.

After a hundred years, Beatrice Wood has plenty to say.

I hope he at least washed his hands before making food for humans.

You'll love these brewery cats -- and their names.

Check out the bizarre surreal art of Lola Dupre.

Carol Seidl returns to the Musée Carnavalet and brings back a quiz on Renaissance peddlers.

Here's how to open a can without a can opener (or any tools at all).

It is technically possible to walk from the US to Russia.

On this flight, the skydivers were the safest ones (some may find imagery disturbing).

Reality is not Lord of the Flies.  Even Lord of the Flies isn't what you think it was.

The British monarch is also head of the Church of England -- but can Charles live up to that legacy?

The school bully is always jealous of the smart kids.

The Biblical "cities of the plain" were probably destroyed by a meteorite that exploded in the upper atmosphere.

In today's world, anime is everywhere.

A Lord of the Rings fan with a very deep knowledge of the books entertainingly reviews The Rings of Power, episode one and episode two.  In this earlier video he addressed the character race-swapping, which comes up a couple times in the reviews as well.  (He's black, in case you think that matters.)

Canadian toxin research offers hope for a new generation of powerful antibiotics.

Covid continues to evolve into a low-level endemic disease.

Oregon is number one!

If you're able to ignore the bosses' stupid rules, you can minimize stress and make the workplace better for everyone.

Why wouldn't you want this guy with you in a confined space?

I know you said it -- don't confuse me with facts!

The quickest path away from Christianity is reading the Bible.

Do not let this be the future.

These banks are shit.  Take your business elsewhere.

Far Corner Café has a historically-evocative Trump portrait.

Ideology clashed with reality, and in this woman's case, reality won.

Fascism is ugly.  Fascists are uglier.

Don't expect responsibility from those who don't believe in it.

In their relentless quest to further shittyize the US workplace, many bosses are now cutting back on parental leave.

Even in red Alaska, Palin had no real chanceRadical candidates lose winnable seats for their party.  Time to fade off into the sunset, you clown.

Modern "teacher training" is a wasteland of money-making fads.

Another cold, judgmental, moralistic Christian.  This one gets arrogant and personal and it doesn't go at all well.

Yes, language evolves.  But activists redefining words and bullying people into using the new definitions has nothing to do with normal language evolution.

Allegedly, Trump once tried to pay his lawyer's bill with a horse (found via Hackwhackers).

Darwinfish 2 assesses wingnut reactions to student debt relief.

Snotty, arrogant bosses dream of coercing remote workers back to the office if the economy turns bad.  About half the US workforce is already so alienated that they've adopted the "quiet quitter" mentality; how bad do the bosses think morale will get if their workers are dragged back to offices where they don't want to be, for no reason?

Democrats have plans for Social Security (but these are good changes).

No, not everything has a silver lining.

The Arbourist's Red Pen of Justice returns, defending objective reality.

Mike Pence is exactly the right guy to test Republicans' commitment to Constitutional values (found via Hackwhackers).

After the Civil War, black washerwomen led one of the first big labor-rights actions.

Even most red states are seeing serious drops in church attendance.

An Alabama county is jailing pregnant women for months to "protect" their fetuses.

Amazon's special deals with local governments in eastern Oregon are wiping out the state's progress on clean energy.

Corporations endorse flagrant misogyny.

Gun owners are becoming more diverse and representative of the whole society.

"Value-based payment" is the latest scam to undermine Medicare.

Annie Asks You looks to Roevember to save Democrats' hides, and notes that Palin's fifteen minutes are up.  The fall of Roe seems to have reversed the shift of women and Hispanics toward the Republicans, at least for now (found via Hackwhackers).  The Republicans are rightly getting nervous.  But Democrats can still lose if they try hard enough.

An Oklahoma teacher taught students how to access banned books.  Now a politician wants to punish her.

Ten counties in Ohio have banned clean energy projects, opting for the past over the future.

Republicans can take Trump down in 2024.  They just need the guts to tell the truth.

The Labor Day holiday is rooted in the Pullman strike of 1894, a time when the arrogance and ostentation of obscene wealth were almost as bad as they are today.

Don't compare real-life chronic pain to the execution of Jesus.

Banning abortion kills women (found via Daal).

The right-wing anti-vaccine campaign has been a great success, measuring by body count.

McConnell wants to rescue JD Vance, but may have trouble finding him.

The British people had no say in the choice of Liz Truss as their prime minister, but now they're making themselves heard in a wave of strikes.

The UK government is being taken to court for hiding the dangers created by the meat industry.

Sweden's turn away from child transitioning offers lessons for other countries.

Locked into an energy war with the vastly richer and more advanced countries of Europe, Putin has little left but bluster.  Europe is working together closely to meet the challenge -- including with the UK, despite Brexit.

A patriotic Ukrainian tree gives its life to stop a fleeing Russian tank.

Locals rejoice (found via Hackwhackers) as Ukrainian troops liberate growing areas from Russian occupation.

Russian soldiers in Ukraine riot and refuse to fight due to lack of critical supplies.

A Russian volunteer soldier describes the tragic fiasco of the war.

Locals in one Afghan province are re-opening girls' schools in defiance of the Taliban.

We should probably take another look at exactly why the Taliban defeated the Afghan army so quickly (found via Yellowdog Granny).

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, Angry Bear, and Miss Cellania.

My own posts this week:  an "improving words" list, an image round-up, and why I don't care about apocalyptic fantasies.

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Anonymous NickM said...

More UK citizens died on 9/11 than in any other single terrorist act before or since.

My country will stand with yours when the Black Gate of Mordor itself opens.

Whether Putin knows where he left the key is another point...

11 September, 2022 09:13  
Blogger Kay said...

I think it's hilarious that there are people protesting black actors in this prequel. Seriously? It's an imaginary world, for goodness sakes. People could have been purple in anyone's imagination.

11 September, 2022 14:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: We've stood together against many threats to democracy, and I'm sure Islamism won't be the last.....

Kay: Except that that doesn't fit with that imaginary world as envisaged by the person who actually wrote it -- Tolkien -- nor does it fit the underlying logic of that world, as is well explained in the videos I linked here. As I pointed out a week ago, it's like casting white actors as natives of Wakanda or Mulan's China.

In any case, TRoP seems to be so comprehensively awful that even that's a relatively minor point.

11 September, 2022 15:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I love is that doing EXACTLY what you're asked in your contract is now considered a form of quitting. Back in the day we called it acting your wage.

Just remember, the goose steppers aren't as scary as the army of bootlickers who will do nothing or even impede an effective resistance. Also, the Maquis did not tweet. (And since I learned French from a former Maquis who knew my grandmother...)

12 September, 2022 04:53  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

Good stuff this week Infidel, and thanks for remembering me- much obliged

12 September, 2022 09:03  
Blogger Daal said...

thanks for including me - twice! - definitely prefer Lola's art to jizz art, which is for people who just have too much $$, no?

12 September, 2022 11:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: It is disgusting how the bosses have normalized "going above and beyond", doing more than you're being fairly compensated for. It's never an expectation that the company doing more than it signed up to do for the workers will be the norm.

Reaganite: Thanks for your prolific posts!

Daal: Both those art forms are distinctly disturbing, for different reasons. There is always some new fad calculated to extract money from those who have too much of it.

12 September, 2022 14:14  
Blogger Lady M said...

Congrats on being number 1 - that's cool. I was horrified by the firing of the pregnant woman. If she had chosen abortion, they probably wouldn't have known. But because she chose to have a child as a single woman, they stand in judgement. Disgusting. Woman can't win in with religion. I wish we would all just leave it.

12 September, 2022 15:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's a horrifying story. In most cases, I think, only religion can overcome people's natural compassion and lead them to behave like that.

12 September, 2022 22:13  
Anonymous NickM said...

My brother has worked in Japan and they have/had a culture of dying at your work-station. But that ain't high productivity is it? He was frequently basically there to be there. Doing more with less is the key. It always has been. That is why I'm typing this on a laptop and not carving runes. Progress is about destroying jobs but that enables new jobs. That is why I'm an IT guy and not a Hansom Cab light-fitter.

13 September, 2022 05:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's more that obvious scam candidates lose seats, and Republicans, by and large, are increasingly looking like grifters due to Trump. And a host of court jesters besides Trump (Dr. Oz, the confessed pedophile, and the like)

Milquetoast, conflict-averse candidates also go down in flames because, well quite simply, the opposition already has a candidate.

So the key is to stand for something but not something dumb

14 September, 2022 04:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: Japan's work practices seem to be among the most miserable in the developed world. And the ridiculous hours are all performative, nothing to do with actual productivity. It's a testament to the underlying culture that they've been as economically successful as they have. It's no wonder so few people want to have children when the children's lives will just be more of the same. Women, at least, seem to be rebelling and refusing to participate, but it's hard to see much hope until men do the same on a large scale.

14 September, 2022 06:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: I stand by my analysis. Aside from a very few like Oz (a con man, like Trump), the extremist candidates are deadly serious, not scammers or grifters. Their extremism on abortion and trumpeting of the stolen-election bullshit shows that. And never make the error of believing that moderate candidates are milquetoast or conflict-averse. They believe just as strongly in their positions. The difference is that those positions are pragmatic rather than ideological, and align more with what the great non-ideological mass of Americans want.

14 September, 2022 06:50  
Blogger Martha said...

Fun round-up! I really liked the furious French cat demanding entry. Cats can be quite determined when they want their way! And I love the story of cats at the brewery! They are a perfect choice for pest control.

15 September, 2022 04:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: Cats can certainly be entertaining! I wonder if they have any idea how much they keep us amused.

15 September, 2022 09:41  

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