05 June 2022

Link round-up for 5 June 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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See reviews of animals, and of a few other things.

Useless cats!

Piggy's house sends a message.

Expert hunter uses a decoy to attract prey.

Raise my rent?  Well, okay.....

The crime problem is getting ridiculous these days.

Even Jesus can't fix everything.

Reaching the Ferengi isn't so easy.

Ferret encounters snow for the first time.

Donkey pwns cat.

Eat the pasta.

Take a modern view of God.

Please wash your hands.

Guns yes, dildos no.

Is this what they mean by animal magnetism?

Pop that big balloon!

Eating the forbidden fruit gave them knowledge.

Zeus hates your toilet.

It's healthier than eating them.

Looks like this building is so large that the two towers are in different time zones.

Owls are weird.

Biden is a.....

Eventually the cat lost patience with this bullshit.  You can tell this was not filmed in the early months of the covid pandemic.

Here's how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stupid demon should have kept informed about what he was messing with.

In a post-apocalyptic world, horse girls will rule.

Identify your plants in style with mini-tombstones.

Celebrate a wise decision with cookies.

There are some great deals at the library.

This abomination exists.

He stole his own car back.

Don't feed the birds.

Nice house.

These are evaporation ponds to produce salt.

Vietnam is bigger than you think.

That's one heck of a tall tree.

In Nantes, France, you can get an elephant ride with a difference.

This is Antwerp in 1910-1920.

The world's largest river has no bridges crossing it.

There is evidence that wild chimpanzee vocalizations may be more complex, and more similar to human language, than we thought.

If you believe the rich (or anyone else) could "escape into space" if the Earth went to hell, you need to read this.

Could this show from 1969 be aired today?

Speaking of shows, The Golden Girls was ahead of its time.

I've read 21 of these 100 fiction books "everyone should read", and 10 of the Goodreads top 100 non-fiction books list.

There are probably fragments of dinosaur bones on the Moon.

Rahima Banu holds a special place in medical history (disturbing photos).

Firefox is still the only good browser.  Chrome is just the same old bullshit.

Tell the truth and ignore the name-calling.

Beware of fake Pyrex products from China (apparently of the same quality as their architecture).

Schools shouldn't treat kids' fantasies as reality.

On Memorial Day, remember the other side too.

He was a hero who saved twenty lives -- then his own life went in a different direction (this is a true story).

The two worst feelings are really the same.

Having a sexual orientation is not bigotry.

Sorry, plastic isn't really recyclable.

Dingbat theocrat wants to ban birth control (and can't spell "seminal").

There's no excuse for bullying.  It should be documented and exposed for what it is.

Support for same-sex marriage in the US is at its highest level ever, 71%.  It's another sign of religion losing its grip on culture.

55% of Americans identify as "pro-choice" while 39% identify as "pro-life" -- the highest and lowest, respectively, in almost thirty years.

Nobody likes his show except the audience.

All other things being equal, pregnancy is far more dangerous than abortion.

Yes, cooperative social behavior can evolve.  It constantly surprises me that creationists are so dense about perfectly simple points like this.

Be friendly, you worthless worm.

Religion is the enemy.

Some of the prog fringe is throwing tantrums again.

A Southern Baptist Convention leader sternly warns against taking any precautions to prevent sexual abuse.

Proton is setting out to become a defender of internet privacy.

Given the current "everything I don't like is Hitler" mentality, bullshit like this is inevitable.

Death itself has a class component -- most of the Americans who died early in the pandemic were low-paid workers in shitty customer-service jobs who couldn't work from home or avoid prolonged contact with strangers.

The story of the police in Uvalde just keeps getting worse (found via Hackwhackers).

Stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle has come under fire from the activist fringe for his joking about transgenderism (he jokes about everything).  Watch samples of his routines on the subject here and here, and see for yourself rather than relying on what his critics say about him.

Not all atheists are Westerners.  Indeed, in my experience, many of the toughest and clearest-thinking atheists are ex-Muslims.

This four-month-old baby girl is one of the countless lives lost to anti-vax nonsense.

Here's why gun control tends to be a loser at the ballot box even though polls show it has majority support.

An idea from India will soon be helping California conserve water and generate power.

Some on the left disparage voting, but right-wingers know better.

Yet another sexual assault in a women's prison comes to light.  No one can legitimately claim they didn't know this is happening.

Socialism is OK for some.

Fox News viewership far surpasses that of CNN and MSNBC combined.

Incoherent rambling is no basis for social reform.

The trans movement and the gay movement are polar opposites.

Biden needs to talk about Ukraine more.

A detailed look at the SBC sex-abuse scandal shows the same pattern of coddling abusers and smearing victims as in the Catholic Church.

One Republican congressman has abandoned his re-election campaign due to the backlash against his stance on guns.

Bruce Gerencser has some regrets.

The largest mass shooting in US history was committed by government agents.

Gender ideology is gay conversion therapy.

Freedom of speech is under threat in Canada.

Thugs vandalized and ransacked this London restaurant because JK Rowling held an event there.

The British publishing industry is infested with little would-be censors.

We will make your kids eat bugs.

The founder of a British gender-critical site wins a high honor.

Russia is stepping up its crude propaganda efforts in Ukraine.

A church schism is the latest repudiation of Putin's pan-Slavic pretensions.

Thorough discussion here on the Russian army (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Morocco is using innovative technology to produce clean water for its desert communities.

Pacific island nations fend off China's efforts to bring them into its zone of influence.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced and Miss Cellania.

My own posts this week:  God's omnipotence, the world we live in in images, and a video on stupid political ads.

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People in groups are almost always stupider and more violent than those same persons as individuals.  Our instincts easily and quickly express themselves in mob action, but introspection and contemplation are always and inherently individual, inward states.  They can never be collective.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Putin thought he could take Kiev, arrest or kill Zelenskyy, and reinstall Yanukovich in less than 16 hours.

I mean, there's a blitzkrieg, and then there's that.

05 June, 2022 08:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But don't you know? By putting lead in toys, China is our friend.

Yeah, American media actually said that.

05 June, 2022 08:08  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I always enjoy animal videos and such. However, I got goosebumps from the Gene Roddenberry story.

05 June, 2022 10:34  
Anonymous NickM said...

OK, the book list... I've read about 20 of 'em. But...

I have issues here. Are they all fiction? Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" isn't.

Also, Thomas Keneally wrote "Schindler's Ark". The movie is "Schindler's List".

And then... No Tolkien? What about William Gibson? I prefer girls with mirror-shades and claws to crinolines and wondering about whether Mr Darcey will be in Bath for the season or like whatever.

And then there is the absence of "The Left Hand of Darkness". That is SF at the top of the game.

05 June, 2022 12:22  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I thought about buying 1000 mint seeds and planting them all over this property but the termites are really not going to go over well. Dang. lol.

I've never had a ferret but thought about getting a couple. They are so cute.

My apartment manager sent out emails telling us we aren't allowed to feed the birds around here too. No one gave it much notice though. I still see several people putting out bird seed in the morning.

I might have to make the switch back to Firefox. I use Chrome right now.

05 June, 2022 12:52  
Blogger Tommykey said...

I can't remember where I read or saw it, but I remember being surprised that the Chixculub impact sent debris from the Earth to the moon.

05 June, 2022 16:56  
Blogger Richard said...

Seminole works. Disclaimer, i am not a member of Seminole or affiliated tribes, families or associations. I continue to wish them well and consider them to be friends.

05 June, 2022 20:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: Putin is learning that he needs to stop believing his own propaganda.

Ricko: I wonder if that experience influenced the humane philosophy he tried to promote with Star Trek.

NickM: Putting Sun Tzu in the fiction list is odd. If a complete piece of junk like Atlas Shrugged merits inclusion because of the magnitude of its influence, then they might as well include this. As for science fiction, Frankenstein was the founding novel of the whole genre, but it's not listed. I think Dune and Stranger in a Strange Land are overrated, but the former at least seems to have a sizeable fan base. Never got into Gibson myself.

Mary K: He should have ordered a set of termites including a queen, so the colony would thrive over the long term. Not sure how long workers remain active with no queen.

Mint plants might not do well in your area with all the leakage from ill-maintained pipes, drug addicts, etc.

I would be fine with feeding birds -- it's just a question of what to feed them to.

Tommykey: It does seem surprising, but given the size of the impact, I suppose it's reasonable. I know some debris kicked up by asteroid impacts on Mars eventually falls to Earth as meteorites.

Richard: I'm sure MTG didn't have the foggiest idea.

06 June, 2022 22:22  
Blogger dellgirl said...

This is a great list of links, as usual. I enjoyed clicking and reading through them. BUT . . . Animal Magnetism? REALLY NOW!!! That one had me truly LOLLLLING - OUT LOUD!

07 June, 2022 09:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yeah, that one was pretty funny -- though I bet the cat didn't think so.....

07 June, 2022 10:08  

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