12 June 2022

Link round-up for 12 June 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Get them all moving with a vibrating dance floor.

Orangutan educates less-intelligent ape about why zoos have rules (found via Miss Cellania).

Right, just assume it stands for "assorted".

Grab the flamethrower!

Ouch!  Er, no thanks.

Rotten weather leads to an interesting discovery.

Oh, maybe an asshole, but definitely a genius.

These damn architects are just bullshitting us at this point.  Also, worst staircase ever.

Here's how God performed part of his creation.

Befuddle your cat with a big billowing bubble.

The trees have faces.

I've heard of living in your own head, but.....

SickoRicko's blog posts its best-ever cock picture (not NSFW).

Stop-motion animation creates a crash-rich miniature car chase.

Go ahead, have a bagel.

A foul and evil attack on the iconic Snickers bar is defeated.

Some things just go together.

Daddy knows best.

People change, but a friend remains a friend.

Test-drive a French classic car.

A new film about the designer of the Eiffel Tower abandons accuracy for a clichéd romance.

This crummy novel doesn't even have a good villain.

Some nice photos here, especially the first one.

This building exists (it's part of a shopping mall in southern France).

This shroom exists.

These shrooms existed.

This is Istanbul.

Paris can be expensive, but these museums are free.

Learn about the largest plant on Earth (as far as we know).

Oregon's Astoria-Megler bridge is a spectacular feat of engineering.

Kay at Musings blog is visiting Norway and seeing some cool stuff.

They saved the cat.


Get your favorite shows on DVD while you can -- online services are censoring things.

If the caption is accurate, this is a remarkable act of empathy.

"This is the world I want for her."

Meet a genuine hero dog.

I know the feeling.

Don't mix different cleaning products.  You could do serious harm to yourself.

Conversations could be deeper if they were less shallow.

"I was born holding my breath....."

Gosh, I wonder why nobody wants to work any more.

These people are so, so oppressed.

Refuse to feel bad for being rational.

The pee-pants "People's Convoy" didn't even get a sandwich.

Never allow would-be censors to claim victimhood.

Besides being better for privacy, Firefox has some useful features.

A neighborhood fights back against housing speculators.

"The lord is not my shepherd, for I am not a sheep."

Religious freedom in the US is not in any danger.

A disabled artist stands up to a bully.

Women's rights are being eroded by kowtowing to Islam and trans ideology.  Push back.

Some people are willing to help an endangered stranger (found via Miss Cellania).

The "sex is a social construct" claim would be pointless even if it were true.

California is now mandating that insurance cover mastectomies for trans-identifying girls of any age; it's already being done on girls as young as 13 or 14.  This doctor (in Miami) even gives out T-shirts.

Jack at Atheist Revolution blog now suspects he was wrong to reject tribalism in American society.

A few reminders for religionists here.

The DuckDuckGo browser app is compromised.  The search engine is still OK.

"You might just, at that point, be an idiot."

Even for those who escape trans ideology, the trauma can persist.

Schools are silencing students who complain about sexual abuse.

Death rates from almost everything are higher in red counties than in blue ones, mostly due to unhealthy habits in the former.

It's OK if you're not ready to come out yet.

What is "wokeness"?

Chickens have not been on the menu for as long as we used to think.

You have more in common with immigrants than with billionaires.

Renewable energy is now close to fully meeting California's electricity needs.

If you don't think voters will be outraged when they realize this kind of shit is happening in elementary schools, you're out of your mind.

The progs raging against mainstream Democrats generally don't even understand how the government works.

Despite its claims, Trump's "Truth Social" platform doesn't tolerate free speech.

About twenty million people watched the January 6 hearings on Thursday, less than a tenth of the US adult population but still fairly high for a political event.

Women prison inmates in California who complain about male inmates being moved into their prisons are being punished by the authorities for speaking out.

A Christian preacher calls for mass murder literally on the scale of the Holocaust (found via Hackwhackers).  He's probably referring to this passage; the actual decree of death is a few sentences later in verse 32.

Thanks to vaccines and its own adaptation, covid is slowly becoming an endemic and less-fatal disease comparable to the flu.

Almost all mass shooters fit a particular profile.

San Francisco's recall of its ultra-woke DA, and the primaries generally, show that voters are out of patience with coddling violent criminals.  Fortunately, Biden gets it.

Yet another megachurch leader goes to prison for multiple sex crimes; his church still supports him.

Here's another gruesome way pregnancy can go wrong.

Green Eagle reports back from the lunatic Jew-hating fringe of the wingnutosphere.

In the real world, you can't shut down objections just by calling people names.

Despite favorable polls, it won't be so easy for Republicans to pick up a large number of House seats.

To properly understand the threat of fascism, stop spreading absurd misinformation about it.

Women in the US are increasingly being prosecuted for stillbirths and miscarriages.

Anti-science lunacy takes various forms, but deep down it's basically the sameNo one has a monopoly on it.

Trump-endorsed celebrity quack Mehmet Oz will be the Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, giving Democrats a solid pick-up opportunity.  And they'd better not abandon a good candidate in Ohio.

Anyone who advocates violence as a response to expression of opinion is The Enemy.  And yes, it's absolutely wrong to threaten someone like Emily Bridges.  Threats of violence are never a justifiable response to words.

Amy Coney Barrett spent a big part of her life under the influence of a bizarre, kinkified Christian sect.

An abortion-rights rally here in Portland turned out to be a bait-and-switch.

The US medical-insurance system is at war with us.

91% of Americans support some form of marijuana legalization.  The Republicans are missing the boat.

Go ahead, try to convince yourself this kind of thing isn't going to lead to a backlash.

A global survey on climate change reveals a strong consensus across nations and age groups.

Menacing religious thugs have forced the withdrawal of a movie from UK theaters.  No, people in a free society don't have a "right" to cancel things that offend them.

Poland's Catholic-dominated government has created an Orwellian "pregnancy register" system to help enforce its draconian anti-abortion law.

Help Ukraine with these verified charities.

Russia is deploying dangerously obsolete equipment in Ukraine to replace its losses, while violent resistance to military mobilization continues within Russia.  But Ukraine needs more weaponry as the invaders plan for a long war.

Russian soldiers in Ukraine are largely drawn from poor, backward, or ethnic-minority areas of Russia.

Putin thinks he's Peter the Great -- all the more reason for nearby countries to worry.

Mexican feminist groups are already helping US women to obtain abortions.  Even some blue-state women need help due to the sheer expense of using the US healthcare system.

A Dutch pro-pedophilia activist has been arrested in Mexico for trying to buy a child.

Nicaragua's authoritarian regime is shutting down feminist groups and women's shelters.

The Chinese regime observes the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre with more repression.

This project in Kenya both produces solar power and enhances food production.

A mass shooting in a church has killed more than eighty people.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

My own posts this week:  fake Christians and an image round-up.

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It's important to keep present-day problems in perspective.  Yes, covid is very bad, but the total deaths from it have not reached even one percent of the population of any country.  Before the advent of mass vaccination, antibiotics, and modern sanitation, pandemics that killed a tenth or so of the population of an entire country happened often enough to be considered almost a normal part of life.  The much lesser problems of today seem like disasters to us because no one alive now is old enough to remember what the world was like before modernity.


Blogger Jack said...

Thanks for the link! I'm off to read about how far more people in the U.S. support marijuana legalization than I thought. Good find!

12 June, 2022 05:06  
Blogger Lady M said...

Wow - brilliant Halloween trees with the faces - I love them.

12 June, 2022 07:49  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

People on Twitter were posting that picture of the field of cabbage. LOL It made me laugh when I saw it because I knew most people would be thinking the same thing.

That's a lot of sea grass. Incredible for it to be that old.

That dog is definitely a hero.

I learned in elementary school not to mix cleaning agents together. Not real smart.

I seriously do not understand letting kids get mastectomies, surgery or medication when they are still kids. People should have to be adults before things like this can happen. I understand being trans and all that but kids should not be having this done. They are not done growing, they might change their minds, they are still kids. There's no reason not to wait until they are adults.

Prosecuting women after a still birth or a miscarriage is so outrageous.

12 June, 2022 12:55  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Your usual great collection of good, bad, and ugly. (How do you ever find the time?) Keeping things in perspective is not one of my strengths, so I thank you for mentioning that again.

12 June, 2022 16:14  
Blogger dellgirl said...

"Living in your own head"?!?!!! REALLY NOW . . . I can't even find words to respond to THIS!

12 June, 2022 17:57  
Blogger Daal said...

the doggie... so moving

12 June, 2022 19:55  
Blogger Mike said...

Here's a complete rundown of the Iranian house. That's a swimming pool inside the top floor.

12 June, 2022 21:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jack: Marijuana legalization has become very mainstream. I don't know why the Republicans are still so down on it -- just generic puritanism, I guess.

Lady M: Those were pretty spooky!

Mary K: Those things look pretty odd for cabbages. I hope they aren't.....well, you know.

I thought everybody knew about not mixing cleaning stuff, but I guess not.

I'm seeing more and more stories of people who are now young adults who had these surgeries when they were teens (the outcomes of the genital surgeries can be really ghastly) and now realize their lives are ruined, and are wondering why nobody stopped them from doing this to themselves when they were too young to understand what they were getting into. The only solution is to vote out the politicians whose policies allow this kind of thing to continue.

Women are increasingly being treated as if they were cattle for breeding. It's disgusting.

Ricko: I always try to keep things in perspective. Knowing history helps.

Dellgirl: That thing looks kind of comfy, but I don't know where most people would find space for it.

Daal: The dog is a real hero, and smart, too. She knew just what to do.

Mike: From the picture I found, it looked like the whole thing was built tilted upward. From the pics at your link I see it's just a kind of cutaway underneath. Still seems like a pointless gimmick, though.

13 June, 2022 19:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, chloramines will kill you. Peggy Hill does it. (And if you remember she's Dunning-Kruger personified...)

The problem is that a ban on abortion leads to logic knots which end here.

At least Ceausescu was honest about it when he declared the uterus state property.

14 June, 2022 07:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In modern media, maintaining a blacklist is impossible. Mostly it's a bogeyman for "Why isn't my book selling?" among conservatives.

14 June, 2022 08:23  
Blogger Martha said...

HAHAHA! The vibrating washing machine had me laughing out loud. The one with the orangutan and the moron visitor who jumped the fence to get closer makes me shake my head. It's easy to see who is smarter between the two. The link with the "Strange juxtapositions"...that was awesome! And what the..."A Christian preacher calls for mass murder". I should be shocked and yet I'm sadly not surprised. And women being prosecuted for miscarriages and stillbirths? I don't even know what to say to this craziness.

14 June, 2022 18:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: The anti-abortion crazies these days should keep in mind how Ceaușescu ended up. And some of the books that other misogynists have tried hardest to blacklist -- Shrier's, Joyce's, and so on -- have ended up as best sellers despite those efforts at censorship.

Martha: That guy who provoked the orangutan was lucky it wasn't much worse. Those creatures are far stronger than humans. I heard of one once that ripped a man's foot off. The guy's lucky he wasn't killed.

The preacher, sadly, really was just expressing what the New Testament calls for. During the Dark Ages, when society was actually run according to what the Bible says, homosexuals actually were executed. That's what the fundies are trying to bring back. The anti-abortion insanity is just another aspect of the same religious fanaticism.

14 June, 2022 19:29  

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