28 December 2021

Video of the day -- a song in church

Swedish musician Anna von Hausswolff (what an awesome name!) performs music of a striking and original style which is best suited to the pipe organ; thus she often performs in churches, since it is there that that instrument is most commonly found.  Earlier this month I linked to a story about Catholic fanatics stopping one of her concerts at a cathedral in Nantes, France.  She has been accused of Satanism because of her musical style and because one of her songs has some lines about "making love with the Devil", although in context that phrase is clearly a metaphor for using drugs.  The video above is from a performance at a church in New York City; I hope you'll find the combination of the hypnotic music and the visuals of the dead alien religion as mesmerizing as I did.


Blogger Mike said...

I like it. Satanic, huh? I think some of the so-called Christians are actually Satanists. Sorry, Satanists, I didn't mean to insult you.

What's a big pipe organ cost? A BIG one can go for 8 to 10 million.

28 December, 2021 08:32  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

people are strange..ha..
ydg is working out of my other blog renamed yellowdog granny..was my old blog of west bygoddess texas..hope to see you there.

28 December, 2021 10:22  
Blogger Al Penwasser said...

Hausswolff. Does that mean "House Wolf"? Geez a lou, imagine getting THAT into a crate!

28 December, 2021 11:18  
Blogger Lady M said...

Cool I am digging this - reminds me of my favorite band of all time The Secret Machines who had a big loud drum, an organ, and a guitar. They had a heavy rich sound like this. I look forward to more from Hausswolff.

28 December, 2021 12:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: No wonder she doesn't buy her own and carry it around everywhere.

Granny: I haven't been able to find that by searching -- if you leave the exact URL, I'll help get the word out.

Al: I'm sure it does. In modern German "house wolf" would be Hauswolf, but the family name probably dates from before the spelling was standardized.

Lady M: Glad you like it -- she has several other videos on YouTube.

29 December, 2021 04:28  
Blogger CAS said...


29 December, 2021 20:23  

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