17 October 2021

List of posts on China

China and its neighborhood are "where the action is" these days, and I've been trying to wake people up to the reality behind the fa├žade that so many western people fall for.  This list will be updated as new posts appear.

China is a nightmarish fascist state, a true successor to Nazi Germany

Imagine the worst that could happen if Trump and the far right had absolute power in the US -- that's what China is like

China cannot become the world's leader (video)

The differences between China and Taiwan show how communism destroyed Chinese culture (video)

The AUKUS pact shows that the West is finally standing up to China

China is a failed state mired in corruption and incompetence (videos)

Building construction quality in China is nightmarishly bad even by Third World standards (videos)

Two Westerners living in China report on the quality of construction and maintenance there (videos)

China's "wet markets" are a horror, but so is American factory farming (video)

The 2020 floods in China were a reminder of the danger posed by the Three Gorges Dam

The traditional Chinese writing system is a barrier to mass literacy and modernization

Assessment of China's 2021 saber-rattling against Taiwan

Most of the Sunday link round-ups also include items on China, usually toward the end.