17 October 2021

Link round-up for 17 October 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Can you unscramble the words?


Many typos escape correction.

Make the best of it, if homosexuality is declared an illness.

Amish people have mobile homes!

No need to read the whole Bible, just read this summary.

Discriminatory policy? (NSFW).

Oh, I've had that look in many a staff meeting.

Frankenstein's monster deals with the mundane world.

This quickie horror film is likely better than most of the $200-million special-effects-fests out there.

I might actually consider joining this religion.

Watch this guy bust a nut.

Whoever designed this knew exactly what he was doing.  And I think Aunt Brenda knows exactly what this shirt is.

A "save the whales" voyage needed to be cut short.

Birds, birds, birds!

Then why is everything around it "Prego"?

No spiky wall can stop true romance.

If you are a zombie, you may find this video useful, or maybe not.

This is a macho conversation.

Tattoo idiot exasperates Satan himself.

The wedding guests included a deer who wouldn't leave.

Is adjective avoidance the key to good writing?

Life is short.  This is not the way to spend it.

Happy birthday!

.....because murder is wrong.

Some interesting architecture here.  But sometimes what we build is just left to decay.

Moose are big.

Lightning is scary.

This show must be bad -- nobody likes it except the audience.

Into hiking?  Hexatrek gives you a range of options with great scenery (in France).

The floor is lava!

When is Disney's Beauty and the Beast set?

Cool nature photos here (click for bigger).

"You are the most beautiful ship in the world."

Sometimes it's not cancel culture.

Unclear writing is bad writing.  And this is bad writing.

Abusive relationships here.

Some people aren't mature enough to be using crayons.

This town really did defund the police -- both of them.

The insanity engulfing the right-wing internet is right out of science fiction these days.

Possibly useful tip here if your computer uses Windows 10.

AO3 is serious about being a safe space for writers.

Don't cut spending on science to solve poverty.

Genealogy can be important to you no matter who you are.

Some dishonest reports have implied that these Netflix employees were suspended for criticizing Dave Chappelle.  In reality, they crashed an executive meeting.  Comments on the post are worth a look too.

Like it or not, celebrities have power, and it can be used for good ends.

Interesting background info here on the 1954 film Salt of the Earth.

Rent control could create a "nightmare scenario".

This person is a managerSo is this person.  And they wonder why millions are quitting.

You can't have anything just for yourselfAnything.

The consolidation of VPN companies is cause for concern.

Being an asshole is the hot new fund-raising technique, apparently.

Poet Elizabeth Acevedo has a message for the forced-birth fanatics.

Here's how to respond when people use "Latinx"More here.

Vaccine mandates work, including with the police.  There will be some disruption while the hard-core anti-vaxers are being flushed out of the workforce, but eventually things will settle down.

See 90-year-old William Shatner's emotional return from his real flight to space.

I don't know whether "true crime" podcasts are to blame, but mistaken ideas about crime are rife.

"The more false we destroy, the more room there will be for the true."

Why are stores constantly running out of things?  It's largely to do with China, but the real fault lies with shit-for-brains corporate leaders who built and relied on fragile, Rube-Goldberg global supply chains instead of manufacturing things in their home countries.

Funny how the Orwellian language bullshit these days only applies to women.

Name and shame the corporations that support forced-birth-fetish politicians.

Tip here on stopping your smartphone from being used to track your location.

Which is worse, religious hypocrisy or religious hatred?

"It's long past time to stop coddling the people who are deliberately choosing unsafe and reckless behavior."

Back to the Dark Ages -- an Oklahoma woman has been sentenced to four years in prison for having a miscarriage.

Workers in shitty jobs now have unprecedented power -- and many of them know it.  The Great Resignation is accelerating.

This is one "queer" the bashers won't dare bash.

Hackwhackers takes an encouraging view as against the moan-groan-doom-gloom that tends to suffuse political blogging.

She heard the voice of God.

Workers are determined to resist management pressures to return to offices, foreshadowing a broad decentralization of the economy and society.

A Wisconsin school board which removed its mask mandate and other anti-covid measures is now being sued by a parent whose child caught the disease.

What exactly does "wokeness" mean?

The Bible is irrelevant to sexual morality.

Over 10,000 workers are going on strike at John Deere.  The company is trying to keep things going with managers and non-wage employees, but it doesn't seem to be going very well.

Don't forget the wives whose husbands "transition".

Protect your patients, one way or the other.

Who needs the Taliban when we have American companies like this?

Fundies are vicious, hateful monsters.

This is what covid-19 does to the lungs.

When lava reaches the sea, stay right away from it.

Kaiser Permanente employees have voted overwhelmingly to go on strike, mainly over pay.

Girl gets raped in girl's bathroom by guy claiming to be girl -- not so unusual these days, except that this time her father refused to keep quiet about it, despite school board and MSM efforts to cover it up.

Advice for slaves here.

Democrats need to appeal to a wider range of voters.

The new Gay Liberation Front is about, you know, gay people.

Hotel workers now face so much harassment that they're being given "panic buttons" to summon help.

All that remained was the braids.

The work of Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa holds some lessons for somnolent US political journalism (found via Hackwhackers).

It's perfectly normal for a movement to be full of ex(?)-Nazis and incels.

Brilliant -- a protest tactic which makes people oppose your cause.

Nice sign.  Very "intersectional".

Here is what Oskar Schindler did.

Mussolini found an eager ally with a kindred agenda during his rise to power.

The fancy gifts the Saudis gave to Trump in 2017 were fakes.

Legitimate self-defense despite collateral damage.

The US has had enough of Pakistan's bullshit.

Religious dominance of society is always bad for women.

Israeli activists rescue 125 Afghans at high risk of Taliban persecution.  WION is campaigning to save more women.

Sorry, Taiwan is a country no matter who doesn't recognize it.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced -- don't miss the Confederate flag video at the beginning!

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My own posts this week:  a sample troll comment, a forest adventure from The Lone Animator, and an anticipation of Halloween.


Blogger Mike said...

Some good ones today. But the lightning one was great. I loved the lightning strike that hit the shore, went into the water, then tossed the river up in the air.

17 October, 2021 02:01  
Anonymous Johnny Profane said...

Thank you for your post on China. I know nothing about this country, tbh.

17 October, 2021 04:35  
Blogger applequeen said...

Thank you for the link! ~ Aunt Polly

17 October, 2021 07:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: That video surprised me. I didn't know the effects of lightning could be so dramatic up close.

Johnny: Thanks. It's a country we all need to learn more about, I think.

Applequeen: Thanks for your post! I agree with your response to the writer's clueless observation about genealogy. I've known people to whom it's deeply important.

17 October, 2021 09:33  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Lightning is scary. When it hits really close like that it's scary and loud.
Moose are much bigger than I had thought before seeing them next to cars and people.

17 October, 2021 12:43  
Anonymous NickM said...

I have a life. I have things to do but thanks for keeping me from them. That's one of your best round-ups ever. I'd love to comment specifically but I really can't single out a story and dinner is nearly ready!

18 October, 2021 11:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: Moose can run way faster than you'd think, too. Scary critters.

NickM: Thanks -- anything to keep people out of church on Sundays, bwa ha ha.

19 October, 2021 00:18  
Anonymous Bob said...

A three-parter here.

We are awaiting a message from Donald Trump.

This is a message from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has just finished his message .

23 October, 2021 13:03  

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