15 August 2021

Link round-up for 15 August 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Nature will take its course.

Oceanic zombie worms are among the horrors of the deep.

These aliens really shouldn't be in the abduction business.

Here's what the animals have been up to.

Ask politicians -- why did the chicken cross the road?

No one does place names like the British.

Keep airborne assholes under control with duct tape.

Yes, summer stinks.

Observe National Book Lovers Day.  Sometimes you just can't put a good book down.

Use the magic word (found via Yellowdog Granny).

James Randi explains religion.

People in Missouri are entering Uranus.

Cat muffin!

Modern gadgetry is getting too complex for normal people.

"There are no fish down there."

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

The prophet Ezekiel was a weirdo.

This is a street in Spain.

It's politics.

Buy books from people who want to sell books.

See a future champion swimmer take his first dive, and a brazen thief carry out a daring robbery in broad daylight.

This builder is a cool guy.

Outstanding Halloween-ready candles here.

Movie monsters are getting bland and generic.

It's the best life.

Religion is stupid.

Cool Twitter stuff here.

The bridge is washed out, unless.....

There's one job where a moron with no qualifications can make it big.

Speaking of morons, this person exists and works as a news anchor.

This person existed and it's damn hard to feel any sympathy.

You're probably using the wrong browser.

Embrace the awesome power of quitting.

If schools can enforce bullshit, they can enforce masking.

Many US burglary techniques wouldn't work in Finland.

This blogger has a plan for Afghanistan -- a very goofy one.

OK, so maybe cancel culture isn't real.

Lego demolishes corporate excuses for not using eco-friendly materials.

Memories live on -- on Google maps.

If only covid-19 was the type of thing Republicans do want to control.

When it's just one person, it's just one person.

Activists interview Aberdeen WA shopkeeper Don Sucher (context here, in case you missed it last week).

This is how to give yourself diabetes.

Mike Finnegan, a star musician and founder of the Mike's Blog Round-Up feature at Crooks and Liars, has died.

Teach real American history (found via Yellowdog Granny).

"I did my own research."

Hackwhackers observes Trump Reinstatement Day.

AO3 posts an assessment of Tumblr's Post+ feature.

Give the unvaxed appropriate treatment.

"May I have a crumb of validation?"

Spurning vaccination is bad for sex.

Blogger Darrell Michaels recalls a visit to the Arecibo telescope, with pictures.

Doctors now have to deal with belligerent covidiots as well as disease.

Darwinfish 2 debunks some (rather pitiful) wingnut slogans.

The US health-care system is not family-friendly.

What are Mississippians really like?

Benjamin Franklin himself once addressed vaccine hesitancy.

You are not under any obligation to forgive abusive family members (must-listen/read if you have anything like that in your background).

Maybe they can carve that slogan on his gravestone.

Some tips here on leaving Mormonism.

Two rape survivors explain the psychological impact of men being in women's spaces.

Win wars by setting animals on fire.

The anti-vax mentality has precedents.

Here's what happens to your brain as dementia sets in.  Remember, though, that dementia is largely preventable.

This is not progress.

People will have more children when they can afford it.

Here's how one anti-vaxer got sucked in -- then wised up.

The trans cult turns vicious when someone tries to leave.

A "study" claiming ivermectin can treat covid-19 was full of apparently-faked data.

Pastors of the IFB movement need to accept responsibility for atrocities committed in IFB brainwashing camps ("homes") for rebellious teens.  Here is one victim's story.

Florida and Texas take the lead in covid-19 child hospitalizations.  Mississippi is asking for federal help (with a word from the husband of an indirect victim of covidiocy).  Red states' covid-19-friendly policies are Trump's legacy.  But the real problem is that they're full of morons who do things like cheering for low vaccination rates.  Updates from around the South here, as the region keeps the US among the countries doing worst in the pandemic.  It's like a new civil war with biological weapons (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

More info and links here on the evil "Mother Teresa".

Any time an adult tells a child "don't tell your parents about this", that should be a giant red flag.

Much modern economic activity is useless and parasitic.

Part of why young people are abandoning church is that they're made so unwelcome there (found via Bruce Gerencser).

Overwhelmed health-care workers in low-vaccination states are now quitting in droves.  Florida is asking people to minimize use of 911.

In some quarters, threats of violence are now considered scholarship.

Our downtown is still a shithole with rival gangs of thugs fighting in the streets (found via Hackwhackers).  Police claim that they were too busy elsewhere to show up -- which says something about the degree of local lawlessness, if true.

Conspiratardia is not harmless -- this guy killed his own kids.

Covidiots are now using irrelevant and dangerous animal medications -- anything but the vaccine.

A new satirical novel takes aim at the madness of our time.

The US is different from all other countries (found via Hackwhackers).

There's no obligation to endorse every delusion somebody comes up with.

The UK's experience shows that the delta variant can be contained, with substantially higher vaccination rates than the US has achieved.

The gunman in the Plymouth mass shooting was an arrogant and entitled exponent of the oldest bigotry.

A British bookstore chain is trying to discourage sales of Helen Joyce's best-seller Trans.  Somebody's running scared.

A new generation won't let it happen again.

It's not just Europe -- Turkey, now host to millions of refugees, is seeing rising anti-migrant violence.

The Taliban's rampage through Afghanistan has outside support.  Where they gain control, they are imposing "horrifying" human-rights violations on women and journalists.

"Religion is like an instruction manual for bullies."

The Chinese regime is trying to de-emphasize the study of English.  This won't end well.

Local armed militias in Myanmar are proving surprisingly effective against the regime's enforcers.

The Indonesian army is ending the degrading practice of virginity tests for female recruits.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted about religion-free thinking and censorship of ugly viewpoints (yeah, it was a slow week -- we had another heat wave).


Blogger Mike said...

Lots of good ones today. At the end of 'The bridge is washed out, unless' is a great sign about a bridge out.
'The wrong browser' was interesting. But I've found another browser that's not on the list called 'Brave'. https://brave.com/ I looks like a great browser. But I'm so invested in Chrome I haven't made the switch yet.
'Memories live on' was something I didn't know about. At one time my son and I were on Google street view. I went back on the clock and there we were.

15 August, 2021 02:58  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Just a random comment on the guy who thinks Finnish houses are so superior to American houses. What he is doing is not comparing Finnish houses to American houses, but comparing Finnish houses to American TV sets. I don't want to belabor this, but let me give one example: Practically every American house has thresholds at their outside doors, like houses anywhere. What don't have thresholds are TV or movie sets, since they make it hard to lay camera dolly tracks through the doorways. Since the sets are inside, on sound stages, they do not need the thresholds to prevent rain from getting into the house.

15 August, 2021 09:03  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

"People in Missouri are entering Uranus." OK, two weeks in a row ... now you're just trolling us! But(t) of course they have a fudge factory! (Many thanks again for the links!)

15 August, 2021 10:54  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

So many great links to steal stuff from. Thank you for providing this service.

15 August, 2021 11:00  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

Texas and Florida...where stupid goes to thrive.

15 August, 2021 16:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: It's baffling to me how Chrome displaced Firefox in popularity. It's a retreat back into submission to corporate data-harvesting. I've heard of companies actually not allowing Chrome to be used on company computers because it's too insecure.

Green: That's a very good point. I live in an apartment, not a house, but some of the things he mentions aren't true of where I live either (windows are double-layered for insulation, locked mailbox with no slot, etc).

Hackwhacker: Thanks for the posts! Whoever originally named the planets should have anticipated what people would do with that one. There were plenty of other Roman deities available.

Ricko: Please do steal away.....

Granny: I'm beginning to wonder if Abbott and DeSanitize think coronaviruses can vote.

17 August, 2021 03:26  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

You really put a lot of effort into these posts and we appreciate that. You find a lot of interesting things.

I'm sure doctors are having to deal with and set the record straight with a lot of crazy conspiracies that people are believing right now about the vaccine.

No one has to forgive their family members when they are abusive. I've cut several family members out of my life.

17 August, 2021 13:15  

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