13 June 2021

Link round-up for 13 June 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Banana table lamp?  Who comes up with these things?

Lots of reptile cartoons here.

Asians dress up for "mundane Halloween".

See an absurdly-complex squirrel feeder.

Perhaps stores should do maintenance on their signs more often.

Her profile picture got deleted?

Even for the therapy dog, it's too much.

Maybe fake news, maybe not (for zebras).

"You do know what a cat is, right?"

Finally, a good use for an oil pipeline.

Who borrowed the car? (found via Funny Links).

An unexpected effect of Ovaltine, "fingering and praying for the Lord", and more.

Astral sex is not always hassle-free.  Some people prefer aliens, apparently.

Here's the password for free wi-fi.

It's just an ordinary Canadian town.

Nice arching.

Some cool nature pics here (click for bigger).

Libraries need your support.

Don't leave your dog out in the cold.

Don't treat an individual as a mere member of a category.

Flip your phone over (seriously, gawking at that thing while on a date is an insult -- I wouldn't even have it out or switched on).

More than half of Oregon's population is now fully vaccinated against covid-19, but 98% of new cases are among the unvaccinated.

Be careful not to access free academic stuff.

Perhaps the Iliad is too sophisticated for modern readers.

Observe 2,000 years of Christianity being stupid about homosexuality.  But the results aren't actually funny.

Blogger The Wheelchair Teen explains how to avoid discrimination and insensitivity to disabled people.  More here on the term "disabled".

For wingnuts, "socialist" and "communist" are now just meaningless terms of general disapproval.

Multi-billionaires waste the money they save in taxes on silly fantasies and a dong rocket.

Here are some tips for improving your privacy online.  It's not easy.

Portland's once-vibrant downtown is now so trashed and unsafe that hardly anybody wants to go there, even when the pandemic is over.

Many employees have relocated away from big cities while working from home.  Just try dragging them back to commuting/office hell.

The Oregon legislature has expelled a member who helped a mob of armed thugs enter the state capitol building in December.

A Texas bakery is overwhelmed with local support after getting hate for its pro-gay stance.

56% of lesbians surveyed report being "pressured or coerced" to accept biological males as sex partners.

Sorry, Trumpanzees, the data show that masks help stop the spread of covid-19.  And if you do get the disease, it's far less likely to be severe if you're vegan.  More on that here, and note that low-carb diets actually seem to make it even worse than the standard American diet does.

West Virginia's Republican governor may have a special reason for trying to cut unemployment benefits and force people back into crap jobs.

An anthropologist responds to an attack on Darwin.

Some Oregon businesses have been flagrantly ignoring rules designed to protect employees from covid-19.

Darwinfish 2 is getting pessimistic about the US political scene.  Our democracy will not be safe until the Republican party is crushed.  Electoral-Vote looks at what Manchin is really up to (maybe it's just about money?).  A new report warns that Democrats risk defeat unless they can decouple from the extreme left.  But a form of identity politics can still help if used properly.

Here's why they call it the American dream.

The bluer the state, the better the vaccination rate.

"This is exactly the tactic that cults use."

Support for gay marriage in the US is higher than ever, with even a majority of Republicans now approving.

Let this e-mail from Florida (scroll down) serve as a rallying cry.

The FDA may have made a politics-driven mistake in approving a new Alzheimer's treatment.  At least three members of an FDA expert panel have resigned over the decision.

This is intolerable -- no one should get death threats for expressing opinions, however repugnant.

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz explains why evangelicals must be defeated.

A North Carolina woman was raped for working at an abortion clinic.  Then the harassment started.

Large majorities of US voters support the integrity of women-only spaces, including single-sex prisons.  Yes, the bathroom issue is a problem.

Manchin needs to listen to his constituents.

Super-spreader pastor Tony Spell isn't done being an asshole -- and the law isn't done with him.

Even with Congress paralyzed, the executive branch is taking action to defend voting rights.

Wingnuts go berserk about abortion (and rape).

Book publishers must learn to defy the mobs.

A journalist embedded with US troops in Afghanistan comes back with some surprising revelations.

Relations among the democracies are returning to normal.

Stop willfully misrepresenting non-Western cultures to legitimize Western fads.

Objecting to sexual assault is now un-woke, apparently.

Scottish activist Marion Millar has been charged with a "hate crime" and risks six months in prison for posting a picture of a suffragette ribbon.  Lots more insanity at the link.

The verdict in Forstater v CGD is a major victory for free speech in the UK and against cancel culture

Medical workers in Scotland push back against ideological pressure in the workplace.

Germany has finally got its per-capita covid-19 caseload down to the UK's level.

There are two options, but only one is safe.

Response here to Scientific American's op-ed on the Israel/Hamas conflict.

India's divisive, religio-nationalist prime minister Narendra Modi is the object of a bizarre personality cult, but mishandling of covid-19 is eroding his support (sounds oddly familiar).

Overwhelmed by the pandemic, India's doctors also face violence on the job.

China's one-child policy and misogynistic culture led to horrific abuse of girls.

Buzzfeed has won its first Pulitzer for exposing China's mass detention of Uyghurs.

Microsoft grovels before the fascists.

WTF?  The Chinese regime condemns Japan for offering covid-19 vaccines to Taiwan.

More military cooperation between democracies in the western Pacific against the Chinese threat.

Local militias with primitive rifles are proving surprisingly effective against the regime's army in Myanmar.

This year's drought in the western US is the worst in a millennium.

Here's why mRNA vaccines will be a revolutionary new weapon in the fight against disease.  The covid-19 ones have proven far more effective than anyone expected.

Soon we'll be checking out our solar system's real water world.

How many people would have sex with an attractive stranger, and why?

More links at Off the Kuff, mostly about Texas politics.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted a question on a diabolonian story and videos on cancer resistance and longevity.


Anonymous NickM said...

I guess this is not entirely on topic (but then your link round-ups cover a wide area). And, I know, it's not a site I'd normally link to (or you). But...


Well... done it. I think that article is perhaps the closest thing I've ever read to an evangelical admitting the game is up.

The line that really got me was this...

Apparently millenials are likely to...

Define success in life as happiness, personal freedom, or productivity without oppression

... and this was stated as a bad thing. These people really are mental.

13 June, 2021 03:30  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love those mundane Halloween costumes -- very clever concept! Pipeline jazz -- very cool!

13 June, 2021 06:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Large majorities of US voters support the integrity of women-only spaces, including single-sex prisons."

Stupid question on my part - if there are male guards, how could it be a women-only space?

13 June, 2021 07:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: Actually written by Ken Ham! That should be good. But no, I'm not shy about linking to "enemy" sites if it helps illustrate their world-view. A few years ago I linked to posts on the website of Dâ'ish (ISIL) a couple of times, so it would be kind of silly to be squeamish about Answers in Genesis.

Mental, probably true, in a way. They aspire to restore the values of the Dark Ages. Everything modern or individualistic is alien to them.

Debra: I liked those items. The pipeline jazz guy should consider putting out a single.

Anon: I'm not sure how that issue is handled. I know at least some women's prisons have women guards. It would make sense for that to be the standard practice, since male guards in such a position present obvious risks for abuse, but I don't know whether that's the case or not. If women's prisons do often have male guards, presumably there are systems in place to minimize abuse. Intermixing male inmates with the female ones presents different problems which the existing system is not geared to address (and in the UK and Canada, where this has been the practice for longer, there have been quite a few incidents of sexual assault resulting from it).

13 June, 2021 10:00  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Improving my online security is always a good idea. I was actually surprised to find a lot of info about me online when I searched my name and address. Whew knew?

The free wifi is funny.

The poor therapy dog.

13 June, 2021 11:46  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Electronic banana? Well, call me Mellow Yellow! (Don't ask what the electronic banana really was)

I love, love, love mundane Halloween! I prepared myself for disappointment, but I love it even more than regular Halloween.

I think I can use that squirrel feeder in my attic. There's something alive in there, and it's freaking me out!

I have one of those little "artists" at home. When I put a clean sheet on the bed, he refers to it as a blank canvas.

Entering Dildo? Someone is missing the point. Eh?

I love the idea of libraries being open late at night.

Don't mention The Iliad. It triggers me. We read it in 8th grade. We had a test, and the essay question asked what the book was about. I answered that it's explained in the very first sentence—"The wrath of Achilles." Then I went on to describe all the other stuff that went on in the book. I only got a B, and I was pissed, and I complained to my teacher, but she said it was about more than the wrath of Achilles, and she refused to change my grade. She was one of my favorite teachers, but I'm still mad at her for that.

As always, thanks for the link to The Raisin. I have not been a very good blogkeeper. I've been busy (have to gut a half-bath and redo it, and I spend my time googling bathroom vanities), and I haven't been over there in a few days.

13 June, 2021 22:17  
Blogger Martha said...

The support for that bakery in Texas is the best thing I will see today. Love always wins!

14 June, 2021 04:13  
Blogger Daal said...

this is quite a roundup! laughs & tears, nature & people, 4 corners of the world - tx for including my blog :-)

14 June, 2021 20:11  
Blogger Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

15 June, 2021 08:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: It's disturbing how much information is out there about most people.

Nonnie: Maybe mundane Halloween will catch on here. There's always room for new ideas.

If you put that squirrel feeder in your attic, the whatever-it-is will be the one that's freaked out.

I choose to read that sign as an entering dildo, as in, a dildo which is entering.....

Glad to see you're posting again. I know people can get busy sometimes.

Martha: Very encouraging to see in a fairly small Texas town.

Daal: Thanks for giving space to The Wheelchair Teen -- as for the round-up, there's one every Sunday.

Rajani: Thanks!

16 June, 2021 05:45  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

Manchin doesn't care about anyone unless they give him money.

17 June, 2021 13:47  

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