18 April 2021

Link round-up for 18 April 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Sign up today for cat life coaching.

Poor ostrich!

Even one job was too much for these incompetents.

Rawknrobyn pwns a badly-programmed online bot.

Multiple jokes here.

You can save money on property taxes.

A Britisher offers one special fact about each of our fifty states (found via Miss Cellania).

Cartoonists take a look at fairy tales.

Schrödinger's cat serves as an inspiration to artists.

Time for a nap.

Kermit the frog directs a music video, with mixed results.

This could be useful if you get into an argument with a Roman.

Some things shouldn't be invaded.

View some illusions here.

Don't believe the signs.

Remember the phenakistoscope?

Learn life lessons from the wise.

This fish is deadlier than a shark.

Ancient Greek weapons added insult to injury.

Good riddance to an ideology of self-debasement.

He hates Asians.

Satanists rule America, apparently (if we did, the place would be in far better shape, I can tell you).

AO3 is a genuine online library and deserves all the support it can get.

Romance novels may or may not be literature, but they can be entertaining.

A former citadel of darkness and superstition now serves a nobler purpose.

Christopher Lee did some interesting stuff.

Take a few words of advice from a man who made it to the age of 103.

One US president learned English as a second language.

Esme's Cloud has another epic poetic meditation, this time on the theme of helping friends keep their sanity.

Cas d'Intérêt suggests four audiobooks to help pass the remaining time in pandemic quarantine (I assume these are also available in regular book form).  Or, check out these five Oscar-nominated films from the Francophone world.

Cop Car blog joins me in eagerly awaiting the Ingenuity helicopter's somewhat-delayed first flight.

Bruce Gerencser pwns yet another pesky evangelical.

This is exactly what Republicans are like (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Alan Alda of MASH is now helping scientists communicate.

Christianity can't solve "the problem of evil".

Good discussion here on having friends of different ages.

A sleep-deprived writer evaluates eight techniques for better sleep.

Nature documentaries give a distorted view of "wilderness" and especially of Africa.

Don't cut off your nuts.

The ACLU is now suing ordinary citizens for pursuing FOIA requests.

Workers are not at all happy with employers' plans to drag them back to offices with the pandemic still raging.

It's now news that the left has no monopoly on trying to suppress books.

Donate here to help hungry people in the US.

Does the Bible belt have more churches?  Probably, but they're also bigger and more in-your-face.

Some of these "woke" jackasses have now gone full racist.

Let the market decide (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Most of the new Biden gun proposals are pretty much meaningless.  A public-health approach seems more promising, and doesn't involve trying to take guns away from people.

Orwellian twisting of language strives to make us deny reality.

Christians who don't understand why atheists are so determined about separation of church and state, read this.

It's not racism when there's no race involved.

Yes, there is enough money.

If you notice an increase in reports of women committing rape, it's probably because of this.

Explore a vast morass of right-wing lunacy, including a claim that Hitler was Jewish (but so is pretty much everybody).

His job has an unusual fringe benefit, apparently.

Time to go big on health care.

Consistency?  What's that?

All these people have one thing in common.

Drive carefully.

Canada has wingnut morons too.  And it took over a year to shut down this cesspit of disease.

NATO warns Russia about its threats to Ukraine.

Many British people don't share the media's obsession with Prince Philip.

Denmark is launching a wind-power project that will supply enough electricity for three million households.

India is seeing a surge in covid-19 as it works to vaccinate its huge population.  Might be something to do with this, I suppose.

South Korea has a 20-mile bike lane shaded with solar panels.

Don't cry.

.....be a shame if somethin' were to happen to it.

Surface contact poses little risk of covid-19 infection.  We need to focus on airborne transmission.

NASA will soon launch an actual test of an asteroid-diversion weapon, the kind of technology which could someday save the Earth from a devastating impact.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I reviewed a book on how the world has changed and posted on volunteering as an abortion-clinic escort.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

AO3 forever!

18 April, 2021 06:53  
Blogger Hot guys said...

Nice link round-up 👍🏻

Thanks for sharin', man 😉

18 April, 2021 08:55  
Anonymous NickM said...

As, ever too much ground!

For now...

I don't trust NASA to divert an asteroid unless... They have Bruce Willis aboard!


Oh, one thing. I agree entirely with your earlier post about the death of the "Third" World. Your piece didn't tell me anything I didn't know (though many don't) but it did put it very, very well. People more important than me in my shed in Cheshire ought to read it.

It reminded me of something I've been pondering. I think age gaps are dissolving similarly. About 15 years ago I saw Blondie for the first time - a band at their height about the same time I was starting primary school. The age range at the Manchester Apollo was stunning.

Alas, that's largely still just cultural age. I wish my hips would still agree with me (currently) streaming Lady Gaga.

18 April, 2021 08:58  
Blogger Tommykey said...

It's always been a pet peeve of mine when the photos of the movie stars in a movie poster don't align with their names. I guess I am OCD about that.

18 April, 2021 16:33  
Blogger Tommykey said...

On another note, my gun control proposal would be that no unmarried male below the age of 25 can be allowed to purchase a firearm, since the overwhelming majority of these mass shootings tend to be carried out by single males who seem incapable of forming positive romantic relationships with women. They are emotionally stunted immature, and their repeated failures make them angry and frustrated and wanting to hurt the world that they feel does not treat them fairly.

18 April, 2021 16:44  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

"Bodice rippers" I just find that term funny. I do like my romance novels though.

19 April, 2021 11:06  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I had no idea of AO3! And it's true that Jstor charges for its services. I just didn't know how MUCH they made. And Zionist Satanists control America and doomer Russia? Who knew? I hope Ross Douthat is right...
And I should have suspected that high traffic was due to you.


20 April, 2021 00:05  

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