11 April 2021

Link round-up for 11 April 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Cats are such graceful animals.

Once wasn't enough for this hunter.

Mock Paper Scissors brings us some unfortunate signs.

Even burglars are incompetent these days.

Behold the true origin of the Easter Bunny.

Sometimes, where you are is important.

Corporate slogans get improved (found via Miss Cellania).

See you in the Northern Territory.

Honesty may or may not be the best policy.

He is risen.

Time for some unicorns.

By Hook or by Book observes National Library Week.

Don't stop jumping (yeesh, those things are big).

Blogger Bilbo selects the right-cheek ass clown of the month.

Accept the truth about dong size (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Great variety of trees here.

Some disliked buildings here.  This one is better.

Finally, a "porn" website I can get into.

See who has the world's largest door.

This may or may not be art, and may or may not have been vandalized.

We deserve better movies.

I guess this is the only word you need to know, since it means everything.

Big Bad Bald Bastard has received the Pfizer vaccine, praise be unto Bill Gates.

SilverAppleQueen gives us some erotic poetry.

This building will knock you down and set you on fire.

See the creepy art of Omar Rayyan.

Don't believe everything you read about Easter.

In 2029 an asteroid will hit Earth, bringing a virus which will allow the Antichrist to rise to power.  Until then, watch out for zombies.

Knowing topology can be useful.

You'll hardly believe these are pencil drawings.

Can somebody who's good with the new WordPress block editor give Esme a hand with it?

A local hero returns home.

Make-up -- for men -- goes back a long way.

I see nothing wrong with how she's dressed.  Wingnuts just want something to make a fuss about.

Religionists' anecdotes about scientists shouldn't be taken at face value.

Writers comment on the nature of good and evil.

What can the Bible teach us?  That some gal named Oholibah back in the Bronze Age was really into big dicks.

I envy this guy, and hope to do the same as soon as possible.

Striking image here of part of the Veil Nebula, 2,100 light years from Earth.

Jeanne Barret was the first woman to travel all the way around the world.  It wasn't an easy trip.

Here's what walking will do for you.

Maybe we should stop treating things like this as normal (found via Miss Cellania).

Giuliani's son has political aspirations.  This could be fun.

Artificial intelligence isn't really intelligence, and the ways it goes wrong are almost beyond our ability to describe.

Respect their religion.

Defend sex-positivity.

Covid-19 PPE is necessary, but don't forget the problem of waste disposal.

Autism makes the trauma of sexual abuse even harder to cope with.  Much more here, including advice for non-autistic people and some very disturbing personal experiences.

Religion is becoming less and less important to Americans.  The churches are getting desperate.

What's really going on with Joe Manchin?

Working from home will be even better after the pandemic is over.

Yard signs abound in the dreary Trumpanzee wasteland of rural Ohio.

Plowing through Life remembers a long-lost brother and makes some important points about mental illness.

Fellow Christians accuse senator Warnock of heresy for saying non-Christians can get into Heaven.  What %^$!#@ century is this?

Exercise in Futility blog dissects wingnut claims that the Chinese regime unleashed covid-19 on the US deliberately.

Accept their true identity!

Against Georgia's voting law, Congress can fight back, and so can we (found via MBRU).  Trae Crowder has some thoughts about boycotting the state.  Max Boot debunks defenses of the law (found via this post at Progressive Eruptions, which has part of the text if you can't access that link).

If job requirements seem like bullshit, there's probably something else going on.

I've heard before of doctors sexually abusing their patients -- but a veterinarian?

Trump's massive credit-card rip-off of his supporters sets an example for other Republicans to follow.

No, covid-19 lockdowns did not cause an increase in suicide, at least in the US.

But that's cool, this is all about me!  I get what I want!

Evangelicals' resistance to vaccination will prolong the pandemic.  Then there's the whole fuss over "vaccine passports".

A sampling of tap water from across the US shows alarming results.

Here's what happened after the liberation of Auschwitz.

A small democratic country sets an example by standing up to China.

The US vows to stand by Taiwan in case of a Chinese attack.

Forced sterilization and abortion are part of the Chinese regime's genocide of the Uyghurs, but the ethnic Chinese population is in danger of shrinking too.

Here's an episode from the brutal military repression in Myanmar.

The Ingenuity helicopter's first flight may be as soon as this Wednesday.

See more links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted a brief video of living on another world, and some observations on the blood cult.


Blogger applequeen said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it.

11 April, 2021 07:26  
Anonymous Johnny Knapp Âû said...

Thanks for the spotlight on sexual abuse & autism. Means a lot to me.

11 April, 2021 08:30  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

(1) Had a good laugh at the graceful cat! (2) Oh dear, those bad Easter signs, LOL! (3) That book porn site rocks! Thanks for the intro. (4) I like those quotations on the nature of good and evil.

11 April, 2021 08:43  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

the graceful cat..haha

11 April, 2021 10:36  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Thanks for linking to my post!

11 April, 2021 11:05  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I like unicorns. I have a collection of pictures and statues all over my apartment.

11 April, 2021 11:48  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Hahaha I did see Debra's post. Priceless.
So that's the kind of porn you like, huh? Tumblr is still useful, I see.
And CU in the NT? I cackled. I can imagine people getting all riled up! LOL
That freaky art IS freaky! I'm gonna have nightmares.


12 April, 2021 03:28  
Blogger CAS said...

I have to agree with Bill Maher, although plenty of the movies that he showed as positive examples of great films were also depressing.

Two years ago, I took my 16-year old daughter, her friend, and my niece to see the Oscar-nominated live-action shorts for 2019. Huge mistake. I could not believe how terribly distressing ALL of the films (except one which was boring) were. My three tag-a-longs will forever hold this over my head (good-naturedly), but I couldn't believe that in a year when hundreds of short films had been made, these were the 5 they selected.

I made the mistake of sitting through all but the last film, thinking that surely the next one would be uplifting or informative in some way. We walked out 3 minutes into the last film. Four of the five were horribly unsettling stories involving young boys. It's hard to believe they couldn't have had a slightly wider range of subjects.

12 April, 2021 11:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Applequeen: Thanks for the poem!

Johnny: I appreciate your providing such a detailed picture of an issue most people never think of. Those posts couldn't have been easy to write.

Debra: "Book porn" is a good term for it. And evil is only fascinating in fiction. In the real world it's usually just a wearisome pain in the ass at best.

JackieSue: Snicker.

Tommykey: Thanks for writing it!

Mary K: It's too bad they aren't real.

Sixpence: Some artists definitely have a "different" vision.

Carol: It's too bad some people think only the miserable can be profound or valid. That seems to apply to a wide range of situations beyond movies -- see today's post, for example.

13 April, 2021 04:52  
Anonymous BOB said...

Sometimes you wonder why certain laws had to be made.

17 April, 2021 21:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Understandable enough. Some tourists are awfully dumb.

18 April, 2021 02:16  
Blogger Martha said...

Thank you so much for sharing my post about my brother. I really appreciate it! I'm so pleased to be back enjoying these fun posts!

03 May, 2021 10:55  

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