07 March 2021

Link round-up for 7 March 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Bears, bears, bears!

Let a high-fiber diet bring excitement to your life.

Obviously a horrific attack indeed.

Watch a man walk backwards -- backwards.

Borat offers a shout-out to Giuliani.

Who's actually driving this thing?

The art teacher holds the attention of her students.

Learn the true meanings of road signs.

Debra She Who Seeks observes one year in lockdown.

Yeah, those cobblestone streets.....

The mechanic found the problem with the car.

Group projects are educational.

Can't say they didn't warn you.

Interesting art here (click for bigger).

Get on board the plane (found via Hackwhackers, who advises, "don't try this at home").

The Perseverance rover carries a family portrait.

Esme's Cloud outdoes herself with this poetic saga of self-subjugation and awakening self-respect.

"Today, I'm rocking who I've fought to become."

Janis Ian went deeper than most pop singers.

Paris boasts an innovative underground shroom farm (found via this post at Cas d'Intérêt, a round-up of French culture and media).

Be good to your inner child.

Many people these days are slobs -- this man is not.

Fight for yours, not against theirs.

Blogger Ami encounters a super asshole.

Don't destroy memories, even bad ones.

See an affecting short about a child who's "different".

16th-century German witches were perceived as affluent and powerful.

Bad guys are suffering some techno-pwnage these days.

Math is not racist, but this teaching plan is.

A few QAnon qrackpots did march forth on March fourth.

The e-book version of blogger Nan Yielding's book on the Bible will be on sale for 99¢ from now until March 13 (I reviewed it here).

From 2016, one thing that's not a good reason for criticizing Melania Trump.

Whoever tells you "we forbid you to read that" is your enemy.

Honor Carol Lindeen's final request.

The Sedlic ossuary is a fittingly morbid temple for a death cult.

Quitting a job is emulation-worthy behavior.

So, he won a race.

Texas is dropping its covid-19 precautions just as spring break super-spreader events are nigh.  An ICU nurse speaks out.  Republicans kill their own supporters to own the libs.  Texas believes in freedom, except for women.

Preachers tell lies for God.

More here on CPAC's "odal rune" stage design.

It's a good thing for autistic people that autism isn't accepted as an excuse for violence.

Christianity is the last refuge of the haters.

"The public will judge Democrats on what they pass, not how."

Religion teaches you to trust everything except yourself.

The wingnuts are churning out as much bullshit as ever, but maybe lawsuits can slow them down.  Green Eagle is getting a little bored with it all.

An ex-Muslim celebrates freedom.

William Kristol believes Trumpism is an existential threat to democracy.  Thomas Friedman has some ideas for saving it.

Real men support women who stand up for themselves.

Yes, Tommy Tuberville is a bona fide ignoramus.

The weekly rate of new covid-19 cases in nursing homes has dropped 89% since mass vaccination began.

Sometimes snow is just snow.  Usually, in fact.

Anti-vaxxers are dirty disease-spreaders.

As an atheist, you must cast off the self-loathing inculcated by religious indoctrination.

Obesity makes covid-19 far deadlier.

Apparently racist murders by freezing have been a thing in a few parts of Canada.

The UK has a new organization, Sex Matters, to fight the trans-ideology madness.  Progress has already been made, but there's much more to do, notably where freedom of speech is concerned.

The liberation of Paris in World War II involved a couple of unlikely German heroes and a mysterious barrage of gunfire.

Europe and the US (under new management) impose sanctions on Russia over its persecution of Navalny.

Bolsonaro tells his people to quit whining about the pandemic which has killed a quarter-million of them.

A global journalists' organization has filed a criminal complaint against bin Salman over the Khashoggi murder.

If you think our Supreme Court has some bad judges, check out this guy.

People in the Third World understand effective social action better than Westerners do.

Africa is bigger than you think.

Perseverance takes its first test drive, in preparation for checking out a nearby delta.

Robot dogs join the police, and there may someday be a submarine on Titan.

We don't sleep as well when the Moon is full.

More links here.

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In case you missed it -- last week I posted an essay on cultural change and activism, a video on true evil, and some ruminations on censorship and cancel culture.


Blogger Hot guys said...

Really appreciate you delivering the quality content, man! 👍🏻🙂

07 March, 2021 07:13  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good lineup as always, Infidel! That group projects one is entirely accurate.

07 March, 2021 08:03  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

A robot dog joining the police? Brings to mind the Mechanical Hound from Bradbury's classic FAHRENHEIT 451. And a submarine on Titan is an amazing idea--just remember that Titan's "seas" are made of liquid methane. But it might be easier to do that than to send a sub to explore the water under the ice of Europa.

We'll see how things go--but I wouldn't put it past the scientists and engineers to come up with something amazing.

07 March, 2021 10:14  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Bolsonaro is evil. Really.
I did not know that about German witches!!!
And the story about the guy on the phone going to get the vaccine? It happens all the time.


08 March, 2021 01:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hot: I aim to please.....

Debra: That's my feeling about group projects as well.

Marc: A robot sub would be achievable, I'm sure. It's the same principle as the Mars rovers, just adapted to a different medium (as the Mars helicopter is). It would be the next big step forward in space exploration.

Sixpence: Bolsonaro is Brazil's Trump, and has done similar damage to his country. I don't know what it is about smartphones that seems to bring out the asshole in people.

11 March, 2021 04:22  

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