13 December 2020

Link round-up for 13 December 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Merry Shitscram!

Life imitates art, but not very well.

Cookies for Santa, or.....

What is this hole used for?

Uh oh, it's those aliens.

Snow White, Superman, and Pinocchio are out for a stroll.....

Don't tease the cat.

It's a romance made in Hell.

Men, get your dong assessment here.

Texas-style Christmas gifts for everyone!

New Witch endures quarantine.

Business Insider has the details on the fart heard round the world.

"Shout-out to all the Trump fanatics who....."

Heads, heads, heads!

This is a real animal (found via Miss Cellania).

The doctor will see you now -- bring some vomit and prepare for a long trip.

Save the S!

Who's playing computer games, anyway?

It's insane to make such a huge fuss about masturbation.

Captain Kirk was a better man than you probably remember.

Think you're tough?  Give the Vendée Globe a try.

Here are some places to donate to help the hungry.

Cutting out refined sugar can have dramatic effects.

We didn't start the ad war, but here's how to win.

This hideous crap is not "art".

See bats flying -- in slow motion and by x-ray.

Narcissistic self-obsession is off the charts these days.  Trump's influence?

Parler, the alternate Twitter for wingnuts, is flopping.

Christians, please stop ruining Christmas.  It belongs to everyone who wants it.

Trump is almost over, but Republican lunacy is just getting started.  Twitter takes note.

Nietzsche got it right.

The ridiculous Texas lawsuit was part of God's divine plan (I guess God doesn't have very good lawyers).

They say covid-19 is just a flu, and yet.....

Trump made an ass of himself in Georgia.

Religious terrorists shut down efforts to fight covid-19 in Idaho.

Republican "witnesses" give "testimony" about "election fraud" in Michigan.

Serves you fucking right (found via Yellowdog Granny).

The next pandemic may just be already starting.

Free expression is under concerted attack at universities these days.  I am so glad I got out of academia.

One county in Virginia illustrates why covid-19 is surging out of control.  Then there's the Dakotas.  Wingnuts are preparing a super-spreader holiday season.

Trump is determined to build some amount of wall, whatever the cost.

Part of the credit for why the election went so smoothly goes, believe it or not, to Mark Zuckerberg.

Wingnuts want minority rule, not democracy.

The Proud Boys rally in DC was a sad frat party of drunken brawlers.  But at least there was one chant we can all support.

Biden is popular -- the Democratic party, not so much.

A Christian CEO whose company is already a covid-19 hotspot plans a super-spreader event.

The wingnutosphere reacts to Friday's Supreme Court ruling.

Here's a congressman who understands the Constitution (found via Hackwhackers).

"There is, in short, no living with these people."

Progress Pond suggests a way of winning rural voters -- but read the discussion in the comments as well.

Even the wingnuttiest wingnut is not wingnutty enough unless he's blindly loyal to Trump.  In the media, more crazy means more success.

At least 14 hate groups got government covid-19 relief money.

Nurses report from the front lines of the pandemic.  Being an asshole has consequences.

"A self-pardoning president is the first step in establishing a dictatorship."

Scientific findings that don't fit official ideology need to be suppressed.

A certain region of Louisiana is a hotspot for cancer and, now, covid-19.

Reminder -- as long as Trump is in office, FDA approval means nothing.

The ideological-purist fringe is already sniping at Biden.  Remember who the real enemy is.

Government thugs raid a scientist's home and steal equipment to stop her from spreading facts that clash with official dogma.  Not the Dark Ages, but modern Florida.  Scientists react.

The parasite class is ready to profit from global warming.

What do these countries have in common?

The UK's National Health Service prepares for the huge challenge of nationwide covid-19 vaccination.  Meet the first patient to get the shot.

Free expression gets a win at Cambridge.

In Scotland, rape victims can now demand a female medical examiner.  Not everybody's happy.

Bhutan has just decriminalized homosexuality and opened relations with Israel (some places take time to catch up with the modern world).

Africa's efforts to move toward renewable energy are being undermined by China.

Remember and celebrate the defeat of an ancient and terrible enemy.

Covid-19 vaccines are a triumph of science, while religion has spent the pandemic trying to help the virus spread.

Bionic gloves allow a master pianist to play again.

A new galactic map gives position and other information for almost two billion stars (that's less than 1% of all the stars in the galaxy, though).

More links here.

[1,424 days down, 38 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Mike said...

I agree with Paul Campos on Hackwacker's post. I think we are at a more dangerous time than before tRUMP was defeated. I don't think there will be another civil war, but homegrown terrorism already has a foothold and it wouldn't take much to accelerate it. Somebody needs to figure out a way to shut tRUMP up. Make him the ambassador to Antarctica.

13 December, 2020 02:58  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Speaking as a Texan ... what Texas Atty Gen Paxton done with this election fraud deal is wrong, any way you slice it ... and it's another blemish and embarrassment to the state. I am amazed at what some of our political figures are doing these days ... especially of someone like him. "IF" some other state, was discrediting Texas elections and telling us they're going to change Texans votes, and do this kind of thing to Texans ... Paxton would be first in line to pitch a unholy Hell bitch about it to the depths of Hell, and most Texans. We (Texas) have NO BUSINESS getting involved with this and these actions against other states elections integrity, It's NONE of Texas fucken business ... it's the business of the election of the U.S., that our gvmnt tax dollars pay the salaries of ... ESPECIALLY from someone like him ... he would start shouting "Don't Mess With Texas" if some state done this to us. Just the wide open hypocrisy and criminality of our politics is shameful. And having a President like the last, excourages more of the behaviour out of them. These same corporate communist cocksuckers call this a "Constitutional Republic", and a "Representative Democracy" ... America TODAY is NEITHER.

13 December, 2020 07:40  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear Parler is falling flat. Dancing hamsters strike a blow against fascism!

Yes, ANYONE can celebrate Christmas who wants to. Christmas is both a religious and a cultural tradition. You can celebrate it culturally even if you don't subscribe to it in terms of religious belief.

13 December, 2020 10:55  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as trashing Biden, and the Sixpence (?) post, and about the folks commonly called "purists". I myself would be considered a purist simply for asking for things that we should get as part of a democracy, and "questioning" ... I myself am for progressive change ... I don't care if it comes from the left or right, both have a history of being progressive, and parties have changed quite a bit over the decades. I myself am not really left or right, I voted Democrat for years now, but don't care much for either party. My first choice for President this year was Warren, and not because she is a woman, white/ black/ brown, or some other plastic liberal pop culture stuff (I can't stand pop- programmed liberals, as well as pop-programmed Trumpeteers) ... because I think she is sharp as Hell, and has great ideas. I, like several others folks, simply was voting against Trump, for the ONLY other choice. I understand progressives/ or far left, but I also understand some on the far right ... both raise concerns that impact the majority ... I have friends that are also Libertarians, and left progressives ... I certainly wouldn't NEVER, toss my friends/ friendships to the trash ... for a bunch of rich folks that manipulate our system and societies.

On the other hand, as far as progressives trashing Biden the way they do, is very unfair ... he deserves the benefit of doubt, people do change, many in their older years. I and all progressives all know Biden's past record, what he was for/ against, etc. That's the past ... we currently have many issues that need addressing NOW, and we have a very strong corporate power (which I wrote plenty about this plutocracy stuff coming years ago), that is challenging us, and has a very heavy hand on our legislative branch. Some complain that many Biden cabinet picks are corporatists, or deadwood, etc. I think Biden chose some, because he's worked with some, they know each other, and he wants some folks that he feels he can work with from first hand knowledge. As far as Bernie being thrown under the bus by the Dem establishment, or him being a cuck for putting up with it ... I like Bernie's ideas alot, myself. I think they/ Dems know Bernie IS very popular, probably the most popular, in my view. However ... Bernie may bring out a large crowd for Democrats, but he would probably also bring out a larger crowd of Reps to vote against Dems ... simply because he calls HIMSELF a socialist ... that one word, drives a number of uninformed Americans crazy! (ever since that USSR crap, years ago).

Either way we slice it at this point ... we are going to have corporatists having a big band in our gvmnt ... we (our legislators and courts) have gave them so much power. I understand the need to also support large corporations, but not to the extent which we currently ... tax, and other incentives I support (within moderation) ... what we see today crosses the line of being reasonable, in fact, it's clearly outrageously out of balance. Business is one thing ... our societies, which are the engine of good business, are another ... there needs to be balance, NOT attacking each other. I belive in seperate interests, with buisiness and society, as much as church and state. And one reason, is not only because of neoliberalism ... but because folks like Russia and China are big powers, and would drop us like a heartbeat if given a chance. Too much to say, so I'll drop it .... BUT, at least we got rid of the last President, who, and still, is responsible for thousands of American lives/ deaths from COVID, and I hope he gets punished for this, severly ... while during a pandemic, he is still playing golf, and tweeting continuous propanganda. Give Biden a chance, at least.

14 December, 2020 07:58  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Infidel --the usual great array. Thanks for the links and your support, as always!

14 December, 2020 09:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: Somebody needs to figure out a way to shut tRUMP up.

I'm counting on the SDNY to handle that one. His supporters will go full-on nutzoid, but it has to be done.

Ranch: Paxton's hypocrisy is flagrant. Most observers seem to think he's only doing this because he's angling for a pardon from Trump for some shady financial dealings he's being investigated for. It's a clear abuse of power.

People need to realize that staying unified behind Biden will enable him to get more done and move things more in the direction of their agenda than undermining him will. Yes, push him to do the right thing when necessary, but we can't risk undermining him and getting a Republican back in power in four years.

As to the relative popularity of candidates, the best way to judge that is by how people actually vote when they have a chance. Sanders got a respectable number of votes in the Democratic primaries, but far fewer than Biden got. That's the data we have on what the party rank-and-file wanted. What did the radicals want the DNC to do, impose a different candidate after the masses of Democrats had clearly chosen Biden?

Debra: First it's K-Pop, then hamsters. Fascists these days face pretty formidable opponents.

Christmas is a mish-mash of so many different elements, I don't see how anyone can be excluded from it. But to the religious nuts it's just one more occasion to be a PITA.

Hackwhacker: And thank you for yours, and for your prolific posting!

14 December, 2020 12:33  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

as a Texan I find these stupid people embarrassing to the max..them fuks..
thanks to the shoutout once again.

14 December, 2020 15:14  
Blogger CAS said...

I agree with you Infidel that the SD of NY may be our best hope. If Trump isn't in prison or a dementia ward by 2024, I fear he has a good chance of winning.

As a Michigander, I am shocked by the goings-on in my state. The line up of election fraud "witnesses" is a travesty. I'm glad the guy on tumblr took the time to call so many out. There is so much crap these days, it's hard for me to laugh at the jokes.

Thanks for the link. I appreciate your support, blog, and commentary.

14 December, 2020 20:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JackieSue: Don't worry, I know there's a lot more to Texas than just the assholes who run the place.

CAS: In a way I'd almost like to see Trump still on the loose for most of the next four years, so he can keep dividing the Republicans and suffocating the efforts of their other potential presidential candidates. But he does need to suffer some consequences for his crimes. If he gets away with what he's done, there are no more limits on criminality for future presidents.

Thanks for your posts!

15 December, 2020 01:44  
Blogger Martha said...

Great links, as always! Of course, anything funny is always a favourite for me. We have our own nuts up here in Canada. I just hope the level of crazy doesn't skyrocket.

I shudder to think how much the virus numbers will rise after the holidays. No celebrations on our end. We're staying put. My younger daughter messaged "Probably the best course of action this year, stay safe." when I broke the news to her. A small sacrifice on our end.

15 December, 2020 08:42  

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