15 November 2020

Link round-up for 15 November 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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A pigeon's desire to eat a bagel has some drastic consequences.

Lego has its evil side.

You have been warned.

Some do win the prize.

British names change over time.

Win the lottery, have some fun.

Beware of humans.

I suspect some really do see us this way.

"For a brief moment in time, though, Rudy Giuliani was....."  Here's where his next press conference will be held.

Taiwan and Japan embrace "mundane Halloween".

Raistlin0903 recommends some movie and book blogs.

The British always make time for tea, no matter what.

Write the name of liberty, poetically.

Compare word order in different languages.

Biden voters are serving Satan and must repent.

Used tea bags can still serve some purposes (I haven't tried any of these).

Get a preview of the Trump presidential library (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Performative apathy is lazy and embarrassing.

Here's the simplest possible guide to understanding the election.

Not black, and probably not gay.

In an ad-clogged and corporate-dominated internet, AO3 remains a shining model for the future.

Meet the First-Dogs-Elect.

Kenneth Copeland haw-haw-haws his way to reality-denial.

Twitterers relish the collapse of Trump's election-stealing efforts.  Don't miss Jonathan Pie's rant!

Remember the people who mattered, not the worthless asshole.

Some people make their mark on the world, while others.....

Long-suffering Portland small businesses get hit with another night of window-smashing and arson.  Anybody who wants to run a business in this city and employ people must be out of his mind.

It's not gloating, it's relief.

Covid-19 has been bad for condom sales.  I suspect there's just less casual sex going on, due to reduced contact with strangers generally.

Wall Street to Trump:  You lost, get over it.

QAnon's "Q" fell silent after the election, leaving the qrackpots to work out their own conspiratardia.

Reactionary extremism is poisoning business and government.

A surgery bill illustrates the dysfunctional side of the American health-care system.

See clips of post-election celebrations around the country.

Bruce Gerencser has some questions for "nice" evangelicals.

Electoral-Vote debunks some of the common fantasies of how Trump could supposedly still cling to power.

Avoid dehumanizing language.

Another church, another super-spreader event.

A tow-truck driver refused to help a customer with the "wrong" bumper sticker.

Liberals must now defend liberal values not only against the right wing, but also against the totalitarian-minded "woke" element.  The latter, in essence, have become conservatives.

"Give it up, Don.  You're toast."

A covid-19-infested meat-packing plant files suit after being ordered to close down.

Trump's legal antics won't overturn the election.  Maybe they're just promotion for a new TV channel.  He wants to challenge Fox News, but it's not clear which of the two is more powerful.

Here's one way to deal with anti-vax nuts.

A comment by Tommykey here (scroll up slightly) raises some points Democrats will need to deal with.

See how various demographic groups voted.  Among veterans, there was a major swing toward Biden.

Bullshit thrives better when fact-checking is kept out.

The wingnutosphere is descending into utter madness with election-fraud fantasies.  But the courts are throwing out all of Trump's bullshit.

Mind-boggling:  a cop involved in the Breonna Taylor killing is suing her boyfriend for fighting back.

It was Republicans who tried to cheat.  They're just really bad at it.

Yes, the plexiglass shields in stores do serve a practical purpose.

If it's a time for unity, then Republicans are the ones who need to "reach out".  Until then, no negotiating with terrorists.  Try to imagine making nice with these guys, or this guy.

Religion poisons family relationships.

Annie Asks You looks at what to expect from Biden, depending on whether we take the Senate or not.

Trump hunkers down for Götterdämmerung Scheißkopfdämmerung.

Non-religious voters were 34% of the Washington state electorate, helping to pass a sex-education bill which churches opposed.

Having won Georgia for Biden, Stacey Abrams pivots to the Senate runoffs.  Republicans are propping up Trump's delusions because they're worried about Georgia.  Trump himself is now accusing Republicans there of "collaborating" with Abrams.

Trump's threat to run for president again in 2024 could paralyze the Republican party.

Vox and Electoral-Vote look at what went wrong with the polls.

This guy actually thinks Trump must have won because preachers prophesied it.  Evidently God got it wrong.

As expected, the "million MAGA march" in Washington drew only a few tens of thousands -- and they were a veritable bestiary of exotic crackpots.

Alito is a bigger threat to democracy than Gorsuch or Kavanaugh.

We need to figure out why more Latino voters went for Trump this time than in 2016.

Biden's win was bigger than you think.  Thank goodness we nominated a likeable moderate.

Message to poor white people:  Trump despises you.

Jared and Ivanka's covid-19 carelessness gets their kids kicked out of school.

Trumpanzees harass people in the streets (found via By Hook or by Book).  They're easily enraged -- expect more of this.

Darwinfish 2 looks at the road ahead, seeking ways around the Moscow Mitch roadblock.

Trump will pose a national security threat after leaving office, but there are things we can do about it.

An evangelist who advocated executing gays and blamed covid-19 on "sin" has died of the disease.

A Holocaust survivor remembers the day of liberation.

Trumpanzees threatening to move to Canada won't be welcomed there.

Fellow democracies celebrate with us.

Here's how Ireland's RTÉ network ended its newscast on Nov 7.

If you value free speech, stay out of Norway.

A psychiatrist remembers the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015.

India looks forward to a deepening relationship with the US under Biden.

He beat her to death in public, no one intervened.

Militant Islamists behead dozens of people in northern Mozambique.

Hear the voice of Jupiter.

Brain-computer interfacing offers new possibilities for paralyzed people.

Covid-19 is highlighting how damaging obesity is to health.

More links here.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted on election analysis, foreign leaders congratulating Biden, wingnut tantrums vs our fight for Georgia, and insanity set to music.

[1,396 days down, 66 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Haha, that pigeon video is good. And, as always, YAY for AO3!

15 November, 2020 08:03  
Blogger Mike said...

I think I've seen the response to the anti-vax nuts about the Russian and Chinese conspiracy, but I need to memorize it like I memorized the Pledge of Allegiance. I need to be able to bring it to mind without thinking about it. It needs to be automatic.

15 November, 2020 12:12  
Blogger dellgirl said...

I have only stepped on a Lego once, that was enough. I learned my lesson. Those were interesting and fun. The warning sighs kept me scrolling . . . smiling and laughing. I am a "sign fanatic", I love odd signs.

Wishing you all the Best! stay Safe, my friend!

15 November, 2020 20:54  
Blogger Martha said...

Really enjoyed the links as always! A lot of nuts around :)

16 November, 2020 08:18  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

great links..thanks so much

16 November, 2020 17:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: In his case, Tengrain was right about birds being jerks.

Mike: The problem is that you never know how crazy they are. I can just see one responding with "You believe the lie that Russia and China exist????" (I've heard of flat-Earthers who believe Australia doesn't exist.)

Dellgirl: What we really need is warning signs for Legos.

Martha: We need never fear a shortage of nuts, I'm afraid.

JackieSue: Glad you found them interesting!

17 November, 2020 02:51  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

OMG I laughed and cried with those links.
But the image at the header? So perfect. So, so perfect.


17 November, 2020 08:08  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Loved them all, but especially the link to re-purposing teabags. My English boyfriend has tea every day, so I now know all the things I can do with the used teabags! He will, of course, say I'm daft.

17 November, 2020 09:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: The minute I saw that cartoon I knew I had to use it.

Shaw: He obviously has excellent taste. But at least you'll have an endless supply of tea bags to experiment with.

18 November, 2020 03:48  

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