13 November 2020

Fake fight, real fight

With the election over, both sides are gearing up for what they see as the next battle. But one side is engaging in a pointless protest against objective reality and math, while the other is preparing a sober assault upon the last bastion of entrenched right-wing minority rule in Washington.

Trump, of course, has been spattering out a random barrage of legal challenges against the voting processes and outcomes in various states, while refusing to cooperate with the normal transition of power -- a strategy about as dignified, and as likely to succeed, as a toddler's screaming fit against the arrival of bedtime.  This was the most secure election in US history.  Officials of both parties, in every state, have affirmed that there's no sign of fraud or irregularity.  Biden's margins of victory in even the closest states are too large for recounts or other such maneuvers to reverse the outcome.  79% of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, accept that Biden has won the election, while only 3% say Trump won.

Die-hard Trumpanzees, of course, are not taking all this lying down.  Small clumps of them have been holding "Jericho marches" to support Trump in various state capitals -- allegedly every day and in every state capital, though I haven't heard of anything in our own capital (Salem) since one pro-Trump protest of only two hundred people right after the election.  Others are planning a "million MAGA march" in Washington tomorrow, though based on the last few years' pitiful track record of "million"-this-or-that wingnut events that fizzled out, I'd be surprised if more that a few thousand actually show up.

I suppose all this ostentatious public praying, camo cosplay, and waving guns around is therapeutic for the participants, but such displays have no impact on who actually wields power.  To affect who wields power, you have to actually vote -- and we already did that.

Which brings me to the fight being organized on the left, which is for the runoffs for Georgia's two undecided Senate seats -- where there is still more voting to be done, on January 5.  If we win both, the Senate will be split 50-50 with Harris as tie-breaker.  This would dethrone Moscow Mitch and put the more ambitious parts of our agenda -- Medicare expansion, Supreme Court enlargement, DC and Puerto Rico statehood, a federal ban on state gerrymandering and vote suppression -- back on the table.

Are these runoffs winnable?  We certainly have a fighting chance.  Biden carried Georgia, however narrowly.  And Stacey Abrams's Fair Fight organization, which deserves much of the credit for turning Georgia purple since 2018, will be fully engaged.  If you want to help, it's probably best to donate to them -- the money will go toward voter contacts, registration, legal action against vote suppression, and the like, far more effective than the negative ads most political campaigns spend most of their money on.  Trump is too focused on raging against his own fate to do much campaigning for the Republican candidates in Georgia, and may even turn against the party as more and more of its top figures break ranks with his denial of Biden's win.  Top Democrats, by contrast, can be expected to give Ossoff and Warnock as much help as they believe might be useful.

For years the right wing has lived in a dank fever dream of delusions, conspiracies, and reality-denial.  It seems only fitting that the drama of this election comes down to them marching in the streets, yelling and waving signs, imagining that this can reverse a defeat that has already happened -- while we soberly focus on the one remaining actual contest which could deliver full control of this nation's government.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

The MAGAts are in denial and it's very rewarding seeing Cheeto's lawyers getting swatted over and over in courts for presenting laughable 'proof' of voter fraud. Georgia is going to be very important, though. Hopefully they'll flip the state from purple to blue. It would be delicious.
And this:

"I suppose all this ostentatious public praying, camo cosplay, and waving guns around is therapeutic for the participants, but such displays have no impact on who actually wields power. To affect who wields power, you have to actually vote -- and we already did that."

I loved it. I cackled so hard when they were praying in front of the places where they were counting the votes I got the hiccups. I'm petty.


13 November, 2020 05:20  
Anonymous Burr Deming said...

Thank you for an astute analysis.

A double victory in Georgia for US Senate is beyond my ability to hope.
However, if it can happen, Stacey Abrams would be the one to organize it.

13 November, 2020 05:55  
Blogger Mike said...

A 50/50 tie in the Senate would be the new entertainment in DC. I would love to see Schumer give McConnell grief.

13 November, 2020 09:53  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I hope against hope that we can win the Georgia run-offs, but I also remember what happened to Stacey Abrams when she ran for governor. I understand how her hard work and diligence made Georgia go blue this time, thinly, but still it looks blue. But who knows what mischief the Georgia and national GOP will get up to in the coming January run-off elections. I'm not very sanguine.

One of the lessons of the Trump presidency and indeed history, is unfortunately, regardless of the safeguards that can be introduced to protect democracy, a strong man autocrat can beguile enough people to vote against their own interests. In power, he can then erode democratic institutions and public trust and imperil the long and hard road back to safety. I don’t believe there is a way to protect democracy other than teaching citizens the history of the 20th century.

13 November, 2020 11:06  
Blogger dellgirl said...

I hope Stacey Abrams's efforts pay off this time too, and I'll gladly settle for a 50/50 tie. I have nothing new or meaningful to add to the conversation. Just saying hi, stopping in to see what's new with you and to show my face.

I hope you had a nice week, wishing you a wonderful weekend! Stay Safe, my friend!

13 November, 2020 13:44  
Blogger Mary said...

Biden just won Ga. it was announced. But you are correct, the senate is the key. The only hope is, if there are the two Ga. runoffs in Jan., maybe by then voters will see trump being such a poor loser, that they’ll go blue....probably too much to hope for...and people will get lazy, especially Democrats.

13 November, 2020 13:51  
Anonymous abc said...

Perhaps a bit nervous about extremes that demented donnies supporters are willing to go but am nervous about the so calle "million man Maga March" scheduled for tomorrow.
Proud boys, oathkeepers, qanon, incels and others of the whack job anti democratic pro authoritarian groups are organizing this march.
It will be a probably be a total bust with 50 or a hundred people showing up.
Or what I fear is some of these wingnuts are planning their reichstag fire/ outright coup attempt and try to invade and occupy Senate and other government offices with armed "true beleivers"

13 November, 2020 16:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: Trump's legal baloney is piling up more and more losses in court day by day. It's delicious to imagine his frustration.

The wingnuts' imaginary friend just doesn't seem to be listening to their prayers. Well, if I were God, I'd be pretty pissed at them for associating me with Trump.

Burr: Thanks. I'm hopeful about Georgia. As the losing side, the Republicans will be increasingly divided with rancor and finger-pointing. The Devil knows how Trump will be behaving over the next two months as it sinks in that he's lost, or how the Trumpanzees will react. They're focused on supporting him, whereas our side has a better grasp of the importance of the Senate.

Mike: We'd all like to see Moscow Mitch taken down.

Shaw: They tried in the general election and we still won -- even won Georgia. The spotlight on Georgia from now until the runoffs will be dazzling, and the Democrats will have armadas of lawyers to challenge whatever they do.

People do need to know history better, but I'm less hopeful about that. The Trumpanzees can't even face reality about what happened seven days ago, never mind seven decades.

Dellgirl: Thanks for visiting. Remember, a 50-50 Senate means we win, because Harris (as vice president) breaks the tie votes.

Mary: We don't seem to have been lazy this time. The behavior of Trump -- and McConnell -- has woken people up to the danger.

ABC: I'll be watching for news of the Million Moron March, but assuming they even get there and don't shoot their own dicks off waving their guns around, I expect the crowd to be pitifully small compared with predictions.

If a mob tries to break into the Senate chamber they'll be removed and charged with trespassing, and if they shoot anybody they'll be charged with murder. These bozos can be violent but they don't have nearly the numbers or organization to accomplish anything political with it.

14 November, 2020 01:20  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

I'm late to the party again, but thanks for the link!

Your advice to donate to Stacy Abrams's Fair Fight to flip Georgia's two Trumpists is excellent. It's an organization that's proven it can bring home results, even in what the conventional wisdom would say is an uphill fight. That didn't stop us from winning Georgia for Biden-Harris, though!

14 November, 2020 04:39  
Anonymous Annie said...

I was worried how Biden could win Georgia with the corrupt governor still in place. But that was before I knew about Sec of State Raffensperger, a Republican who believes in good government and said early on that there’d been no fraud. Hence he was urged by the R candidates to resign. He refused. Here’s an Op Ed by another Republican re: his accomplishments. (Forget the conclusion!) https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/12/opinion/2020-election-raffensperger-georgia.amp.html

14 November, 2020 15:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hackwhacker: It's advice I intend to repeat between now and the runoffs -- along with donations to the candidates, of course. Abrams and Fair Fight should serve as a model for efforts elsewhere in the country. It's remarkable what they accomplished in a Republican-run state.

Annie: It's striking that a Republican official just doing his job properly is now a noteworthy rarity -- and I'm not surprised that mainstream Republicans are trying to get rid of him. For doing his job fairly, they would consider him a traitor. But I still think it's Fair Fight that deserves most of the credit for making Georgia elections fair and competitive.

Unfortunately I couldn't read the link (paywall). I can imagine it pretty well, though. The author is presumably one of those naïve souls who imagines that the Republican party can still be turned back to decency.

14 November, 2020 21:18  
Anonymous annieasksyou said...

Stacey did the heavy lifting, but this guy upgraded equipment, provided paper audits, increased transparency, built in fraud protections so he could show, not just tell, that there was no fraud, etc. Yes, it’s awful that a Republican becomes a hero just for doing his job well, but I wonder if someone else had been in his place, all Stacey and others’ work could have met her 2018 fate. In this environment, he deserves kudos in my eyes.

15 November, 2020 15:24  
Blogger Kay said...

And now he's fired Christopher Krebs in a tweet before going out to golf. I'm just shaking my head over here.

18 November, 2020 21:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Annie: And instead, from other Republicans, he's getting death threats and calls for his resignation. Shows where their values are at.

Kay: Trump cannot forgive those who choose truth over blind loyalty.

19 November, 2020 04:23  

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