25 October 2020

Collection des liens pour le 25 octobre 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.  The title today is in French as a small gesture of solidarity.

o o o o o

Even with covid-19, we can have a few laughs.

He's got fish and tape and he's not afraid to use them.

Read the gripping saga of the girl who cleaned the bathroom.

Which one refused the mailman?

See the dog that ate the lemon, and more.

Debra She Who Seeks shops for Halloween decorations, and there are plenty for sale.  You can even decorate your car antenna.  But the French may be a little too enthusiastic.

The people of Manitou Springs CO love their skeletonsMore here, and some golden oldies.

You know it's Halloween when even the cats are performing Satanic ritualsMore unholy manifestations here.  In fact, there's an entire coven.

RO is back with some money-making tips, weight loss, and potatoes.

Do not try to deprive this English village of its dalek (found via Miss Cellania).

Huge collection of random images here.

Put your pants on.

A naked Finnish man explains gin and whiskey.

Have some new words for pandemic times.

This person exists.

No destiny is foretold.  And you are more than what they tell you to be.

Raistlin0903 offers up some unusual musical choices.

Beware, beware of the homosexual menace.

If you have noisy neighbors, check this out (I don't personally know whether it works or not).

The Nasir al-Mulk mosque in Shiraz is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture.

See stunning and colorful Mexican pageant costumes (found via Miss Cellania).

What an astonishing thing a book is.

Trump calls his lawyer, and.....

Another grand libertarian project implodes entertainingly.

Some of those "cute" animal pictures reveal abusive treatment.

Giuliani represents a tradition of inappropriate dong behaviorDon't fall for his baloney.

Time to go.  Stinque blog reviews possible retirement destinations for Trump (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Fundies expose the insidious lesbian Oreo agenda.

It was an easy job for Satan (found via Silverapplequeen).

If Trump wants to play Superman, here are a few suggestions (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Planned Parenthood saves lives.

Listen to Stephen King, and the rest.

Five states are voting on marijuana legalization, and chances look good.

Be hygienic.

Deep down, Trump is shallow.  He epitomizes defective masculinity.

You cannot claim to support women's rights if you deny them the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

The Lincoln Project responds to petulant Jared and Ivanka.

The lessons of the Kitty Genovese case aren't what you think.

The more you know.....

After the election, Democrats will face a fundamental choice.  And we'll need to kill the filibuster because the Republicans will be even crazier.

If there is a divine plan, it's a nasty one.

Moscow Mitch has written off Trump and is already plotting against Biden.

GAWD hates FAY-yugs, no matter what the Pope says.

Learn the five traits that make a Trumpanzee.

You have been brainwashed.  People don't just "slip into poverty".

Lack of sexual attraction is not an indicator of bigotry.

QAnon is a revival of anti-Semitic blood libels and the Satanic panic.  They claim to care about kids, but not these.

It is insane to treat this kind of thing as normal.

The problem with the "punch Nazis" mentality is that the definition of "Nazi" too easily expands to include anyone whose opinions you find obnoxious, until you're effectively saying you can go around using violence on any category of people you don't like.  Which is pretty much what Nazis say.

The Hunter Biden laptop story is utterly ludicrous, but the enemy's "news" sites are taking it seriously -- disgustingly so.  Even Trump is desperate enough to endorse the smears.

Beware "the encroachment of the unsayable".

A business will fire you rather than risk the wrath of ideology-deranged mobs.  More details here.

What can we do to improve morale?

See how red states rose to the top of the covid-19 league (found via a comment at Professor Taboo).  The virus is now out of control in 70% of rural counties.  Competent leadership and a less-stupid population could have saved 130,000 to 210,000 of the dead.

Twitter covers the final debate.

For an American military college, this is a disgrace.

Trumpanzees just get worse and worse.

Ammon Bundy is building a religio-militia to defend the spread of covid-19.

Republicans are going all-in on the QAnon qrackpottery.  Even if some leaders want to reform the party after Trump, the base won't let them.

Without government action, the US will suffer a huge wave of apartment evictions just as the pandemic is flaring up again.

There's a fast, reliable, cheap, and unobtrusive way of testing for covid-19, but hardly anybody is using it.

Here's another view on GMO seed patenting.

The Catholic Church in Ireland succeeds in hiding evidence of some of its crimes for another thirty years.

It's time for Germany to stand up to fascist China's bullying over Taiwan.

Reminder:  Shower Cap has a comprehensive guide to House and Senate races.  He also has a few words for Giuliani.

Watch out for voting misinformation.

Trump "poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II."

There are good guys in Iowa and even North Dakota.

Trump plots revenge against fellow Republicans who aren't toadyish enough.  I am totally cool with this.  Let them put as much as possible of their post-defeat rage energy into fighting each other instead of us.

More links here.


Blogger Mike said...

So those countries are continents? I think his continentstipation has clogged up his brain cavity which had probably been empty.

25 October, 2020 02:23  
Blogger RO said...

Yes, I did learn French in high school, and now I remember some of it.(lol) Some of these posts were totally fun, funny and more fun. I really love the dog who showed me the proper way to wear a mask.(lol) And of course, there's nothing better than seeing my name in lights, and thank you again for your continued kindness. Many Hugs, RO

25 October, 2020 02:35  
Anonymous Burr Deming said...

The gripping saga of the girl who cleaned the bathroom still has me laughing, with my loved one joining in. An epic tale of ever mounting unintended consequence.

25 October, 2020 04:56  
Blogger Martha said...

Your links are always great! The only with the exchange on Twitter from the link "This person exists" had me laughing out loud! I actually have acquaintances that would probably do that :)

And the video about "Warning Against the Homosexual Predator." HOLYCRAPONACRACKER! That is crazy.

25 October, 2020 07:04  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Had a good laugh at "Andrew's Window Shit!" And oh dear, the "jack off pumpkin" -- I stole that one, LOL! Oh my, that dumbass football coach, what an idiot. YAY to both lesbians AND Oreos.

25 October, 2020 09:20  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I liked seeing Ro here as well. Dealing with the annoying neighbors with that remote would be funny. Too bad that's not my problem with the neighbors.

25 October, 2020 11:06  
Anonymous tucsonbarbara said...

I look forward every week to your Sunday links.

Thank-you for posting the link to Stonekettle Station. IMHO, everything Jim Wright writes should be read by everyone. His posts are long, but always brilliant.

This may sound like a cliche, but please keep up your good work.

25 October, 2020 12:08  
Blogger MJ said...

Some of the advice in the video about "Warning Against the Homosexual Predator" sounds like bog-standard boy/girl dating guidelines. If they want to get too friendly too fast, if they demand sex they way they want it, get the drink listed in the women's restroom, the one that tells the bartender that you're in trouble but afraid of tipping off your scary date.

25 October, 2020 14:27  
Blogger dellgirl said...

OOOkk, the gripping saga of the girl who cleaned the bathroom was just that, captivating. I HAD to read all the way to the end . . . sadly. I wonder if she'll ever get over how she feels about that. As usual, you've shared so many great links. Thank you for that.

25 October, 2020 18:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: I hope he knows his tweet has become immortalized on the net.

RO: Thanks, and thanks for your posts.

Burr: It's an unforgettable story, that's for sure.

Martha: Thanks -- the ignorance of people like that coach is astounding, but we all know people like that exist. As for the video, it makes me wonder what kinds of prejudices we have now will look equally silly half a century in the future.

Debra: I wonder if "Andrew" will eventually read that story and put two and two together. As for the pumpkin, that's the kind of thing that can happen when people write in a language they don't really know.

Mary K: Too bad there's not a remote that can cause the police to instantly appear in another apartment.

Tucson Barbara: Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it. I admire Wright's writing too.

MJ: I suppose so, although they didn't describe boys as being "sick" for being interested in girls at all. The striking thing as how the gay man was dehumanized.

Dellgirl: I'm sure she still has a few regrets -- I mean laughs -- about it.

25 October, 2020 19:30  
Blogger Richard said...

I always get lost in here. I always read these links.
I wanted to talk about toxic masculinity because Saturday would have been my friend his 61st birthday. I think toxic masculinity killed him because he was really just a nature boy.
He liked making things, he was good with animals, he thought about things.
I think he always considered himself "straight " but that was not important to him. He was more of a live and let be kind of man. He was not toxic in anyway.
I think these guys who are always carrying guns and red hats are missing something.
But they killed my friend, i know it. He was just a peasant with socialist tendencies. The rest of the story is too long for here. They killed my friend, same as they are trying to kill our country.

25 October, 2020 19:30  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I learned about swamp football.
And about many other things.

Thanks for the links!!


26 October, 2020 04:02  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...


26 October, 2020 18:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Richard: Very sorry to hear that, whatever the details. Mistaken ideas about masculinity have killed many people.

Sixpence: Thanks for visiting!

JackieSue: Merci.....

27 October, 2020 00:28  

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