19 July 2020

Link round-up for 19 July 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Vacuum-clean your cats.

Esme upon the Cloud takes a close look at bollocks.

A dog makes a contribution to a video of a sunset.

See a turtle's view of life in a pond.

The crowd eagerly awaits a new statue.

It's a Texas heat wave!  But there are places where it's deliciously cool even now.

I support Gun Grandma.

Might as well make good use of them.

2020 has been a crazy year.

Movies are not reality.

Scandinavia has its own ways of solving problems.

A Frenchwoman recalls some early exposure to American culture.

RO looks at make-up, Betty Crocker, repossessed airplanes, and a bunch of other stuff.

"Why should I have to wear a mask if yours works?"

Waaah, waaah!

Pwned, I think (found via New Witch).

These dumbasses can't get the simplest things right.

Enjoy the wit and wisdom of Kanye West.

Oxford hasn't changed much, outwardly.

Behold the dumbest tweet ever.

This person exists.

The topic of the day is masks.

Religion promotes a miserable view of life.

The wolf is just following along (found via Octoberfarm).

Nonnie9999 has suffered a profound loss.

Steve M posts a collection of right-wing reactions to the death of John Lewis.

Civil Commotion remembers Hunter Thompson.

It's time to re-open the schoolsThis graph shows the reality.

She will forever be known for uttering this one immortal sentence.

Some good tips here on fact-checking the news.

Sex dolls have come a long way -- and now they're for gay men too (some NSFW imagery).

Should there be such a thing as atheist pride?

It is not oppression.

He refused to wear a mask (found via New Witch).

Another religious nut, another rip-off.

The Trump family is just awful.

What would it take to convince you God was real?

What would it take to make you stop eating this?

Internet artists are inspired by the monstrousness of Betsy DeVos.

Churches want to be exempt from the rules that apply to everyone else.

The state of Oregon is suing several federal agencies over their strong-arm police tactics in Portland.

The wingnutosphere is like the Mirror Universe.

Samantha Bee looks at the escalating mask culture wars.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Forget masks and social distancing, we can fight covid-19 by mumbling and not eating.

Blue lives don't always matter to Trumpanzees, apparently.

God wants butchery and cruelty.

The wingnutosphere is as full of crazy as ever.

Twitter wags are unimpressed by Trump in a mask -- and by Ivanka's bean-selling.

Religion is stupid (found via New Witch).

Darwinfish 2 looks at statues, and how to judge history.

QAnon qrackpottery is engulfing the Republican party, with Trump's connivance.

Nothing can stop this California pastor from helping to spread covid-19.

Why do some people imagine that the working class is expendable?

This is now largely a red-state pandemic.

Trump is pushing a high-stakes gamble with children's lives.  And he's still trying to sabotage the national response to covid-19.

Don't waste time with puritan activism.

One in three young adults are vulnerable to serious covid-19 (smoking plays a role).

A pastor apologizes -- too late.

Echidne of the Snakes describes a "mild", but still disturbing, bout with covid-19.

The virus does terrible damage even to those who survive it.

No, there were not batteries in ancient Mesopotamia.

38 years after the Argentine invasion, the Falkland islands have become more prosperous yet less close to their roots.

Pakistan has met its climate-change goal a decade early.

A Bangladeshi education entrepreneur is hounded with death threats after supporting gay rights.

The miasma of Beijing's new "security" law settles over Hong Kong.

The US stands up to Beijing's bullying in the South China Sea.

Molester priests have found a happy hunting ground on the island of Fiji.

Modern humanist values are making some inroads in Sudan.

From now on, things just get worse for Trump.

There are solid reasons why the election may not be in the bag -- don't get complacent.

More links here, and some Sarah Cooper.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Still going through these, so a few comments here.

The Angry Bear piece on Capitalism and Class,is such a good short read. What's sickening to me, is that so many look at this Trump class of vermin as "elite" (are f'n definitions are all twisted too) ... frankly I wouldn't piss on these folks if they were dying of thirst. Actually I think alot like them, I look at them as worthless to civilization and progress, the same as they would think of me and my class, friends, and family. They look at folks dying for capitaliism,as also thinning out the heard, because they think of all of us that do everything as cattle or a commodity. We should stop making excuses for these folks and trying to understand them, or act with what they label as civility towards them.You know how I feel about them,so I'll just leave it there, instead of writing it here, because you know exactly what I would propose to do.

The mask wars are incredible (Crazy Eddie), with all the freedoms that are being jeopardized currently, you would think they would have something else to whine about besides wearing a mask, as a violation of freedom or unconstitutional. I blame most of these things and much more on Trump.Looking at his actions for over 3 years as President, he just fans the flames of all the fires/problems that are burning in this country.He's not only taken the U.S.into the shitter, but even our international relations ...do we realize, that this MF hasn't done a goddamn thing positive for this country in his entire term? Taxe to health care, to small business, to bringing jobs back, to ceating any jobs of worth, etc ... even his infrastructure plan was shit ... I'm serious, guy. Trump inspires so much through his talk and decisions, to where some folks can't even think reasonable ... and Trumphimself as a President of a diverse recognized nation,or democracy, hasn't even been HALFWAY dealing with folks, here or abroad. This SOB even worries many on Wall Street, because they don't know what this SOB will do from one morning to the next, from f*cking up a trade deal, to starting a war over a Tweet. And all this shit out of his f'n mouth about Jesus, the Bible or whatever, as if he's divine ... and Christains actually worship him? ... you would figure they would attack him,as a false prophet if anything.

The posting on the heat in Texas gave me a laugh ... but ain't that the truth! I myself look to park under trees or shade in the summer.I myself will stand back a full car length at a light from the car in front of me, just to catch the shade of a structure or overpass, what she is saying is for real.The only break we get here in north texas is the summer storms,and those are really heavy, you go from sunny and 95 degrees to dark with heavy straight line winds and 70 degrees in a matter of minutes with rains so hard that the drain systems can barely keep up with it, to having to hide under the roofs over these mega gas pump stations to protect your vehicle from the quarter to golf ball size hail stones, big enough to knock your ass out, if hit in the head {:-) Today in Dallas is typical, we should hit 96 degrees high, and sunny .... BUT ...all hope is NOT lost ... according to local meteorologists, what they describe on the tele weather report as a "cold front" will be here tuesday ... where we will only be in the mid to upper 80s, heh, heh,heh, heh,heh {:-)

19 July, 2020 10:30  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the guy vacuuming his cats, and the crowd of pigeons waiting for Trump's statue!

19 July, 2020 11:40  
Blogger Mike said...

I wouldn't want the sheep slaughterhouse job. I can't imagine doing that all day, day after day. There has to be a better more humane system.

19 July, 2020 14:09  
Blogger Lady M said...

People living above their means always gets me in movies. Blue collar workers in million dollar homes seem to feature regularly.

19 July, 2020 19:38  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Thanks for the links!
As usual, I was clicking everywhere like crazy.
And the contrast between John Lewis and Kayne West could not be more striking. Really!


20 July, 2020 06:06  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The sex dolls are lifelike! Wow. I don't have a problem with them. If a person wants one I say go for it.

That person in the boat with the dog....lol is all I can say.

20 July, 2020 11:41  
Anonymous Heathen Dan said...

I like your blog.

I like you, too.

20 July, 2020 18:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Trump is first and foremost a con man, and always has been. He specializes in talking a colorful line of bullshit that impresses stupid people, not in actually getting things done. As president he's just following the same pattern.

At least in Texas, from what I hear, everything has air conditioning. Portland has 100-degree days more and more often now, and we're not really set up to cope with it.

Debra: At last, a noble vocation for pigeons.

Mike: We don't even need a more humane system -- we just need to stop eating that stuff.

Lady M: I guess not many movies are made by people who have any actual experience of working-class life.

Sixpence: Hell, it didn't even occur to me to compare Lewis and West! What a difference.

Mary K: I don't see why some people are so down on sex dolls. It's a completely harmless kink. Nobody gets hurt, which is more than you can say for a lot of real relationships.

Heathen: Thanks.

21 July, 2020 03:44  
Blogger dellgirl said...

It's a Texas heat wave . . . is right on point. I feel just like the guy in the image "just went outside to check the weather" every time I go out to check the mail. This is another great list of links, thanks for the laughs, the insights, and other thought provoking items. As usual, I can't pick a favorite.

21 July, 2020 15:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Dellgirl: Thanks for visiting!

23 July, 2020 01:30  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

hotter than a 2 peckered goat in Texas...and goddess bless John Lewis..

26 July, 2020 13:42  

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