17 December 2019


Thank you to everyone who expressed concern.  I don't usually post much about personal things, but.....

I lost the person most important to me, whose needs and care have been the focus of my life for the last nine years.  I did have some warning that this was coming.  Still it left me with a terrible emptiness and loss of purpose.  For much of last week, I wasn't able to sleep normally or concentrate.

I'm starting to feel more normal again.  I've gone back to work; sometimes getting back into a normal routine helps.  But you don't really "get over" something like this.  You just come to terms with it.  I take comfort from the fact that I did all I could, while it mattered.

This is all I'm going to say about it here in public.  I've got my reasons.  And there are characters lurking around the net so toxic that they would be quite capable of getting snarky or nasty with me even at a time like this (or pestering me with religious crap).  Again, I'm closing comments on this item -- please respect that.  I'll be back to regular posting soon.