22 December 2019

Link round-up for 22 December 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last few days.  I had some catching up to do.

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Now this is sports commentary.

Time for Christmas decorations, in the spirit of the holiday -- or whatever you like best.  You're sure to have a gay time.

Inflatable decorations are also popular.

This is everything you need to know about Finland.

Start the day with a few jokesHere's one just for Christmas.

Christmas ads used to be rather different.

A business card is the mark of a professional.

This guy is stuck in traffic.

Beware of cougars.

Witness the dawn of portrait photography.

Buy a tried-and-tested car.

A new religion takes root, but will it survive the summer?

Britain lags behind in sink technology.

One person can enjoy more than one style.

Maybe there's a use for incels after all.

Bad house design, especially the first one.

These are surely too cool-looking to be used as doilies.

Who built "geek culture"?

The US now trades with imaginary countries, at least until Trump puts a tariff on them.

Here are the storylines of all future Star Wars films.

His experience is actually relevant to the job, if you think about it.

Trumpanzees accidentally identify their idol with a failed comic-book movie villain.

Are there any books on your Christmas list?

This is the galaxy where all the coolest aliens live.

See how humans would look if we had the same skeletal adaptations as other animals.

It's a mystery from the stars, or maybe deer jizz.

Ancient Rome had a curse industry.

The ACLU gets holiday cards (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

December 12 was Gingerbread House Day.  Here's the dark side.

RO has another eclectic mix including fruitcakes, brownies, and Lake Baikal.

Steampunk culture thrives in music, art, and engineering.  There's even a bottle-opener.

This "artist" and Trump are both full of shit.

Go home, Wisconsin, you're drunk.

The kids are all right.

Conservative nostalgia is based on lies and dishonesty.  Actually, conservative everything is based on lies and dishonesty.

Evangelical leaders rally to support Trump against the Christianity Today editorial -- whose author, like so many Republicans, only condemned Trump on the way out the door.

Is this really a difficult question?

When fundies demand "religious liberty", this is what they mean.

McDonald's uses dirty tricks against unionization.  Don't give them your money.

Like Hallmark, Sheraton just got a lesson in what's bad for business.

Religious kitsch is basically wearing team colors, but more aggressive.

Twitter denizens react to Trump's crazy letter to Pelosi.  So does the Rude Pundit.

Christians fantasize about killing a tree (see comments by clicking the light blue square, third of the five on the left).

Leave our heritage alone!

Yeah, they're this dumb.

Exorcists warn that children are learning to summon demons.  (What #%$@!*# century is this?)

Respect a person's choice to refuse unsolicited advice.

Darwinfish 2 debunks the wingnuts' Thunberg-bashing.

It's not just fundies -- among Catholics too, the most hard-core believers are the most loyal to Trump.

The Richard Jewell case was a terrible abuse of power, but don't trust Clint Eastwood's film to tell the story.

In Kentucky, even Republicans want to investigate Bevin's mass pardons of violent criminals.

Congress may finally take action to roll back the FOSTA-SESTA disaster, especially if they actually listen to sex workers this time.

Beware of bullshit DNA-testing companies.

Fetishizing misery is weird and sick.

Half the military doesn't like Trump (found via Hackwhackers).

When Puerto Rico's privatized utilities failed them, people took matters into their own hands.

It's tough running a school that teaches obvious nonsense.

Life and death must be the individual's choice.

Science makes discoveries, religion just makes stuff up.

The MSM's Trumpanzee-glamorizing "Cletus safaris" just keep getting more ridiculous.

Texas property owners resist Trump's wall.

Fundies demand the killing of gays while whining about non-existent persecution (and Pence is stoking their delusions).

It used to be that young people who left religion tended to return in their thirties -- but that's no longer true.  FiveThirtyEight discusses why young people stay away.

Stupid stupidity is stupid.

This is the future fundamentalists want -- in Alabama, rapists who impregnate their victims get custody and visitation rights, with threats of jail for victims who don't cooperate.

There probably was no ancient Israel, and no ancient Israelite religion as people today believe it existed.

Celebrate victory over an ancient and monstrous enemy.

This Harvard geneticist believes reversal of aging in humans could be just a dozen years away.  It's already been achieved at the cell level and in mice.

It can happen that one man's sperm carries another's DNA.

Climatologists' models of global warming have turned out to be accurate.

Almost every kind of health care is cheaper elsewhere than in the US.

Now that the restoration of British independence is inevitable, pro-EU leaders seem to be accepting reality and focusing of negotiating a good deal.  Let's hope, anyway.

It's summer in the southern hemisphere, and extreme heat is fueling catastrophic fires across Australia.

In Italy, non-churchgoers now outnumber churchgoers.

Religious nuts can't take a jokeReally, they can't.  Be glad the US has the First Amendment so artists don't get harassed by laws from the Dark Ages.

Poland is the last deeply-Catholic country in Europe, and it shows.

This guy tried to block a legal gay-pride parade, and now his fellow religio-bigots claim he's being persecuted.

The Olympics bans Russia for cheating.  Too bad Moscow Mitch won't ban them from cheating in our elections.

Good relations with a gangster require forgetting truths about his record.  In such cases, Trump is happy to go along.

Religionists are outraged that 13-year-old rape victims in Argentina may get access to abortion.

India's new citizenship law undermines its status as a pluralistic democracy.  India under Modi is heading in a frighteningly bigoted and Trump-like direction.  People have turned out for large protests against the threat to the country's secular character.

Anti-vaxxers have been so successful in Samoa that the country now faces a shortage of child-size coffins.

"Donald of the House Trump, Dumbest of his Name, The Unlearned, Ruiner of Steaks and Loser of Court Cases....."

Biden confronts a troll.

In next year's election, democratic norms in the US will be at stake.

The Rude Pundit has some questions for Republicans.

Impeachment won't remove Trump, but it may do some good by energizing Democratic voters.

Don't listen to those who don't want you to vote.  Republicans have already started their vote-suppression efforts -- if voting didn't matter, they wouldn't be trying so hard to stop people from doing it.

It's not really Trump who will be on trial in the Senate.

More links here and here.

[1,067 days down, 395 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger RO said...

Love that you find all these neat posts for us to check out, and how cool is it to see all those cute ducks holding up traffic. (lol) Hugs and hope you're doing well.

22 December, 2019 03:53  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

Excellent rode up Infidel! I especially enjoyed the link to Conservative nostalgia. So much so I'm posting link on my quiet site.

Also my heartfelt condolences on your loss. One never forgets but time does heal the pain of such loss.

22 December, 2019 08:10  
Blogger bluzdude said...

Welcome back, my friend. We missed you!

22 December, 2019 09:58  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

"But I believe he hit his nuts on the goal post" -- I hope he was wearing a cup! And although it was quite lengthy to read, I enjoyed all those facts about Finland. I think incels should make themselves socially useful too.

My fave is the Toyota car ad! It's all true. Toyotas are the BEST!

And, as always, thanks for the shout-outs!

22 December, 2019 10:58  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Deepest condolences on your loss, Infidel. Staying busy and occupied is always good therapy, though, as noted already, the passage of time is the best balm. Selfishly speaking, though, it's good to have you back.

22 December, 2019 11:08  
Anonymous Racer X said...

I have no words that can comfort. We care and we grieve. All things must pass. Thank you for brightening my day.

22 December, 2019 18:18  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Your digest always makes me go down the rabbit hole! LoL
Great stuff.


23 December, 2019 09:24  
Blogger Mike said...

All this is going to keep me busy for a while.

23 December, 2019 11:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RO: You'd think the ducks would fly -- they'd get where they're going faster. I guess they're just being jerks.

Rational: Thank you. Darwinfish 2 is a recent discovery, consistently worth reading.

Bluzdude: Thanks! I don't think I could ever leave blogging permanently.

Debra: Thanks for the posts. That soccer commenter certainly rose to the occasion. But I don't know whether incels would really be much good as human sacrifices -- even pagan gods would find them kind of gross.

Hackwhacker, Racer: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Sixpence, Mike: Glad I'm helping you pass the time.....

24 December, 2019 03:23  

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