01 December 2019

Link round-up for 1 December 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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See signs of the times; more signs here.  Then there's this one.

"Are they twins?"

Exercise may not work for everyone.

Have some bird cartoons.

Frustrate a squirrel.

Kids in sex-ed class have questions.

Debra She Who Seeks does Thanksgiving her own way.

Australian warning labels are a bit punchier than ours.

June Cleaver asked a question.

Why wasn't this done a long time ago?

Maybe not the best place to punch a hole.

A stained-glass window depicts the coming of Jesus.

Hysterical Raisins has a new theme song for Trump's latest toady.

This building is as bizarre as its creator's name.

The domestication of cats made a lot of sense.

The "stable genius" is gender-bending a dog.

Check out this Vile music.

Stay away from caves.

Back to the War on Christmas.

This is the Faroe Islands.

Read a black cat's tale.

As an atheist, you need to find your own comfort level in dealing with religious relatives.

Disney's new streaming service is all fouled up, apparently.

Fundies rage against Chick-fil-A for "abandoning Christian values" -- which tells you something about what those values are.  Speaking of which, opposing Trump is "demonic".  Hardly surprising, since Pelosi and Schiff are actual demons.

Read a few quotes relevant to the times.

These people exist.  They'll vote, too.  Will you?

Fiction is not reality.

Fundies interpret loss of dominance as being persecuted.

Trump is really costing us.  But he's found something to be thankful for.

Here's one church that isn't a tax scam.

Roy Mo[lest]ore laments the "immorality" of our times.

No, anti-Nazi does not mean anti-white.

A Christian wedding photographer sues for the right to reject gay customers.  Because Christianity is all about shunning and excluding people.

Working for this company is a shitty experience.

Donald Trump Jr wants families to fight.

Most of what you hear about sex trafficking is bullshit.

The governor of Utah strongly supports a ban on conversion therapy for minors.

House Democrats are trying to get things done; Moscow Mitch is the obstacle.

Religious freedom doesn't come from religion.

Vindman's testimony is a bulwark against cynicism (found via Hackwhackers).

US military leaders are increasingly concerned about Trump's meddling in support of war criminals.

The church of child molestation considers lesbian relationships "toxic" because they're too supportive and caring.

Walmart is awful; see also this comment by Rautakyy.

The Big Sky Conference's "female athlete of the week" -- isn't.  People are talking about the implications even if the media won't.

Gun sales are surging in anticipation of possible restrictions.

The DHS created a fake university to entrap and deport foreign students.

Ruthless time standards at Amazon are causing a rising rate of permanent injury to employees.

An AI program is now unbeatable at Go (found via Mendip).

It's time for a rethink about what we eat.

Cannabidiol oil (not to be confused with marijuana) can help with a variety of medical problems.

Take a video tour of the Moon in high-res.  Version with narration here, though it didn't play properly for me.

Britain's Labour party comes under increasing fire for the anti-Semitism engulfing it.

Be grateful for the First Amendment.  Under "blasphemy" and "hate speech" laws, you get punished for telling the truth.

Russia cheats at everything.

Apple grovels to Tin-of-Pu's demands; DC Comics kowtows to the Beijing mafia.

India's economy is slowing, a challenge for the ruling religio-nationalist party.

This is what a real attack on religious liberty looks like.

The truth about China's concentration camps is coming out.

Chinese police beat and arrest protesters, but not in Hong Kong this time.

If you boldly confront bullies, they will often back down.

In case she can't get Medicare-for-all, Warren has a back-up plan.

The right wing is waging an all-out war on voting.

What do Democratic candidates have to be thankful for?

Economics can't explain why Trumpanzees support Trump, but bigotry can.

Don't let a major Republican donor pose as a Democratic candidate. Also, watch this (found via Mendip).

Yes, the right wing still wants to destroy Social Security.

New citizens could flip some states next year, but probably won't.

Russian/Republican election meddling next year may be quite difficult to recognize.

The South Bend city council's longest-serving black member endorses Biden over Buttigieg.

There's a reason why most Republican politicians don't turn against Trump when they retire.

More links here.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

It always amazes me how fearful and bigoted Xtianists are. Always.
Right Wingers are always looking over their shoulder and pre-emptively hating on everybody and everything they don't understand or fear.
I thought I'd read the lowest of the low concerning this administration but creating a University to entrap and deport foreign students is a new low. Yep, I have not forgotten the kids in cages, but f*ck cheeto.


01 December, 2019 04:49  
Anonymous nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

I read the link: "a real attack on religious liberty" in China. And surely we must be thankful we in the US do not experience anything like that. BUT ... I think we often just fall back on that excuse to let things pass. And the minute we let ourselves say,"We don't really have it so bad," is when it really will only get worse.
I appreciate the Freedom From Religion Foundation and all the work they do.

01 December, 2019 06:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: It's amazing how they've so totally defined themselves by what they're against. And then they wonder why their own younger generation is bailing out.

No Thoughts: The point of that link is that the fundies in this country are always complaining about their "religious liberty" being "attacked" every time they can't discriminate against gays or harass people outside abortion clinics or whatever. Christians in China really are having their religious liberty attacked. The fundies here need to remember what that actually looks like. Being prevented from forcing your own taboos on other people isn't an infringement on your religious liberty.

01 December, 2019 06:51  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the turf-roofed houses on the Faroe Islands! And oh my, those "toxic" lesbian relationships, LOL!

01 December, 2019 08:07  
Blogger Mike said...

We need more warning labels like Australian labels.

01 December, 2019 19:46  
Blogger MJ said...

Conan is a boy, no a girl, no a boy?
I didn't know sharpies worked like that.

01 December, 2019 20:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Catholic schools are full of weird stuff.

Mike: Well, some people are tards.

MJ: That's nothing -- wait until Trump tries to fix next year's election results by sharpie.

02 December, 2019 04:54  
Anonymous Buzz said...

I looked at Hundertwasser's building.

Did he build that before or after he tested the company's product?

- - -

This is at least the second time the DHS ran the phony university scam - they got caught with the University of Northern New Jersey several years ago. Can we get rid of the DHS now?

- - -

You might be interested in this (humorous) post about Russia's secret weapon. Hint: Ketchup is involved.

- - -

Finally, since you love goofy newspaper (and other) errata, you might be interested in a correction which clarifies that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was not injured by an IUD (intrauterine device). That and other hilarious corrections can be found in this Twitter Thread .

02 December, 2019 14:58  
Blogger Martha said...

HAHA! I barely got started and was already laughing with the first link about signs. Who doesn't like ASS. fudge?

And would this time of year be any fun without the annual war on Christmas rage?

03 December, 2019 06:51  

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