01 September 2019

Link round-up for 1 September 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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The blogger many of us knew as Harry Hamid has died.  Debra She Who Seeks remembers him.

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Must, bast, wiz, cow, cust.....

No matter how crazy you are, this person is crazier.

We need Greek gods for modern times.

If only he had something to block the glare.

Beware the evil carpet.

You can frame a dog.

Golf in Florida is.....different.

Have some internet-era humor.

They're messing with the wrong cat.

What the heck is the point of this?  Maybe someone from Texas can explain.

Randy Rainbow sings the praises of Cheeto-Christ Stupid-Czar.

Lady M is already shopping for Halloween decorations.  It will be hard to top this dragon skull.

See a three-year-old anticipating her first train ride.

Different Presidents, different claims.

It's risky to advertise to a culture you don't understand.

Don't wallow in negativity.

Meeting the right man can awaken a woman's romantic side.

These are weapons as art -- and I suspect the same person made this.

"Can you imagine being so far up your own ass with conspiracy theories that you forget about circles....."

Enough already with summer -- we want autumn!

Bill Maher tries to reason with Trump, sort of.  Good luck with that.

Don't believe everything you read.

Representation in mass culture can help cure prejudice.

A tired old right-wing dinosaur tries to fend off extinction with a feeble insult.

Be careful in this garden.

Don't mock children's fascinations.

Trump hopes corn farmers will be impressed with his "giant package".

What would people in 1960 think of today's liberals?

People keep screwing around with the wreckage of the Titanic.

Apparently the US now has more witches than Presbyterians.

"So much adult media likes to pretend hopelessness and pessimism and cynicism are something profound instead of the same depressing nonsense that you can find self-righteous assholes spouting on any given corner of the internet."

Cell-phone video and modern standards take all the fun out of police violence.

Richard Dawkins has a new book coming out.

American companies know that being identified with conservatism is bad for business.

It's the Age of Trump!  But he's the wrong guy to be "King of the Jews".

For sex work, anything short of full decriminalization isn't good enough.

Twitter suspended Ron Perlman over that tweet about the Koch brothers.

The main reason people are leaving religion in droves is that there's no reason to believe in it, though I've also seen evidence that Evangelical support for Trump is repulsing younger church members.  Evangelical churches today embrace atrocities they would once have associated with Satan.

Don't buy stuff from Apple, they treat their customers like this.  And there's more and more.

Never assume phone calls are private.

If you think minimum wage is bad, try making it as a tipped worker.

The obesity epidemic has a lot to do with what kind of food is available where.

Trump is now blaming American business for the economic effects of his own blundering.

Makers of self-driving cars want to be allowed to build them with no manual controls for a human to take over in an emergency (found via Joe.My.God).

Woodstock was a cesspit of filth which exploited local people and left their land covered with garbage.

Richard Phillips, imprisoned for 45 years for a murder he didn't commit, became a painter.

If you vote for monsters, their victims and other decent people won't want anything to do with you.

Martin Luther King understood capitalism.

Trump has the mentality of a tyrant -- luckily US democratic institutions are resilient.

How to respond to alt-rightists looking for a fight?

"I hereby order....."

The US military probably isn't as powerful as we think.

No, religion did not help the progress of science.  Very much the opposite.

Moline Skeptics looks at some global-warming-denialist claims.

Here's an easy introduction to the facts about vaccines.

While domesticating animals, we've also domesticated ourselves.

The monarch butterfly population is recovering strongly.

Technology can defeat global warming.  This article doesn't address the issue of skyrocketing demand for electricity as the Third World catches up with the West, but the same solutions would presumably work.

Trump doesn't understand the interdependence of economies in the modern world.

Militant right-wing movements around the world are built on toxic masculinity.

Canada's oldest rape crisis center has been targeted with graffiti, death threats, and a dead rat nailed to the door, and has had its government funding cut off.  You can donate here.

Copenhagen aims to be carbon-neutral by 2025.

Trumplings think climate change is a "niche issue".

Israel bars candidates from running for office because of their anti-Arab racism.

A statue of Trump has appeared in Melania's homeland.

Zina Portnova became a heroine of the anti-Nazi resistance at 17.

The anti-fascist protest movement in Russia is spreading beyond Moscow.

A discovery in Peru sheds light on pre-Columbian native religion.

The distribution of fires in the Amazon raises questions.  Farmers in the region take a defiant stance.

An American in Taiwan experiences the horrors of socialized medicine.

If the Beijing regime attacks Hong Kong, there will be a hell of a fight.  It would be smarter to engage politically.

A Christian missionary with no medical qualifications opened a "clinic" in Uganda.  At least 105 children died.

Biden has a good general-election strategy, but it could cost him the nomination.

Joe Walsh is the right guy to have a shit-flinging fight with Trump.

Gillibrand's withdrawal is observed by Crazy Eddie, Vixen Strangely, Lawyers Guns and Money, and Daily KosFollow-up here.

The next Democratic President must be as ruthless as Trump.

America's most unpopular Governor packs in the crowds.

Republicans are determined to cling to their Senate majority so they can continue to obstruct everything.  We must deny them that.

A lot of Trumpanzees aren't so working-class.

Tariff-tormented farmers are getting frustrated with Trump.  It's vital that Democrats avoid positioning themselves as the obstacle to helping them.

Even the reddest states have islands of sanity.

Stay focused.  We have to win next year.

More links here.

[955 days down, 507 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

The discussion about the meaning of the root "ard" is fascinating! Love the list of modern gods and goddesses, LOL! Oh, that evil carpet! And the alley cat with the superpowers!

But my fave is the brilliant Randy Rainbow's parody based on Superstar songs!

01 September, 2019 10:29  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

I have "borrowed" the Texas pickup machine gun jpg for my blog. I wish I knew whether it went up before or after the Odessa mass shooting. Doesn't really matter, I guess.

01 September, 2019 12:25  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I need the distraction of linky goodness after so many days of watching Dorian barreling toward us. There's always a chance that it can turn, but it looks like we dodged a bullet. I'll exhale, but not completely just yet.

Sorry, but pigs are stupid. Why didn't he use the plungers to walk up the side of the fridge?

While it makes sense that a churchyard can be too churchy, I don't know if a skateboard is too much skatebo. And he who hoists his own petard should never be allowed near any kind of small animal.

My dog was looking over my shoulder, and now he is scouring the internets for dog shoes that will leave human footprints.

Golf is the same down here in Floriduhhh. The people are just dumber.

That cat video needs to have the music from West Side Story when the Sharks meet the Jets.

I don't live in Texas, but you never heard of shooting stars?

I'm always ready for summer to be over. In Floriduhhh, that's usually December.

The Poison Garden? Did #FirstLadyKidneyTits take over Michelle's vegetable garden?

I see the links are turning to politics, so I will go make something to eat before I lose my appetite, and then I will continue reading.

Your imaginary friend,

01 September, 2019 13:00  
Blogger Adam said...

In Japan if you tip your wait staff, it's an insult that they don't make enough money.

That's what American capitalism has done to our workers.

02 September, 2019 09:24  
Blogger RO said...

My heart goes out to the person who wrote on that truck. So sad to see. Lady M found some good stuff, and her blog is very cool! I can imagine it will be outrageous around Halloween. I truly love that you take the time to recognize others and share info from their blogs. I really get to see many, many things that are important, interesting, fun or enlightening that I wouldn't find otherwise, and I thank you so very much! Sending lots of hugs your way on this Thankful Tuesday! RO

03 September, 2019 02:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: The song is great! I'll have to look into more of Randy Rainbow's stuff.

Buttermilk: I've seen set-ups like that on pickup trucks in places in the Middle East that had civil wars going on. Seeing it in the US just looks weird.

Nonnie: Hope Dorian misses you. If only its full force could be concentrated just on Merde-a-Lardo.

Too skatebo? Cleverard. Although I'm not sure whether Shakespeare was too b or not too b.

You need to keep a close eye on that dog.

It figures Texans would take the expression "shooting stars" that way.

If the Poison Garden was Melania's, there wouldn't be so many warning signs. She could always hope you-know-who might sample something.

I always put the fun stuff at the beginning of these. It gets more serious from there.

Adam: Interesting. I hope I didn't inadvertently insult any waiters when I was over there.

RO: Thanks! I love discovering new blogs. The great thing about blogs is that they're so distinctive, reflecting what their authors are like.

03 September, 2019 16:42  

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