27 August 2019

Video of the day -- bullet time horror show

Physics and energy on a time-scale our senses cannot normally perceive.  This is probably the only video I've ever posted in which nothing alive appears at all -- no person nor animal nor plant, nothing -- only inanimate objects.  The realm you see here is not meant for living things.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Also super scary. The incredible damage a bullet can cause is terrifying.


27 August, 2019 02:36  
Blogger RO said...

Seeing the power of the impact of a bullet makes you wonder how anyone survives any type of bullet wound - intentional, accidental, carelessness, playing around. It's all the same. This video really puts it in perspective, and I thank you. Hugs, RO

27 August, 2019 05:47  
Blogger Professor Chaos said...

Bullets look really cool when they're hitting things, not people.

27 August, 2019 17:38  
Blogger Adam said...

Cameras are magical beings.

27 August, 2019 18:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm very glad the guy didn't make this video with live targets. And yes, it's amazing what modern cameras can show us that we would otherwise never see.

29 August, 2019 07:17  

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