25 August 2019

Link round-up for 25 August 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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This hang glider landing encountered an unexpected hazard.

Perhaps Swedish trains are powered by natural gas?

Have a few jokes.

I don't think these are gang members.

Newspapers can be goofy.

If Denmark won't sell Greenland, it should make a counter-offer.

Customer Service Wolf knows how to handle idiots.

Shittiest camera ever.

Sliced peppers will haunt you.

It's Swedish, but.....

See construction workers in the wild.

Debra She Who Seeks observes National Bad Poetry Day, and explores food.

This person exists.

Who the hell thought an "open-air bed cinema" was a good idea?

Where death is concerned, ants are easily fooled.

Some awkward family dynamics here.

Apparently orcs suffer from economic insecurity.

This is how to distract an Egyptian god.

Sometimes fandom is cool.

Jenny_o looks at camping.

How flat can cats become?

Here are some thoughts about photos on blogs.

남자들이 좋아하는 수녀.

This is a street in Cuba.

Gun nuts have an issue with their self-image.

Which is better for a blog, comments or no comments?

Some interesting background on AO3 here, on the occasion of its Hugo win.

This is a real animal.

The Propaganda Professor has a treasury of failed predictions (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

It's not just Christmas -- commercial exploitation of Halloween is creeping earlier in the year.

Some gestures preserve memories of obsolete technology.

Verizon ruined TumblrNo one can tame it.

People prefer to eat these.

Denim is made to last.

See the work of a cartoonist fired for mocking Trump.  Trump inspired a lot of cartoons this week.

"You do not fit in here", but.....

News coverage oddly seems to assign volition to machines.

In unity there is strength.

Few things are more baffling than pro-Trump gays.

Beware -- phishing scams are getting more sophisticated.

Swimming pools are filthy, even when they look clean.

Life imitates art parody (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

We're doing recycling wrong.

Several gay video artists are suing YouTube over its hypocritical policies.

Christianity requires pathetic rationalizations to explain the existence of undeserved suffering.

Blaming mass shootings on mental illness is not the answer.

The death of David Koch is observed by Vixen Strangely, Big Bad Bald Bastard -- and Ron Perlman.

Social media posting is no substitute for action.

There are more than two possible opinions.

Let's review the history of Trump's anti-Semitic dog whistles.

Fox is still losing advertisers.  It's striking that so many corporations think the wingnut audience isn't worth keeping.

Medical pricing is killing people.

Seattle created an "app" to report homeless people's tents, but the results weren't what they expected.  (Update:  See comment by Tengrain below.)

Even when mass shootings are taken into account, murder is only half as common in the US as it was in 1990.

As long as the border camps are costing $775 per inmate per day.....

It's Christian love, arrogant and hypocritical.

Maher swats down Tlaib.

This map shows the biggest private-sector employer in each state.  Spot the problem.

The bad guys seem to be really scared of unions.

This cartoon is still relevant.

The water in Flint MI has gotten worse.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg explains why the cross can't be a secular symbol.

The US is turning away from dirty energy, but Trump is still trying to sabotage clean alternatives.

Most violent alt-rightists are pitiful "feral dweebs".

What the anti-abortion nutters really care about is controlling women (yeah, we knew that, but now there's data).

Darwinfish 2 debunks the zombie vote and other wackiness.

Claiming that atheists are religious requires absurd redefinition of words.

Twitter comments are as dumb as YouTube comments, apparently.

38% of surveyed economists believe the US will enter a recession in 2020, down 4 points from February.

LA Times business columnist: "Health insurance companies are useless."

Local government can make a difference.

Employee activism is a new front in the struggle against the right wing.

Racists who fetishize Audrey Hepburn need to do their homework.

Even among Evangelicals, the young are less enthused about Trump.

Over ten years, Detroit cleared a backlog of 11,000 untested rape kits -- justice delayed is better than no justice at all.

Migrants held in the border camps are being denied flu vaccines, creating the perfect conditions for a major disease outbreak.

What's the difference between science and the supernatural?

Nan's Notebook reviews gun-violence proposals from Megan McArdle and the Parkland students (read the comments too).

Trans ideology defends reality-denial with threats of violence (found via Aunt Polly).

Wingnuts display hypocrisy about intimidation tactics.

Who were the early Israelites and where did they come from?

This is the reality of late-term abortion.

Science wasn't political until the wingnuts politicized it.

Big Bad Bald Bastard takes an in-depth look at bugs.

Wind power keeps getting cheaper, and now makes up a large chunk of power generation in several countries.

Scientists are starting to recognize aging as a disease -- a potentially curable one.

The Satanic Temple held a Black Mass in Ottawa last week, sending local religio-wingnuts into a raging snit.

Australia is investigating the disturbing world of transgender "medical treatments" for children.

Even at Auschwitz, some fought back.

Italy may be preparing to break away from the euro currency which has devastated its economy.

This is what the burning of the Amazon looks like.  Brazil's right-wing President is playing the colonialism card.  It's important to keep the problem in perspective -- NASA reports that this year's fire activity in the Amazon as a whole is slightly less than average.

Putin is launching an avalanche of lies about history

The Palestinian Authority reminds us who the real bigots are.

Iran beefs up its missile defenses in preparation for a possible US attack.

An Egyptologist debunks some myths about ancient Egypt.

In one small area of 19th-century China, women developed their own script for writing the local dialect.

Taiwan would not be easy to conquer.

Understand what it's really like in China.

The Hong Kong protesters have posted their demands on video in Cantonese, English, and Japanese.  Here are some images from the protests.

Trump's megalomania and mental instability are getting worse.  Dementia?

Spot the difference between these two town hall meetings.

To find out what Democrats really want, ignore Twitter.

The Republican electoral heartland is becoming depopulated.

Moscow Mitch, apparently sensing that he may lose his majority, begs Democrats not to abolish the filibuster.  Amy McGrath just released a powerful ad against him (found via Zandar).

New polls of Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona show Trump in trouble.  There's some good news from Kentucky too.

"Bernie's not fucking around."

Republicans are fundraising off of the Greenland nonsense.

A political scientist who accurately predicted the 2018 blue wave sees nine Republican House seats in Texas up for grabs.

Democratic Senators issue a stern warning to the Supreme Court.

Don't let Republicans re-brand themselves -- they've made themselves the Party of Trump, and so they shall remain.

Shower Cap looks at white-supremacist terrorism and Trump's craziest week yet.


Anonymous Renard Moreau said...

🙂 An interesting Link-up. Thank you for adding the link to my article.

25 August, 2019 07:59  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the Swedish control gauge! Appealing to the moderate Orc voter -- LOL, brilliant!

Thanks for that great article on AO3! I'm thrilled about the big Hugo win, of course, and am taking my tiny, miniscule share of its glory for my slash fanfics posted on the site. Goddess knows it's the closest I'll ever get to a literary award, LOL!

"Wishing the Koch Brothers a speedy reunion" -- best comment I've seen on this!

25 August, 2019 08:07  
Anonymous Tengrain said...

A point about the Seattle app for reporting tents: it doesn’t exist.

That app is the Find-It-Fix-It app for reporting things like streetlights being out, or garbage cans overflowing in the park, potholes, etc. The app does not have a category for tents or homeless people.

Some NIMBY asshole made the tent signs and put them up.

I love the counter-protest signs.



25 August, 2019 08:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. Every week thanks for these. I found this through C&L awhile back and keep returning every Sunday. This makes the end of my week/start of my week enjoyable.

25 August, 2019 08:50  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I saw, "I can't brain today I has the dumb" on a meme on fb last year. I thought it was funny. But, "Shamed by you English" is even funnier.

I wonder how people cut their bell peppers like that because I've tried and it never looks like that after I've cut it in half.

So most ants are stupid except for the female ant who stayed away until the acid wore off. Doesn't surprise me. lol

25 August, 2019 09:02  
Anonymous Jordan said...

I want to get something straight before I type anything else.

From your standpoint, are these the three main problems with what you call "trans ideology"?

1) Trans people reinforce gender stereotypes.
2) Gender-nonconforming (‘GNC’) young people are being pressured or rushed into unwise transitions.
3) Including trans women in women’s spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms exposes cis women to risk.

Are there any other problems of these magnitudes with "trans ideology"?

25 August, 2019 10:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Renard: Thanks for the post!

Debra: That item of Scandinavian vocabulary has been good for a fair bit of unintentional humor over the years.

I hope the Hugo gets some more attention for AO3 and brings in new readers.

Tengrain: Interesting -- I'll add a note.

Anon: Glad you find it of interest!

Mary: Maybe you need to find a more Satanic brand of peppers.

I feel sorry for anyone who paid to learn English from that guy.

25 August, 2019 11:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jordan: I don't care about "gender stereotypes". The other two points are important, and there are other issues -- read this too. Also please read the comments policy, especially (1) and (4). Lately I've had several would-be commenters who evidently didn't.

25 August, 2019 11:42  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Whoa - the rainbow conspiracy video was . . . beyond belief :) (I especially loved the part where she turns the camera sideways to get a different shot of the sprinkler)

Now I'll go back to your list and keep reading :D

25 August, 2019 18:25  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thank you for the link to my camping poem. Didn't notice that before my first comment.

Lots of great links, as always - thanks.

25 August, 2019 19:01  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Where did the Israelites come from piece was a good read, although I have read similar years ago ... so many folks I think just take the biblical stuff as all truth, and are reluctant to look deeper ... and the people who push biblical stories as solid history, put fear into folks that believe in some type of god, that they "better believe, or else" kind of thing.

Speaking though of Israel, I see Bill Maher talked pretty open about this BDS movement deal. I personally like Israel, as a country, I am not a fan of Netanyahu though. I support progressives, and realize that there has been lousy treatment also of Palestinians, but it's a 2 way street, you have alot of lousy treatment of Israelis too, by Palestinians. But you also have alot of Jewish people that are not against Palestinians at all, so it's unfair in my view, to think that all Jews hate Palestinians. Much hate, IMO, is promoted only by churches and political leaders (and I'm not very favourable about either), being I would be more quick to blame the leadership of Palestinians as well as Israelis. I talked to several Jews that do not hate Palestinians or anyone. I haven't posted on it, and also, I have Jewish people in my family line, as well ... so it would be easy to assume that I am pro- Jew only, etc. Despite what nationalities or whatever is in my familia ... I never really followed it or cared, I have familia from England too, I don't identify as a Brit ... I left home at a young age and formed my own opinions and views, and was inspired by a variety of people of different skin colours, nationalities, or what have you ... I identify as a Texan American ... not like my birth familia or their roots or whatever. I came to Texas on my own, most people in my familia looked at me as a black sheep anywayz, and are the types that speak negative about Texas, telling me when I was younger that I must have lost my mind to even move to a state like this. And they're halfway right, unlike them from my conformist familia, I loved and played heavy rock music and loved drugs ... I still love drugs, drugs just don't like me that much. To me it's their loss (my family), not mine ... I had a good life here in Texas, embraced the culture and love it (just not the politics so much), much better than the antique frigid racist shithole of a neighbourhood I lived in, in New York.

The 80 year old cartoon ... loved it! ... so true ... we seen how much reform and change, now, that we have got since then , in that particular area of so called "change".

Cool video of the sloth ... but weird think it's scary or whatever, wanting to run away from it ... it's just life, like us ... besides, I think they're cute. I had a young/ smaller possum in my house the other day. A friend came by and felt uneasy about it, telling me I should kill it or whatever ... I told him, they don't even attack people, they actually try to avoid people if anything. The only reason they will hiss at you and show their teeth, is out of fear of "people" ... and who can blame them? I'll leave you with a video below, of some cute young little sloths.


26 August, 2019 09:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jenny_o: Of course I'd endorse a fellow campophobe.....

Ranch: Historians seem to realize now that most of the Bible is just mythology, just like ancient Greek or Norse mythology, not history. I don't think anyone takes the story of the exodus from Egypt or the empire of David and Solomon seriously any more, for example.

I'm sure the majority of Jews don't hate the Palestinians, but there's a very entrenched legacy in the West of people hating Jews, and unfortunately that's still with us. It just takes different forms now.

I guess the sloth looks kind of creepy because its form is superficially rather humanlike, and it looks and moves in a way we associate with movie zombies. The baby sloths in the video were at least pleasanter than the very large bugs.

26 August, 2019 18:40  

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