24 July 2019

Like tears in rain

Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, who contributed so much to making Blade Runner the greatest science fiction movie ever, has died.  He was 75.

In Blade Runner (1982), Hauer played Roy Batty, a "replicant" (android) manufactured to serve as a soldier in space warfare, who is marked for death because he has illegally come to Earth.  In this immortal scene (use fullscreen), knowing his end is near due to his built-in fixed lifespan, he saves the life of the agent assigned to kill him, then ruminates briefly on his imminent death -- Hauer ad-libbed Batty's final speech:

Almost as powerful as his soliloquy, to me, is his opening line to the human master:  "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it -- that's what it is, to be a slave."

A lesser-known Hauer performance I can recommend is Ladyhawke (1985), a supernatural romantic fantasy which I consider underrated.


Blogger Ami said...

Rutger Hauer was really an amazing actor. I will look up Ladyhawke, I have had it recommended to me more than once.

I loved Blade Runner. Have you been to Movie Madness? They have one of the buildings used in that movie. It looked a lot bigger on the screen.

24 July, 2019 20:28  
Blogger RO said...

I remember Hauer and saw Blade Runner about 5 times. His role is one of the reasons I watched it so many times. Something about his character was just classic, and it was sad to see that there wasn't a lot of mention on the news of his death despite playing roles in so many movies. RIP

25 July, 2019 05:25  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh my gooooddd you read my mind! I was thinking about Rutger Hauer yesterday! So now I don’t have to post about him.
I agree with @ami: Ladyhawk is awesome. one of my fav movies.
@Ro I’ve seen Blad Runner about five times in theaters and I don’t know how many times on tv. Love that movie!



25 July, 2019 06:26  
Blogger Mary said...

Oh my..I loved him in both. And he was so sexy!
75 is too young to die...very sad.

25 July, 2019 08:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also remember Flesh and Blood, with a gloriously naked Jennifer Jason Leigh, as well as the excellent Hitcher (also with Leigh). He had a commanding presence.

25 July, 2019 12:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm glad others remember Hauer's work. I've been a bit surprised that his death didn't attract more notice.

I've been to Movie Madness a few times, though not recently (I live in SW Portland). A must-see for anyone in the area who's into movie history.

26 July, 2019 00:12  
Anonymous Mary said...

I loved him best in this dark roles. Who can forget those French fries in Hitcher?

26 July, 2019 09:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I wasn't familiar with The Hitcher and had to look it up. Gah. That kind of gory stuff isn't my thing, I'm afraid.

26 July, 2019 17:35  

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