23 June 2019

Link round-up for 23 June 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Procrastinating Donkey has some suspicious packages.

These business vehicles display a sense of humor.

Time for some hovercats.

It's an easy mistake to make (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Her Royal Highness presents gay animals.  Check out these lorikeets too.  Debra makes some space for the guys.

These kids had their reasons for staying home from school.

It's a masterpiece of barbecue engineering.

Here is, allegedly, what each state googles more than any other.  Gotta love Utah.

I suspect this guy isn't being entirely honest about his kitchen mishap.

Professor Chaos looks at stupid headlines and political humor.

Forgiving student loan debt?  Where will this madness end?

Here are some creepy games (found via Mendip).

Get the body you always wanted this summer!

How do you say it in Italian?

They're against littering, but.....

If you're getting negativity from assholes, just block 'em and forget 'em.

She's a hacker with a difference.

Here are all 213 Beatles songs, evaluated.

Here's one consequence of Trump's tariffs that the fundies may not like.

Conservative ideas can be implemented more smoothly when you get rid of everybody who actually knows anything.

Thousands of religious nutballs are petitioning Netflix to cancel a TV series which isn't on Netflix.

There is no freedom without economic freedom.

Why aren't millennials buying diamonds?

Watch out for this job scam.

The left and right have different visions.

Not all those who wave rainbow flags are really allies.

Traverse City MI is the latest to defy the monopolists and build a municipal internet service.

Some problems take more than brains alone to deal with.

Most Evangelicals didn't choose their religion.

Beware of the cult mentality, wherever it appears.

The bald eagle is back.

This person exists.

There's a question every doctor should ask.

Fireworks are a serious problem for some people.

The Supreme Court serves up another defeat for the First Amendment.

The law applies to foreigners too.  Also, remember to lock your doors when you go out.

The Catholic Church is clueless about why young people are leaving or how to get them back.

A sex worker describes the ten worst things about the work, some of which may surprise you.

Only the person concerned can make this kind of decision -- religious taboo should get no say.

The problem with toxic masculinity is the toxicity, not the masculinity.

How do you revolt when nobody even finds you worth oppressing?

This Catholic school is no longer allowed to call itself Catholic because it refused to fire a teacher for being gay.

Selina Soule is taking her case to the courts (background here).  I have not seen any mention of this story on any left-leaning site, except for Aunt Polly two months ago.  There are going to be more and more cases like this, and refusing to talk about it won't make the issue go away.

Here's a warning about racist "sundown towns".

Americans are touch-starved.

Evangelical churches focus on what really matters -- money.

Dealing with police corruption and abuses will take tough action from the top.

For once, some good news on the sex-work front -- New York state is considering full decriminalization.

A Michigan hotel manager takes a stand.

A court threatens a rape victim with jail to uphold the rapist's parental rights.  Not Afghanistan, Alabama.

Moline Skeptics looks at the abominable snowman.

We have close-up views of the structure of Saturn's rings.

Most Americans don't favor manned missions to the Moon or Mars; far more support space research and planetary defense.

Global-warming denialists like to claim that during the 1970s there was a scientific consensus that global cooling was a threat, but in fact there was no such consensus, and even back then there was more concern about global warming (found via this comment by Swarn Gill).

Compare these railway maps.

Here's a way Canada could play hardball with Trump on trade.

British royals handle even assassination attempts with aplomb.

A conservative (British this time) emits a creepy tweet aimed at the elderly.

In the Netherlands, even the anti-abortionists are pro-choice.

Timișoara, Romania just held its first Pride Festival despite the best efforts of the religious bigots.

The US is preparing to get tough with Russia in the field of cyber-warfare.

That Israeli settlement named after Trump doesn't actually exist.

Twitter is removing accounts of women fleeing abuse in Saudi Arabia.

India is becoming a global leader in solar power.

Female literacy is one key to a better world.

Pompeo is so pitifully ignorant about Iran that he thinks the Taliban might be acting as its surrogate.  The Gulf of Oman incident may have been too clumsily staged to serve as a pretext for war, and we have even less excuse for believing this bullshit today than in 2003, but apparently the Trump gang is funding trolls to attack anti-war journalists.  Even if Trump himself doesn't want war, at this point it could easily blow up anyway.  Here's how things look to ordinary Iranians.  If a war does start, the US cannot subdue Iran, no matter what the wingnuts are being told.

Just turn off all the bad news and everything will be fine.

Warren is gaining support among both centrists and progressives.  If she becomes President, she can thank Sanders for paving the way.

Republicans are losing hope of retaking the House.

Booker promises executive clemency, if elected, for non-violent drug offenders in prison.  I like his thinking (and hope it makes Jeff Sessions's head explode).

Warren promises to end a "cruel" and "terrible" industry -- and the MSM headline is the effect on stock prices.

Trump is wasting his time rallying loyalists instead of reaching out to the uncommitted (found via Fair and Unbalanced).  Kiko's House argues that he can't win re-election.  I'm inclined to agree, but we can't afford to become complacent.  And Republicans will lie.

Here's where all our Presidential candidates stand on abortion rights.

A new poll asked likely Democrats which candidate they'd prefer if electability wasn't an issueBiden moves to second behind Warren, with the rest in the same order as in other polls.

What if the nominee isn't good enough?

"Republicans are.....worried that calling the concentration camps 'concentration camps' will draw attention to the fact that they're the party of concentration camps, whereas Democrats want to shut down the concentration camps because they are fucking concentration camps."  More here.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Had a good laugh at the salmonella chicken incident. I love the #GoodOmens petition -- and "cultural appropriation" hahahahahaha! Why am I not surprised by corporate rainbow-flag-wavers who donate to anti-LGBTQ politicians?

23 June, 2019 07:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lot's of good stuff here, I been going through them, not even halfway. But a couple things to say here.

There has been argument after argument for decades now on global warming, I have talked to several denialists face to face, even. One of the things that I mention, that makes them pause before they are quick to counter my words. Is that what is possibly any good about trashing the earth, waters, and atmosphere? You DO NOT have to believe in global warming or whatever, just to know that it is not the best thing to destroy everything, when you have the technologies to clean up some, even if the planet wasn't warming, what's wrong with NOT destroying it? They pause usually on that ... usually will tell me that, I am part of the "problem", because I drive a car, just like everyone else (even though, everybody DON'T, everywhere is NOT like Texas, even in Texas), so, I actually feel exhausted in trying to talk to them these dayz, I mean, I know they are going to tell me that, or that it makes money, cheap energy or whatever. My point to those folks, is simple. If we can have energy and fuel that does not put us in a cesspool of filth, and less pollution, why would we not do it. I feel they are the same, as folks telling me it is not healthy for me to take so many showers or something (yes, I've had people tell me that). Why don't we all just stop cleaning the streets, our yards, our toilets, or anything ... but I guess the "clean- up" generates money(?) ... I don't know guy ... but have you ever felt like you're wasting time or talking to a wall sometimes with folks? ... that's the feeling I get. And not just on global warming, pollution and related, but so many other issues that fundi's are even glued to, like the religious stuff. Maybe because of my age and talking so much, I just got burned out (glad I never got burned out on music though). I also read somewheres that Trump and friends want to actually reduce emissions requirements for cars/ motor vehicles ... if you're at least my age, you remember what town's like LA, or even mass transit NYC was like back in the early 70's with smog. That's what they are trying to get back to?

You know, (Centauri Dreams), every time I look at Saturn and it's rings in particular, in ANY photos, it looks so surreal to me, almost like an animation. I figured this is because I evolved on this planet, as my eyes did, and viewing something, as some planets, or their surfaces is so foreign to me as an animal of life on my planet. But it alwayz amazes me, how it looks to me.

23 June, 2019 13:18  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Regarding the headline about the effect on stock prices being the headline of Elizabeth Warren declaring her opposition to private prisons, I made an aside in a blog post about the trade war: "Covering the economy through the lens of investing is like covering sports entirely through gambling. It distorts the perception of the subject matter through whether one can make money off of it." This looks like more of the same.

By the way, thanks for linking to me for three of the past four Sundays, plus last Monday at Crooks&Liars. Nearly 300 people have visited from here and 170 from Crooks&Liars. I appreciate that.

23 June, 2019 16:50  
Anonymous lea-p said...

That US passenger rail map is depressing. And then you see all the European rail line maps... Goddammit it all. What's wrong with this fucking country? Oh...

23 June, 2019 19:17  
Blogger MJ said...

That hacker with a difference - I've seen her before. Her handle is "Sexy Cyborg". Also, she's been a maker and a 3D printer user for a while. I first read about her fight with some Maker group (Makerfaire, maybe?) when they accused her of presenting another's work as her own. The reason for their claim amounted to "c'mon, she's a hot babe so she cannot be making her own stuff!". That was just before I was poking around on Thingiverse and saw her game posted there "Thieve's Purse" It was such a thrill to see what she posted! Here, I think this is the first thing she uploaded to her Thingeverse account.

23 June, 2019 22:50  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

In the overcrowded Dem primary people are really going to remember that if the nominee is 'not good enough' we will get another four years or corruption, deceit, foreign meddling, xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry and ignorance and that the only ones to blame are... ourselves.


24 June, 2019 03:37  
Blogger Martha said...

The hover cats! Love that. And the notes from parents to school...HAHAHAHA... They are hilarious. I think I've finally caught up to round-up posts :)

24 June, 2019 18:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I think a lot of companies are run by aging bigots who express their views by donations, but nevertheless realize that a gay-friendly image is good for business. It's a transitional situation. Over time they'll die off.

Ranch: There's a cartoon with that theme I've seen around -- a denialist arguing, "what if it's all a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?" In fact, recognition of the reality of global warming is increasing in the US, doubtless due to the increase in extreme weather events. The remaining denialists are probably unreachable non-thinkers.

Pinku: That's a good way of putting it. Who cares about rich gamblers losing a bundle? And thanks for the posts!

Lea-p: Americans don't realize how the US lags behind. And we have no real high-speed rail, either.

MJ: She's smart and creative, that's for sure. I love how most commenters on that thread left sexualized off-topic comments, thus falling for her distraction strategy.

Sixpence: I hope enough voters remember that.

Martha: Those were all good reasons for missing school, but some of them might have merited a visit from Child Protection Services.

25 June, 2019 00:01  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

"what if it's all a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?" ... haven't heard that one ... but it did give me a laugh! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

25 June, 2019 06:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: :-)

25 June, 2019 10:40  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Infidel! I'm still working my way through the links. Always some good stuff there. I like Ranch Chimp's and your point about creating a better world even if climate change isn't a thing - now I'll be looking for someone to use it on :)

26 June, 2019 11:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the amusing post! And I'm glad to pass along a talking point. And climate change definitely is a thing, but there will be a wide range of benefits from switching to non-fossil-fuel energy.

27 June, 2019 09:49  

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