05 May 2019

Link round-up for 5 May 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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It's masochism American style!

Bad driving has consequences.

I have a feeling that this does not represent the future of male fashion.

What's the best use for old churches?

This works on the metaphorical level too (found via Bluebird of Bitterness).

Hackwhackers presents horse-related music videos.  The last one -- ZOMG, the colors!

Christians seem to have a problem with logo design.

Here's an insightful one-sentence review of Alien.

Plunge into infini-tea.

See behind-the-scenes photos from the making of one of the most famous album covers ever (found via Mendip).

Agriculture becomes art with Glass Gem corn.

Remember, they are listening.

Check out the horror art of Stefan Koidl.


He's right -- there's no difference.

Barr is Trump's handmaid.

How many of these five myths from history did you believe?

I Should Be Laughing has a round-up of political cartoons.

Sports Illustrated celebrates a hopeless contradiction -- the quote from Alishba Zarmeen is perfect.

If the economy is so great, then why is everybody struggling?

Russian trolls are hitting the US at its weak point -- the stupidity of much of its population.

Lo Imprescindible looks at the significance of Buttigieg's campaign.

Having wrecked Tumblr with its "adult content" ban, Verizon now wants to sell it.

Not all Trumpanzees are bigots, but.....

Anti-vaxxers are also anti-truth.

Book piracy does do damage.

This is the reality of chronic pain.

Tesla e-mailed a warning to its employees to stop leaking to the media, and it was immediately leaked to the media.

The poor are poor because the rich are rich.

Don't forget about the Republican plot to wreck the Postal Service.

Franklin Graham has exposed himself as a hypocrite.

Automating jobs out of existence is a good thing, not a bad thing, if it's handled properly.

Bigotry is a form of ideology and should be dealt with as such.  And bigoted violence must be condemned without equivocation.

Trump may not be anti-Semitic, but his cult is.

Fundies have increased their power by organizing and being active in politics -- atheists must do the same.

These places are the new epicenters of disease in the US.  This year's anti-vax-fueled measles epidemic is already the worst in a quarter-century.

Here's more on the Trump administration's attack on UN efforts to help victims of wartime rape.

Yes, religious terrorists are inspired by religion.

Business leaders must be held accountable for bullshit like this.

An adoption conflict brings out peak Christian hypocrisy.  And doubtless some nut will soon claim these eagles are "of the Devil" or something.

Trump is a liar adored by those who will believe anything.  His most disgusting lie is rebuked by Vixen Strangely and Shaw Kenawe.

Fundies are viciously cruel about sexuality.  And they're now celebrating their "right" to refuse to help desperate people.  Which of these things is worse?  See also this post of mine about what modern Christianity is becoming.

Here are a couple of reasons why older people are more conservative.

Americans are among the most stressed-out people in the world, probably because our society and system offer so little security.

Keep religion out of morality and politics.

Professor Chaos finds a.....strange article about slavery.

Disgusting practices lead to disease.  So does trusting religion instead of science.

A meteorologist blogger explains weather forecasting.

Here's a good photo of Saturn, showing the strange hexagonal cloud formation at the north pole.

Maybe NASA should reduce its dependence on the corrupt private sector.

The BBC takes a look at the post-natural age.

These guys built a very small "snowman".

You don't realize it, but your eyesight is a complete mess.

Here's a good, if somewhat basic, comparison of brains and computers.

This is why Margaret Thatcher is hated.

See how American-dominated internet discussions look to people of other countries.

This is a patriot (found via Arwenstar).

Polish protesters go bananas to support artistic freedom.

Measles has re-erupted in several European countries due to low vaccination rates.

Face the truth about the motives behind Islamic terrorism.

Deaths from the Ebola outbreak in the Congo have passed the one-thousand mark, aided by civil war and anti-vaccine attitudes.

The economy will not re-elect Trump, but we still have a fight on our hands.  Pelosi knows we need to win big.

Andrew Sullivan makes what I find to be a compelling case for Biden as our nominee.

No More Mister Nice Blog contemplates impeachment.

Since 1948, moderate Democratic candidates for President have won two-thirds of their elections; radicals have won none.

Abrams isn't running for the Senate, but she may have another position in mind.

Some of the pressure for impeachment is coming from.....

"You understand, they WANT to hate us that much."  Then there's the whole Barr thing.

More (mostly political) links here.


Blogger Ami said...

What does it say about me that the little snowman was my favorite?

Franklin Graham is a hypocrite? I'm shocked. Just shocked. Isn't he a Christian? Everyone knows Christians are morally pure, right?
I'll bet if someone made the 'Businessperson Church' mentioned, Franklin would be an enthusiastic participant.

05 May, 2019 11:11  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I can't really process how people trust religion more than science. I can't.
Yep. The trumpanzees are sexist, bigoted racists. Just like Cheeto. And they need to own it.
Ugh. I hope that like every other Cheeto stooge, Barr's reputation never, ever recovers.
Andrew Sullivan is sometimes way off, but I see what you mean....
And thanks for the mention! Love me some Pete.


05 May, 2019 12:00  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

I don't care how religious those kids on that Christian Life International softball team are. Some, if not all of those guys know exactly what a cliT is. I have to wonder if they are quietly chuckling to themselves when they put their jerseys on and thinking about how ignorant or sheltered the elders who designed the logo are. Maybe they can play the Virginia Grace Church softball team, the VaGs.

Oh my, I have taken the infintea plunge!

Major corporations really need new PR departments. Chase getting pwned by Elizabeth Warren is hilarious. It reminded me of all the ads I see on Facebook from Walmart about contributing to charity to pay for a meal for a poor person. Whenever I see it, I comment on how there would be a lot fewer poor people in this country in need of a meal if Walmart paid their associates a living wage.

I love Seth MacFarlane. Ever see his show "The Orville"? I thought it started out as a sort of Star Trek parody, but it's really about morality.

The thing that struck me about those myths, especially the one about Rasputin is how nothing really changes. Just like the tale of Rasputin was rewritten to make a buck, the tale of Reagan and other political figures are being rewritten as we watch (and know better!!) right before our eyes to continue a phony legacy and to insure the survival of a party who is only out to make bucks for their rich benefactors.

Great cartoons!

I don't get who the Sports Illustrated cover is supposed to be geared to. Why bother to have a model in a burkini on the cover when everyone knows the inside of the magazine will be a bunch of scantily clad women? Was the purpose to make the burkini more acceptable? If so, why make the model look sexy when the intent of the burkini is to make the wearer the least sexy as possible? I have so many questions, but I think the answer to most of them will include "pandering."

I am going to continue to click through the links as I hyperventilate about people who continue to vote for people who will make their shitty economic lives even shittier and as I curse Franklin Graham for his hatefulness.

As always, thanks for the link to The Raisin, Infidel.

05 May, 2019 14:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ami: The snowman is cool. Nanotechnology is more advanced than people realize.

Yes, fundamentalists are always morally pure -- as pure as the drinking water in Flint MI.

Sixpence: Religion tells those people what they want to hear, and validates their prejudices. Science tells them the truth. For some, it's no contest.

Andrew Sullivan is a very smart guy whose thinking sometimes gets so abstract that it leads him completely away from reality. And surely being a gay conservative is an untenable position. Still, he's often worth reading. He was one of the first pundits to call out the Catholic Church over the child-molestation epidemic, for example.

Nonnie: I do think some of the people who design such logos are having a bit of fun at their more oblivious colleagues' expense. Tunashamed!

I did see the trailer for The Orville. It looked pretty clever.

The Sports Illustrated thing is aimed at being politically correct (pro-Muslim) and a bit sexy at the same time. The editors don't know jack about Islamic theology concerning women's clothing, nor do they care that making the burqa sexy conflicts with its purpose -- in fact, it would probably be politically incorrect to acknowledge that.

05 May, 2019 15:17  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

I would trust anything Andrew Sullivan says about anything as much as I would trust Brer Rabbit when he begged me to throw him into the briar patch. Sullivan is not honest and couldn't care less about the left or anything but establishing his kind of racist authoritarian state.

"The decadent Left in its enclaves on the coasts is not dead—and may well mount what amounts to a fifth column."

Just in case you need a reminder.

I find it compelling that al;l of thse so-called never trumper and troo "HIllary is worse than trump" "lefties" are enthusiastically telling us to pick Biden.

05 May, 2019 19:16  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

The Orville had an uneven first season, and a better second. MacFarlane clearly reveres the Star Trek originals, and it lead to a kind of reverent homage/comedic re-styling that didn't really work well at first, but the series got a lot better once they found their footing.

05 May, 2019 19:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very interesting blog!

06 May, 2019 01:20  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Some interesting links here, indeed. Not much to say as my usual. But also caught my atencion was this YouTube link about measles and Russian trolls, actually, that wouldn't surprise me a bit ... I mean, there are folks in this world, that would like to see America break, and we are in some heat with Russia now, period, on various things, even challenging us in other territories, such as Venezuela or Syria, etc. I mean, I'm not scared of Russia, but feel that we should be aware that there is alot of money involved too, with breaking or disrupting USA, business, trade or otherwise. I feel like Russia and China both, would like to be No.#1 across the board, the world leader. But I need to take time to read up on measles, because I have talked about it with a few folks, and they were asking me about it or for advice, and I don't know a bloody damn thing about it, but it seems serious ... a guy the other day for example was asking me if I think he should get vaccinated? ... but I haven't a clue ... he's like 50- 51, I told him to ask a doctor or a pharmacy, someone in the medical field. I myself remember having measles at 6 years old, because my mom laughed about it holding a mirror in front of my face when I was I guess sick in bed, and I like had all these red bumps/ pimples(?), can't remember much else, or did I get a shot or meds for it?, I remember vaccinations, but I was certain one of them was for Polio. So I had measles when I was 6 years old for sure, I'm now 63, and I didn't even know measles was an adult thing, I thought is was common and in kids since I had it as a kid. So, I need to find out I guess, if I need a vaccination.

06 May, 2019 06:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bruce: Sullivan never pretended to be anything other than a conservative, and the validity of the arguments is not determined by who makes them. And it's around 30% of the Democratic primary electorate that is "telling us to pick Biden", based on the polling. I'm not really attached to any one candidate at this point, but there are going to be posts written on the positives or negatives of this or that candidate, and I intend to link to the better ones I run across.

Anon: Thanks!

Ranch: The Putin regime is trying to disrupt the US as much as possible. Even their election interference seems to have been aimed more at undermining Americans' belief in democracy than at just electing Trump.

People have sort of forgotten about measles because vaccines have kept it so rare for so long. It's certainly a fairly serious disease. It can cause death, though in the majority of cases it doesn't. It's incredible that we have a decades-old fully-effective technology to protect ourselves from this threat, but some people simply refuse to use it out of sheer stupidity.

06 May, 2019 20:21  
Blogger Martha said...

Finally here...almost in time for the next round-up :) Thanks for another fun and interesting collection.

09 May, 2019 16:47  

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