13 December 2018

The madness

Second item (with church signs) found via Darwinfish 2; several others found via Scottie's Toy Box.


Blogger Bob said...

That first one .....Yes!

13 December, 2018 04:56  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

These are all excellent but the most telling one of all is the spousal abuse one with its obvious parallels to an abusive concept of god and religion.

13 December, 2018 07:53  
Anonymous Professor Taboo said...

I want to give vehement, passionate YES'S for all eight memes Infidel!!! But I'll refrain because it may come across as I am having a supernatural, INTENSE sexual moment or climax. Hence, my simple AGREED... times eight! (wink & evil grin)

13 December, 2018 08:28  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Religion seems to make people stupid. Or at least act dumb.

13 December, 2018 12:50  
Blogger Neo Tuxedo said...

Debra skrev:

the most telling one of all is the spousal abuse one with its obvious parallels to an abusive concept of god and religion.

Or, as I've occasionally put it over on Tumblr: "For I am a jealous God. Why you got to make Me smite you, baby?"

13 December, 2018 19:28  
Blogger Ami said...

The next time my jesusheaded brother posts an anti-gay meme on the book of face, I will post the Jesus, can I have a sex slave. :) Thanks

13 December, 2018 20:05  
Anonymous Robert D said...

Do you have an opinion on the Church of the Subgenius?

13 December, 2018 20:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bob: I've always thought this -- they claim they have absolute truth, but they've never been able to agree among themselves on what it is.

Debra: It's a stunningly close parallel.

Professor: Oh, please do indulge, it won't bother me :-)

Mary: Almost as if it were designed to do that.

Neo: A lot of the Bible reads like that. "God is good, so humans must be really bad since we rile him up so much." Very crude applied psychology.

Ami: I'm always glad to make useful resources available. By the way, that's one of the ones I found on Scottie's blog.

Robert: Not really, because I don't know much about it. I guess it's a parody religion like the Flying Spaghetti Monster thing? I'm in favor of that since mockery is a very effective weapon against religion.

14 December, 2018 03:07  
Anonymous NickM said...

Oddly enough I am an ordained minister of religion. I am a dudeist. I've got a certificate and I frequently spend until (I don't wanna say) many hours at this Thinkpad doing Dude stuff. I even have a certificate. In some US States I can legally marry people. I think. Having said that I have never organized a jihad, pogrom or crusade. I have sat in my underwear watching "Star Trek - Voyager" at 4am.

I am shocked by those billboards. They are real? I am asking because I once had to ask whether Fred Phelps was real. I got an email back from a Kansas City journalist and she said Fred Phelps was very real, alas. She was wrong on one point, mind. She thought us Brits didn't have nutters like him. We, alas, do. I was Christmas shopping in Manchester yesterday and a God-Botherer came up to me (I was having a smoke and deciding if I dare venture into TKMaxx - same as TJMaxx on your side). Anyway, he was big on blind faith and particularly on the idea that God judges nations. I countered that surely God would judge individuals. I mean I don't judge my brother's Japanese girlfriend over the Rape of Nanjing? This geezer was having nowt of it and apparently Brexit (I couldn't tell if he was pro or anti) is in some obscure way a judgement on the British nation AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! It was a very civilized conversation I guess and upon my return I did look-up the tract he mentioned. As I suspected it said absolutely nothing pertaining to C21st British or European politics or anything really. Or indeed the fall of the Roman Empire.

I don't get blind faith at all. Anyhows I have a lot to do for Christmas now so I will wish you a good one and a very happy 2019. My laptop time shall be largely spent in the Amazon for the next few days.

As for me... Well, I have to do Christmas (Bah, Humbug!) but for me the big date is the 21st. No I'm not gonna go sky-clad and do some Wiccan thing. But it matter's because of the axial tilt and all that and it means it isn't pitch black at 4-30pm anymore.

14 December, 2018 06:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: I'm sure those church signs are real. They wouldn't be unusual for the US. It really is very different here.

I've run into the kind of nutballs you describe, but Fred Phelps was way beyond that. Remember, his church specialized in picketing funerals and harassing relatives of the deceased, proclaiming that the person they had just lost was in Hell. There aren't many others like him,thank goodness.

14 December, 2018 18:15  
Blogger Martha said...

Religion is often used to justify - and get away with - bad behaviour. I am not a fan of organized religion and want complete separation of church and state.

14 December, 2018 19:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's true -- religion claims to be the source of morality, but is actually the biggest source of excuses for acting immorally.

15 December, 2018 06:53  

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