30 December 2018

Link round-up for 30 December 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Vagabond Scholar has posted its annual round-up of the best (mostly political) blog posts of the year.

Looks like these dogs were having fun with this (found via Plowing through Life).


It's mishaps in motion!

The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming.....

See the story of Christ's birth as kids recite it.

Now this is some bad Christmas design (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Don't play the oppressors' game, rise up against them.

Now this would be an unusual ship.

It's a hole-in-one!

Let's hope Santa never needs to rely on his back-up reindeer team.

These glances do suggest a bit more than idle curiosity.

Could it be.....SATAN???

No, you'll get blasted awake by asshole fireworks.

Learn what "the dogpill" is (you may regret it).

If you're into pillar candles, get some inspirational ones for the year ahead.

Dumbledore wasn't such a good guy.

Talk dirty to me -- in Hittite.

Jordan Peele, director of the great Get Out, has a new film coming out in March.

The boss is disappointed (found via Scottie).

People are inconsistent about identifying with fictional characters.

The official Trump Christmas portrait provokes a bit of snark.

Uranus got pounded so hard it's permanently lopsided.

Don't glorify war.

"This is a picture of a lost and damaged soul."

Now they can even dance better than most of us can.

Here are some unusual photos.

Santa does it better (found via Scottie).

Professor Taboo has some thoughts on extramarital sex -- the comments are worth a look too.

Jerry Coyne receives an e-mail.  A dumb one.

This is Fougeres, France.

I've read nineteen of these.

Whether we emulate them or not, it's important to understand how Republicans cling to power (found via the Vagabond round-up).

These are modern-day Mongols, looting and destroying civilization.

Here's a policy that works.

If you want to know what people are angry about, ask them -- don't take the word of their opponents.

Religio-nutballs just can't debate honestly.

The GoFundMe for Trump's wall is halfway to its goal, sort of.  This sheriff has another idea to help.

Yes, this is a global criminal organization, period.

Darwinfish 2 debunks some more wingnut bullshit and hypocrisy.

Time to free ourselves from these mistaken beliefs.

Set the captives free.

Review the year in animal rights.  And this is a good point.  But bad news is coming.

Martina Navratilova has a staggering tolerance for assholes.  I would have blocked and permabanned this pest after about two sentences and never given it another thought.

The freedom to be yourself is the freedom conservatives hate.

The enemy seeks to divide us -- don't fall for their tactics.  And people like this Anon can go to Hell.

In some ways the US is like a Third World countryThen there's this.

Migrants at the border are being held in horrific conditions.

Micah J. Murray looks at a familiar Bible story from a new viewpoint.

A Lunar astronaut assesses the idea of a manned Mars mission.

New genetic technology brings us a step closer to exterminating disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Germany's conservative government is foot-dragging on legal marijuana.

Thuggery is driving Russia's best people away.

African migrants encounter brutality in a country where just being black makes you a target.

Betrayed by Trump, Syria's Kurds turn to the Asad regime.  They may at least be able to keep some US-supplied weapons.

Women in Saudi Arabia protest the veil.

#MeToo is censored in China, but.....

Vagabond Scholar has a lot of cogent observations about the right wing.

Yes, Trump really is more isolated than ever before.  His 2018 is ending in a maelstrom of rage and chaos.  His political survival in 2019 will depend on Republican Senators who are getting tired of his incompetent blundering such as the Syria withdrawal.

Shower Cap reviews shutdown week.

Time to fight back against the bullshit.

Here are some interesting facts about this year's election.

Remember this next time someone promotes voting third-party.

This is how a government shutdown affects those on the receiving end of it.  Trump's base, too, will soon feel the pain.

Missouri Republicans attack democracy.

[710 days down, 752 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!] 


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh dear, I felt guilty as I laughed at some of those "mishaps in motion." But no guilt laughing at "bad Christmas designs." I've read 38 of the BBC's 100 books list.

30 December, 2018 09:51  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The holiday card with the dogs is too funny. My dog approves. lol
The cat at the end of the tunnel is big enough to eat us all.
The fact that a rock twice as big as Earth smashed into Uranus is frightening. I worry sometimes that we're gonna get hit by a meteor. It could happen.
And now I want to try smoked cauliflower. Damn, that sounds good. I need a smoker though.

30 December, 2018 09:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Some of those Christmas designs were awful.

I'm convinced the dog sticking its tongue out in the last picture was just trolling the photographer by that point.

Luckily there's nothing that big in the solar system with an orbit that could hit us, but we still need to be on the lookout for smaller objects. There is a project to catalog and track all the asteroids with potentially dangerous orbits (unless Trump has canceled it because the fundies think outer space is only a theory).

30 December, 2018 10:30  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Infidel - thanks for a great year of link round- ups, and may you and yours have a wonderful, happy New Year!

30 December, 2018 13:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


30 December, 2018 15:32  
Blogger Batocchio said...

Thanks for participating and for spreading the word!

30 December, 2018 22:19  
Blogger Martha said...

The cat at the end of a tunnerl and the fox 'hole-in-one'. LOL Both hilarious! I've read 21 of those books on the 100 list. Some others I've watched the movies about them but haven't read the books. Maybe one day. If Satan created the rainbow flag, he's got pretty good taste. Look at all those bold and beautiful colours :)

31 December, 2018 10:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Batocchio: Thanks for doing all the work to put together that list. It's very valuable.

Martha: I see my readers are a good deal more literate than the average person!

Satan is a man of wealth and taste, as I recall.

31 December, 2018 18:40  

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