23 December 2018

Link round-up for 23 December 2018

I note with annoyance the disappearance of Alle Tanzten mit dem Tod, a Tumblr blog focusing on net neutrality which was formerly on my blogroll -- I've deleted the link since it no longer goes anywhere.  I don't know if it was a victim of Tumblrgeddon (it certainly wasn't sexually-oriented) or if the blogger just quit in disgust.

o o o o o

Technology makes life better -- and more glittery.

I imagine they were all adopted pretty fast.

The Finnish language has some interesting expressions.

Only a true Grinch could dislike this dragon nativity scene.

Unto us a savior is come (found via Scottie).

Help identify this mysterious drug.

Remember the dawn.

If Santa came to your home, could he even get in?

This isn't only Finnish people.

Behold the awesome power of shungite.

Calvin posts a collection of Trump images (don't miss the Republican chain of command).

This actually makes masturbation sound more exciting.

When shopping at Target, be careful how you dress.

"Measles parties" are a good idea, but there may be a better one.

Help them buy ladders.

This is the government now (found via Scottie).

Why do people hang out around blogs they don't even like?

Interesting discussion here about Shakespeare's women characters.

Remember this charming Christmas story.

Trump's bitching about SNL epitomizes hypocrisy (found via Shaw Kenawe).  Other Republicans are hypocrites too (found via Scottie).

Don't accept a terrible present just because of the wrapping.

Tumblr is dead and the community it nurtured is being destroyed.  Management's efforts to explain itself are not impressing the users -- perhaps because they've lied about the policy changes and are blocking bloggers' efforts to archive and thus preserve their material.  Tumblr's automated "adult content" flagger is so bad that it's flagging the management's own examples of what remains acceptable.  The app is back in the Apple store, to a chorus of derision.  Censorship must always be opposed, no matter what is being censored.  In the long run only the user-owned model can save internet culture from the corporate touch of death.

I've often observed that no one foresaw the importance of the internet before it existed, but apparently one person did.

If Heaven exists, where is it?

A majority of US Muslims now support gay marriage -- only one demographic remains opposed.

Theocrats scheme to impose their agenda.

Your free will doesn't count if you do things I disapprove of.

Calvin has some reminders for Trumpanzees.

The Catholic Church in Illinois admits to "only" 185 child molesters in its ranks, but there are hundreds more.

Younger and non-religious Americans -- two groups who represent the wave of the future -- are the most supportive of including abortion in health-care coverage.

Trump dances to Fox's tune.

This must have been a complex relationship.

As religion declines, it loses its ability to revive.

This is what Republicans stand for.

"Survivor bias" can lead to misunderstanding of reality.

Michael Flynn is a very, very bad person.

A map of racial distribution in the US reveals something of interest.

If he talks like a gangster, he probably thinks like one.

"We" didn't get this wrong, the both-siderists did.

This is faith in action.

This Texas town would be divided by Trump's wall.  Green Eagle has a suggestion about the wall (though I think my idea would be simpler).

There are reasons why modern cars are built the way they are.

"Intelligent design" is a nonsensical idea.

This is what bionic technology is doing now.

Plant-based meat substitutes may help wean humans off of eating real corpse parts.

InSight takes its first selfie, and things look good.

The departure of Mattis makes the world a more dangerous place.  The top US envoy to the anti-Dâ'ish coalition has also quit in disgust.

The Katowice conference, ignoring Trump, has reached consensus on implementing the Paris climate agreement.

Our blue wave election last month is echoed by state-level liberal wins in India against that country's ruling religio-authoritarian party.

There's a new category of refugees.

This is what life is like in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan.

China's gangster regime offers cash rewards to turn in writers of "disapproved" material.

Trump's US opposed a UN resolution condemning the execution of gay people (I'm actually far more surprised about Japan).

How things change -- Republicans who spent years trying to destroy the ACA now try to distance themselves from the recent ruling against it.

Trump isn't all that popular with the military (found via Electoral-Vote).

This guy is a complete asshole.

Russian interference in the 2016 election was massive.  Meet one of Putin's useful idiots in the US.

The shrinking Evangelical vote poses a problem for Republicans.

Sheldon Whitehouse wants us to win more (found via Hecate Demeter).

Robert Vella thinks the real Trump crisis is rapidly approaching.

Shower Cap reviews Stephen Miller's hair and the shutdown.

Happy holidays!
[Image at top by The Friendly Pigeon; image at end found via Politics Plus]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a great opening image of Tumblrgeddon! And I love the glitter bomb video. I hope they find out soon what that mysterious drug is, lol -- hey, maybe those poor non-fapping Christians should try taking it!

Oh, that last gif, LOL! You're so bad!

23 December, 2018 10:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

That's the ticket for uptight Jesus freaks! Get high on Z3d, indulge in some hot-and-heavy sex-demon action, and in no time they'll actually see Santa Claus blowing himself up on their power lines.

23 December, 2018 16:33  
Blogger Martha said...

I think the dragon nativity scene is really awesome!

Measles parties? Just when I think I've heard it all...

Oh...that last photo. HAHAHA

Happy holidays!

23 December, 2018 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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put in writing this blog. I am hoping to view the same high-grade content by you in the
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24 December, 2018 07:26  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

It's a shame as far as the atheist refugee German thing ... I don't understand what folks are thinking. If it were my choice, I would be deporting and locking up these folks ... and I know that folks read this, probably think I'm a racist ... which is cool too. I feel the same way about any religious group too, including Christians, this shit should not be tolerated. If my familia member such as my daughters were attacked by some religious person, in particular ISLAM, you can bet your ass, that I would hunt that mother f*cker down, I don't fear prison or jail either, I'll be 63 next month and never had to bow to this shit, and never will. Does American's know that some of these MF's call and look at our women whores? And it is common to have abuse of women even in religious relationships ... I'll just leave it there though.

The LA Times piece on the border wall, another confusing mess ... can't believe that we are still negotiating how much for this wall, and shutting down the government over it ... I can't legally say here what some of these folks deserve, including Trump ... in person I would say plenty. What I been pointing out to several folks here in Texas, is that the wall is also damaging to land owners and real estate in my view. You see, many folks, even retirees go down to the border and buy a little land, like that familia ... can you imagine waking up in your home in the morning, walking outside, and have to look a a f*cken wall?, like you're in a goddamn prison yaed ... even they have a goddamn fence in prisons, for the view ... what? ... 30ft tall?, no one seems to be asking that. It also won't do no good, maybe a little, but this is a capitalist country, like Mexico, supply meets demand ... coyotes are in business to make money, folks pay around $6000 or so, depending on many factors, even areas where there are fence type walls, they have tarp that can throw over it and drive all terrain vehicles over it, there are tunnels, you have the west and east coast as well. I heard now, they're working down how much to give for it, like $1.6 billion now, it was 10, then 15/ 20, went to 25, now they drop down again ... with all the shit we need in our country, and spend on OURSELVES (for a change), I wouldn't give this mother f*cker 1.6 cents. I heard a lady say that Trump done so much for this country, and more than she even had on her list ... that Mother f*cker hasn't done a goddamn thing, but cause chaos and spent our money foolishly. My daughter said she can't keep up with who he fires and hires, she said he runs his office like some fly by night business. I'll shut up ... Have a good one, guy ....

24 December, 2018 07:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: I hope her meddlesome neighbor felt appropriately pwned.

Anon: Thanks.

Ranch: If Muslim extremists in the West persecute atheists, then you can imagine how they persecute them back in Islamic countries.

This wall concept is completely unworkable. It was just something Trump tossed off during the campaign without doing any thinking or research, and it caught fire with his supporters, and now he's committed to it. I suppose maybe a few miles of something or other will get built on the border somewhere. The next Democratic President will tear it down as a symbolic move to restore better relations with Mexico.

25 December, 2018 08:23  
Blogger MJ said...

I pulled a couple of sections out of that post from The Hill (https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/421790-republicans-distance-themselves-from-obamacare-ruling) There are a couple of things I'm confused about. Like, how do these two paragraphs make any sense together?

"Judge Reed O’Connor, who issued Friday’s ruling, is a George W. Bush appointee. In his ruling he wrote that the law’s mandate to have coverage is unconstitutional, and therefore the rest of the law is also invalid.

Legal experts said it is obvious that Congress wanted the rest of the Affordable Care Act to remain in place because lawmakers repealed only the mandate last year, purposely leaving the rest of the law standing."

How is the judge throwing out the whole thing because he doesn't like the mandate if the mandate was already repealed? And, by the way, the way I heard it there is still a mandate, but there is no enforcement.

And then they go on to say that Trump liked the ruling "... and urged both parties to work together on a replacement — a nearly impossible task given the divisive nature of the law."
What the heck? The nature of the law is in no wise divisive and the reporter who wrote this should have that explained to him. The divisive bit is the argument whether health care should be a right or a privilege, so I guess that those two stands make for argument.

What am I missing, here? Oh, heck, maybe it's just bad... make that "imprecise" writing.

26 December, 2018 01:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, it's just sloppy writing. Congress technically didn't repeal the mandate, they just set the penalty for violating it to zero. The expression "lawmakers repealed only the mandate" is a badly-written reference to that.

The ACA is "divisive" in the sense that Democrats and Republicans have strongly-opposed positions on it.

26 December, 2018 04:21  
Blogger MJ said...

I have to rethink the usage of "divisive" in environments that I thought were supposed to be specifically FOR the hammering out of differences so that a compromise could be reached.
"I thought" was probably my error here, in that the purpose changes over time and I haven't kept up.

26 December, 2018 12:29  

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