02 October 2018

Video of the day -- gods and monsters

I made a similar point about totalitarian ideologies here.  It's likely that the "real" religions we've had for centuries started partly as personality cults around a charismatic leader.  They're not so different.  Luckily, free societies are immunized against the rise of new religions by one of the same defenses that is destroying the old ones -- humor and irreverence.  Trump may wish he could become a semi-divine cult figure like the Kims, but it can't happen in the face of the relentless ridicule of which he makes himself such a juicy target.


Anonymous Scottiestoybox said...

I love it. I have often said the deplorables are the cult of tRump. Hugs

02 October, 2018 04:40  
Blogger Ten Bears said...

It has long been my contention that sometime between two and ten thousand years ago the Jew 'Christian" Muslim Mormon Cult of Male Domination usurped the woman's proper place in the rightful ordering of the world and all else since: government, religion, War, pornography, serves naught but to reinforce that domination.

We have to stop doing what we're doing, it isn't working.

02 October, 2018 04:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Scottie: A bargain-basement cult for a bargain-basement wooden god.

Thomas: Well, there is some evidence for an earlier matriarchal form of culture in some places such as the Balkans and Japan. Patriarchy hasn't been healthy for society. But I still contend religion itself is the biggest problem.

Pornography is a good thing, not a bad thing. Millions of women like it too.

02 October, 2018 05:50  
Blogger Ten Bears said...

There is ample evidence of pre-xian matriarchal societies all around us. Been there ten thousand (or more) years. Making come back. Bit hard to discern though, without knowing.

I don't have the numbers at hand so this is a generalization that be revisited, Native American women are generally better represented within tribal government today than their counter-parts in the 'real world'. Numerous Nations are presided over by women.

I'll not argue religion, The Church, is the biggest part of it. Indeed, when I first penned that ten or twelve years ago it was "War, The Church, government, italicized pornography." None-the-less, with government only until recently a department of The Church, I don't think "biggest" is applicable, the three balance out as your classic three legged milk stool.

Do not mistake me, I am as atheist, as a-theist, not-theist, not-religious, as can be.

The Bible itself is pure porn, fergoddesssakes. Raping and pillaging and ... daughter-fucking. Giants, and aliens and animals, oh my.

(too many commas?)

02 October, 2018 19:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, I don't want to argue about stuff that's not really on-topic for the post. But there are good reasons why the Abrahamic religions are so fanatically against pornography.

03 October, 2018 03:40  

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