19 August 2018

Link round-up for 19 August 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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At long last -- revenge!

Brush the gator.

Think you've seen bad writing?  This is bad writing.


This guy could command the Trump Space Force.  And this can be the poster (found via Calvin).

Read harrowing reports from the front lines of the octopus war.

This farmer has fun with his work.

Here's how Trump stimulates the economy.

Meet Clay Henry, mayor of a small town in west Texas.

I really liked this group back in the day (found via Mike the Mad Biologist), but the sociological implications went right over my head.

Here's the right way to put out a kitchen fire.

Pwned, I think.

Steve Bannon has made a godawful movie trailer.

A church reflects the local culture.

Order now -- Trump's greatest hits (found via Arm Chair Pontificator).

Proposed requirement for getting this job:  a year without wanking.

Which languages are the weirdest? (from commenter Zog)

Support those who put themselves in harm's way to keep us all safe.

A "Biker for Trump" shows his true colors.

An idiot assesses a genius.

You couldn't make this stuff up -- Mormons claim their religious freedom is violated by other people voting on legalizing marijuana.

This is what it means to be rich.

Honor the pressThe Senate has (found via Shaw Kenawe).

Here's one kid who's not taking any bullshit (found via Scottie).

A Trumpanzee businessman makes a mistake.

Restrictions on abortion are already horrific (found via Mike the Mad Biologist).  To stop this kind of bullshit, vote in elections for state legislatures.

The new Reefer Madness on opioids is devastating chronic-pain patients (I've already linked to the wave of suicides resulting from this).

Discrimination is cool if it's motivated by religious taboo.  In fact, we need more of it.

I'm glad I didn't go to work in academia.

QAnon just gets qrazier.  Some people think it's a liberal prank.

Yet more evils of a vast global criminal organization have recently come to light. Apologists make pathetic excuses.  Nuns, too, have been targets.  Even RedState is outraged.

Here's an important reminder for racists.

Green Eagle looks at the pitiful "Unite the Right 2" rally.

Yet another Christian church is imploding under the weight of a sexual-abuse cover-up.

Twitter remembers Aretha Franklin.  Fox News, well.....

As the western US burns, Trumplings remain in denial about global warming.

In Sarawak, our cousins are doing OK, for now.

Yes, it's socialized medicine.

Townspeople protest incessant arson attacks by religious crazies.

Criticizing this President can get you fired, arrested, robbed, and tortured (Trump must be envious).

This is the kind of thing that happens when abortion is banned.

We face a global campaign of people mumbling to themselves and not eating.

This is not feminism.

The United Arab Emirates has become a major nexus of trade.

How hard is it to choose sides between Canada and the Saudi regime?

The Saudi-led war against extremists in Yemen isn't much of a war (and that's the Dâ'ish flag painted on the wall in two of the photos, not al-Qâ'idah's, though the graffiti does refer to al-Qâ'idah).

Unprecedented floods are devastating Kerala.

A white Jesus nut attacks and threatens black hotel workers while yelling racist slurs -- in Uganda.

I had never heard of this huge structure before.  More info here.

Matthew Yglesias responds to Kevin Williamson's attack on Elizabeth Warren's corporate-reform plan, which is one of two solid progressive proposals from Democrats this year.

We can do better in rural areas (the Missouri comparison maps are interesting).

The DCCC needs to stop this bullshit.  Support all Democrats.  Make your vote count -- people are depending on it.

Republicans nominate yet another Hitler fan.  This guy endorses one of the biggest traitors in US history.  The new Jim Crow is blatant; they're threatening the courts too.

Shower Cap offers his inimitable commentary on Omarosa and the Trumplings.  Hysterical Raisins illustrates the newest bribery revelation.

For more link round-ups, see Fair and Unbalanced and Mike the Mad Biologist.

[Note:  Today marks twelve years I've had this blog.]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

12 years is quite the accomplishment, congrats on 12 years.

I saw the video of the gator getting brushed. Sure looks like he likes it. I mean, he's not biting anyone so maybe.

The firefighter putting out the fire was great. My brother is a volunteer firefighter so I showed that one to him.

19 August, 2018 08:00  
Blogger Now Am Found! said...

happy birthday to your blog. it's a tween

19 August, 2018 08:07  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Blogoversary! I love the little baptismal girl calling the priest an asshole, lol.

19 August, 2018 09:48  
Blogger Hackwhackers said...

Congrats and here's to 12 more years of your great blog!

19 August, 2018 11:54  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

Can you imagine that editor if s/he had to proofread some of Twitler's speeches? Get the straitjacket ready!

I think the biggest and most vacuous space that Space Force could tackle is the one between Twitler's ears.

We just got over the Second Civil War (RIP Alex Jones, at least during your Twitter detention), and now we have Octopus War? Oh, the cephalopodity!

Looks like that farmer was baling out of doing his work. He looks like he is wearing the best Rice Krispies treat costume evah!

That Twitler economic plan illustration was perfect.

Clay Henry would be a better president than the one we have now. More articulate, too, even after too many beers.

I heard recently that different languages result in different ways of thinking, so I thought the article on languages was interesting. Those who speak Chalcatongo Mixtec will never be penalized in Jeopardy for not answering in the form of a question.

Those bikers for Twitler reflect the values of their idol perfectly. They are racist, sexist and lawless.

If all people are created equal in the eyes of the law, isn't using religion to claim certain privileges unlawful, since those privileges are not available to people who don't adhere to a particular religion or no religion at all? It's not just marijuana. The same goes for being able to speak to a clergy member or even a spouse without fear of them testifying against you. What about non-religious or non-married people? Why are they not allowed to have someone to whom they can speak with the same privilege applying?

WTF is wrong with this country if the Senate has to pass a resolution that says the press is not the enemy of the people? Fuck that orange pile of shit in the Oval Office.

I'll read the rest of the linky goodness after I get something to eat (not from any restaurant owned by a Twitler supporter who whines after outing himself).

Thanks for the nod to The Raisin.

19 August, 2018 12:27  
Anonymous nonnie9999https://mikk2.wordpress.com/ said...

I had to comment again to wish you a happy twelfth blogiversary! Quite an accomplishment. Congrats, Infidel!

19 August, 2018 12:29  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just been browsing your links here ... I didnt know they had a goat for mayor in West Texas ... maybe we can get some goats in Washington for a change from the trash we have there.

19 August, 2018 15:36  
Anonymous Tengrain said...

Infidel -

The first 12 years are the easiest!

Welcome to the teen years. Don't worry, you will grow into the ears, knees, feet, elbows (as my dad told me)

As always, thank your for the links to MPS! We are not worthy!



19 August, 2018 17:08  
Anonymous Scottie said...

Congratulations on the 12 years of blogging. Best wishes. Hugs

20 August, 2018 04:56  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The Crooks & Liars piece was interesting to me, because I can not figure out what the Democratic establishment is thinking? I have read and heard about this elsewhere too ... I just simply cant understand this ... it dont make sense to me. Right now, were only like less than few months I guess from midterms ... I would think that at least, just this once, since everyone despises the republican agenda (congressionally speaking, not to mention executive), you would figure you would have less bitch fighting and a tad more unity(?) Frankly, I see progressives as a blessing to the Democratic Party, they are laying out a blueprint for a majority of voters needs and voices ... they (progressives) are handing out an olive branch as it is. I think money, as far as corporate sponsorship may play a big part in this, that is why I am big time on campaign finance reform ... so that folks running, dont have to live in fear. I myself am NOT a hardass ... you know I am not in love with the mainstream of the Democratic Party, plenty of them, I would replace in a heartbeat, if it were my choice. BUT ... I am already fixed on voting for even establishment democrats, even some I dont like ... and not because I am scared of evil, lesser of or other nonsense (I live in Texas, and red rule dont get any stronger or worse than here, so I'm used to it, none of these f*cks scare me) ... but because our congress is way off balance. I know progressives that are going to vote green, because of this highsiding of establishment democrats who act like their shit dont stink ... even though I tell them it may not be wise to do. I myself in 2016 was in voting line, planning to vote Green, but got in the booth and voted all straight democrat, so I know how they feel. The Republican Party, should be ashamed of themselves ... calling themselves "conservative" ... look at what they are doing as far as spending for example, there is nothing conservative about them even, or deficit hawkish about them, between the tax breaks and spending they did, it's insane ... they are doing everything that they accused the democrats of doing, in the past ... and driving us to insanity levels of debt. Enough from me on this though.

20 August, 2018 05:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks everyone!

Debra: That little kid is off to a good start.

Nonnie: I don't know if his speeches can be proofread. Even that requires making some basic sense.

On languages resulting in different ways of thinking, did you see the previous post?

Giving out privileges based on religion is strange, but it's so familiar most people don't register it that way.

Ranch: I don't know what the establishment is thinking in failing to support progressive candidates. Maybe they'd rather lose a few elections than risk losing control of the party. Whatever it is, it's one more problem our turnout efforts need to overcome.

21 August, 2018 16:58  
Anonymous The Spartan Atheist said...

Congrats on 12 years! Keep 'em coming!

23 August, 2018 12:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Spartan: Thanks! I wouldn't know how to stop.....

23 August, 2018 19:21  
Blogger Martha said...

Happy Blogoversary! Your blog is one of the most interesting ones I've run across in a long time. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cringe... haha

24 August, 2018 05:11  

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