03 July 2018

Random observations for July 2018

My hearing isn't all that great, but one who can't hear learns more than one who won't listen.

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Hating things that are popular doesn't make a person sophisticated.

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Is there some law that forbids spelling the word "hypocrisy" correctly on the internet?  Because it sure looks that way.

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If "atheism is a religion" as some religionists like to assert, then health is a disease, silence is a noise, vacuum is a substance, and peace is a type of war.

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They can ban whatever they want to, but they can't see inside your head.

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Liberal Christians shouldn't tell me to be more tolerant of Christianity.  They should tell their fellow Christians to be more tolerant of me.

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In some cases, absence of evidence is indeed evidence of absence. If a hypothesized phenomenon could reasonably be expected to produce certain effects, and those effects are not observed, that does count as evidence against the existence of the phenomenon.

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I would put gods and souls in the same category as unicorns and ghosts.  We can't absolutely prove they don't exist, but there's not a sliver of evidence suggesting they do, and it's so unlikely that it's not worth spending any mental energy on it.

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Blogger Les Carpenter said...

If I may add, Accepting things that are demonstrably false does not necessarily mean one is stupid, but, it certainly is indicative of their ignorance..

Trumpanzees confirm this to to be true almost daily.

04 July, 2018 02:04  
Blogger Donna said...

Yes – tell it brother!

04 July, 2018 04:20  
Anonymous NickM said...

Some atheists do have an almost religious zeal about it.

Also - being picky - vacuum has substance (or alternatively a pure vacuum cannot exist). See zero-point energy, Casimir Effect, Cosmological Constant etc...

04 July, 2018 07:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Rational: When ignorance is wilful, there is no limit to it.

Donna: I will!

Nick: No, the fervor many atheists show in opposing religion is the same as the fervor medical researchers show in the fight against things like AIDS or ebola. Yes, I know absolute vacuum can't exist, but if it did (what the word "vacuum" in the abstract refers to) it wouldn't be a substance. One can always play games with words, but it doesn't change the fact that any claim that atheism is a religion is a lie.

04 July, 2018 08:15  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

THANK GAWD "they" can't see inside my head . . . at least, not YET.

04 July, 2018 12:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Heartily agreed.....

05 July, 2018 06:40  
Blogger Jono said...

I keep wearing this foil lined helmet to keep my thoughts in and their penetrating thought-reader rays out. Seems to be working so far. I do get some funny looks, however.

05 July, 2018 11:43  
Blogger Ten Bears said...

Wrote this fifteen years ago, when I was still blogging at other people's house:

I feel the same way about extraterrestrial aliens visiting Earth as I do about angels and gods. If they exist and are good guys, they would be helping us. If they exist and are bad guys they would be screwing with us.

It could be that they are just observing us, in which case, screw them, they are bad guys. If they are paying attention to what’s going on on planet earth, they are a sorry race for not helping. Come on, give us a bone here.

It could be that they are screwing with us on a monstrous scale and we are not aware of it. If this were true, there would not be such an anarchistic society and Earth society would be living by their plan. If they could control the planet, they would control the planet.

It could be that we are some sort of grand planetary societal experiment, in which case, screw them, they are bad guys. Their experiment sucks and is putting unnecessary and cruel hardship on sapient creatures. It is not possible for an advanced society to let a planet exist in such misery, sheesh, even some lowly humans have recognized the ethical treatment of creatures of lesser intelligence.

Of course it could be that there are no angels, aliens or gods. This would go a long way explaining the situation we find ourselves in, here on planet Earth.

As you can see, the inaction in every scenario significantly indicates that angels, aliens and gods do not exist.

Unfortunately, this also means that if there are angels, aliens and gods, they are the bad guys.

05 July, 2018 18:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jono: Or they want you to think it's working.....

Thomas: As you can see, the inaction in every scenario significantly indicates that angels, aliens and gods do not exist.

That hypothesis pretty much always fits the data best.

06 July, 2018 00:56  

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