01 July 2018

Link round-up for 1 July 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Happy Canada Day!

I love these signs, especially the first one.

Koalas are interesting.

Stop the senseless slaughter! (found via Calvin)

This attempt to evade arrest made quite a mess.

See the animals run.

Shelter beneath the magic rainbow.

Here's how to improvise a backpack from a pair of pants -- just in case, you know, you ever actually need to do that.

Scary Mary has tips on getting money and free stuff on the net.

No need for an iPod when you could carry this classic tape recorder.

Cathouse? (found via Calvin)

Computers think differently than we do.

Some serious role reversal going on here.

Not everyone is happy with these new Japanese school uniforms.

I agree with her, unhesitatingly.

Sara Delano Roosevelt had an unusual distinction.

There's something wrong with the ending of the Harry Potter books.

Are we born with a belief in God?  Good discussion in the comments there too.

Civility timeOr maybe not.  Someone actually paid to put up this billboard near Amarillo TX (then the city put up this one).  Here's some more right-wing civility, and a look at a few years backHere's what happenedStand up for reality.

Calvin has a round-up of Trump images.  Scottie has two posts of cartoons.

Here's a chart illustrating media bias.

You can't get away from this tired old crap even on a camping trip.

Trump's response to the Capital Gazette murders reeks of hypocrisy.

To leave this cult, you need legal help -- and stamina.

Don't compare the Red Hen incident to anti-gay discrimination, nor to terrorism(!) (found via Hackwhackers).  Booman sees it as a warning.  The story has a happy ending, and at least we got some good cartoons out of it.  Don't forget this (found via Progressive Eruptions).  Here's a chef who might well serve Sanders.  I'll give John Pavlovitz the final word on the "civility" demands.

".....is this good for the world?"

This is why Trump is such a bad negotiator.

Solar power surges ahead in Minnesota.

Tengrain reports from the family-separation protest in Seattle.  Hackwhackers has pictures from Washington DC and links to pics from elsewhere.  Others take a stand in their own way.

Deep down, Trump is shallow.  And under a regime of lies, truth is treason.

A hidden camera tests people's responses to cake discrimination.

Yes, they do want to force their taboos on everyone else.  And I'm not actually sure this couldn't happen.

Women lose their "chief glory and merit" if they don't breed.

A friend of mine doesn't support.....

We must repudiate these two evils.

Schumer introduces a marijuana decriminalization bill.  It won't pass, of course, but it shows everyone which party supports this idea whose time has come.

Republicans are poised to attack abortion if Roe is reversed, but don't panic just yet.

Here's a new Trump Hotels website.

Can Fox News survive with less hate?

These people exist.

Rick Wiles can still out-crazy pretty much any other wingnut.

Violence marred the San Francisco Dyke March this month.

Electric cars are gaining ground, despite the efforts of the Trumplings and Kochroaches.

THC improves memory in aged mice (but not in young ones).  Next, we need to look at ayahuasca.

Aside from all its other benefits, masturbation improves reproductive fitness (found via Scottie).

They're going to bring back pieces of asteroids.

A new analysis agrees with me about the explanation for the Fermi paradox.

Here's a way to visualize the accelerating loss of ice from Antarctica.

Will Darin Hodge soon find another job?

Canada refuses to back down on trade.

In contrast to Trump, Europe stays tough on Russia.

Mexico will elect a new President today, and the likely winner won't be to Trump's liking.

Sochi after the Olympics is a crumbling ghost town.

Just as I've always said, Western right-wing extremists and Islamic fundamentalists are very similar and rely on each other to keep their followers whipped up.

El Al will stop kowtowing to religious bigots.

Naked woman freaks out uptight prudes, not for the first time.

Here's how Algeria deals with illegal immigrants.

Trump supports brutal Saudi aggression in Yemen.

Women's rights are under attack worldwide, mostly from religion (found via Ahab).  India may not be the worst place to be a woman, but it's got problems.

Trump is about to escalate his trade war with China.

Keep this post handy to address wingnut lies about our views on immigration (found via Hometown USA).  Ignorance-wise, this is what we're up against.

If Trump starts a nuclear war.....

Here's a round-up of the week's primary results.  Ocasio-Cortez's win reminds us that socialism is popular; Booman and Electoral-Vote offer their interpretations.  Respect the hustle.  And don't miss the moment when she won.

RedState is gloomy about Corey Stewart.  Republicans have disavowed Russell Walker, but they created the conditions that embolden vileness.  November will show them even more Evangelical, more Southern, less educated, more rural -- and more dangerous.

The damage Trump is doing was enabled by this kind of bullshit.

The new White House communications director has quite a background.

Obama reminds us not to get complacent.  Be prepared to fight for abortion rights.  Tell Me a Story has links and suggestions for activism.  Hard-core Trumpanzees are stupid assholes, but don't worry too much about them.

"She should be pelted with the feces of all God's creatures, from the lowly droppings of the tiniest lizard to the majestic turds of the blue whale....."

Trump's approval rating took something of a hit from the family-separation policy.  Children taken from their parents are being forced to recite the US pledge of allegiance.

Remember all this when it's time to vote.

For more link round-ups, see Perfect Number, Fair and Unbalanced, Mike the Mad Biologist, and Miss Cellania.

[Image at top found via Seeing the Whisper]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks for the link about the violence at San Francisco's Dyke March. I hadn't heard this. It breaks my heart when lesbians and feminists reject transwomen and those in transition from MTF. They fail to recognize transwomen's experience as a NEW KIND of women's experience and that failure goes against every feminist principle there is, in my opinion.

01 July, 2018 08:01  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Koalas are truly cute as heck but I had no idea about all that info.
That video of the convenience store robbers trying to get away has been making it's rounds on fb and twitter too. When she fell through the ceiling I laughed. What a dumbass.

Asteroids are interesting and every time I see articles about how close they've come to Earth, it's eye opening.

Thanks for adding me to the link round up. So many great things to read.

01 July, 2018 09:38  
Blogger Adam said...

Thanks for the mention

01 July, 2018 18:07  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just been going through some of these links, some I already knew about ... such as the one where the girl fell through the ceiling in the store ... that was some of the most twisted shit that I've seen, as far as boosting or whatever the Hell they were trying to do!

I cant believe the sign that gal is holding about killing ducks though to make duct tape ... that was probably made up, I dont see anyone as believing that ducks are used to make duct tape.

I know a gal that actually is alwayz doing shit on the phone getting free stuff, coupons and whatever ... she had me even filling out shit with her one night, she was going to give me something or whatever ... I told her I didnt want nothing, just doing it to check out what she does. But, yeah, she gets all kinds of free stuff.

The signs telling people to leave Texas, got alot of news coverage here in Dallas, although it was quite a wayz north, folks here in Dallas was ranting up a storm, saying it was bad for business, bigoted, etc, etc. From what I gathered, they made them take down the sign. As for myself, I wouldnt make them take down the sign at all, it shows the true colours of some folks here in Texas, even if it was a joke or whatever. I would make anyone that puts up a sign, add their name and business to any sign, so that everyone knows who it is.

Goddamn right folks are going to be fighting, once again, for abortion rights, you know it! This SCOTUS justice pick is just lousy timing, I really regret Trump on this, he's has been clear for a few years on how he wants to pick a justice that is pro-life. For me, this pick, even if it is a understanding justice that is pro- life, but realized the importance of Roe/ wade. Why? because SO MANY other issues as well are on the line, man. They are hammering the f*ck out of labour rights too, and other critical stuff that ensures some democracy. As far a getting tough on abortion in Texas, such as Abbott been doing ... he dont realize what a mistake he is making. I guarantee you, even with stringent abortion access and restrictions like he wants ... it will only open the flood gates for illegal abortions (especially a state with the amount of teen pregnancies like Texas). You will have infections, death of women, bad procedures, etc. I seen this abortion shit coming awhile back, when fundi- republicans were getting more and more power.

All the way from Texas to the north midwest and east is having a heavy heat wave (I was talking to a conservative a week ago, and he even admitted the science being correct as far as global warming!). During June, we had temps 5 to 10 degrees above normal, we hit a 100 day in june ... with so much green here and lakes, etc ... it makes it humid, it takes till late in the afternoon for the humidity to dry out. Yesterday my friend wanted to go to the Mexicano yard sales throughout North Oak Cliff / Dallas, they have alot of them , and she is alwayz going to them to buy cheap stuff. We got up to 101 degrees, both of us were sweating up a storm walking around in these, it was humid. I probably drank about 7 bottles of water, felt like I sweated a half gallon! She was drinking beer, and I told her, that beer will just dehydrate you, and I made her drink several waters too ... I dint want her to end up sick or something! Some people actually think that beer on a hot day is a thirst quencher. Later ....

02 July, 2018 08:54  
Blogger Martha said...

Some pretty heavy stuff in this round. Where do you see things going with your country's administration. I live in Canada and feel smothered at times by what's going on south of the border. So many...disturbing things.

02 July, 2018 18:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Glad to hear your views on it. Certainly violence is inexcusable.

Mary: I hope those robbers were made to pay for all the damage to the store. The way that man kept fighting the police was crazy. In the US he'd probably have been shot.

Adam: Thanks for the post.

Ranch: I'm sure the duck sign was a joke. It's funny, though.

It's funny that the same people who are outraged about Sanders being told to leave a restaurant have no trouble with telling liberals to leave a whole state.

I don't think the Republicans realize what a backlash they're going to provoke if they really do get Roe v. Wade reversed -- especially with judges appointed by a President elected through Russian meddling, one of who occupies the seat McConnell stole from Obama.

We're going to get our own heat wave starting tomorrow, so I hear. Portland's been lucky so far -- lots of cool days.

Martha: I wish I knew where things are going to end up. I can't believe Trump will serve out a full four-year term, but no one knows exactly how the final end will play out.

I think our greatest responsibility as Americans is to minimize the threat this regime poses to the rest of the world.

03 July, 2018 17:02  

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