02 July 2018

Fixing the Blogger comment e-mail glitch

A few weeks ago Blogger stopped sending e-mails to notify blog owners about comments.  Here's how to fix the problem.

If you don't use comment moderation and want to get e-mails when someone posts a comment on your blog, go to this post by Debra at She Who Seeks and follow the instructions.

If you do use comment moderation and want to get an e-mail when someone writes a comment and you need to approve it, the process is a bit different.

1) On your Blogger dashboard, click on Settings on the left sidebar

2) Click on "Posts, comments and sharing"

3) In the "Email moderation requests to" box, delete your email address

4) Click "Save settings" at the upper right

5) Re-type your e-mail address in the "Email moderation requests to" box

6) Click "Save settings" at the upper right again

7) You'll get a notification e-mail from Blogger.  Click "Subscribe" at the bottom of the e-mail.

It's working for me now.  If you want to do a test comment to make sure, remember to log out of Blogger first -- the system doesn't send you e-mails about your own comments you write while logged in.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

Thanks. I certainly had this problem and had to turn off comment moderation. I'll keep this information bookmarked in case I have to turn on moderation again.

02 July, 2018 12:23  
Blogger Ami said...

Oh this is awesome!! Thanks for sharing it!

02 July, 2018 22:06  
Blogger Jono said...

Thanks to Debra for this and to you as well. Google has been getting progressively worse in my world. Downright annoying, actually.

03 July, 2018 07:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Glad to help -- spread the word.

03 July, 2018 16:53  

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