03 June 2018

Link round-up for 3 June 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Don't fear the eel robot.

Dr. Theda has some doughnuts for you.  And don't neglect your cats.

Brains!  (found via Calvin's).

Blogger Mike reports a new breakthrough in physics.  I can hardly wait for his explanation of the Sun.

The Russian word under the picture means "stability".

Professor Chaos has some random thoughts.

In ancient times, primitive people used crude tools to preserve entertaining stories.

Yes, there is such a thing as a water-bottle cannon.

Sorry, this bat didn't have the foggiest idea what the hell was happening.

The Christian Right is planning a legislative blitzkrieg against separation of church and state (found via Scottie's Toy Box).

The SBC's official statements on women's equality are full of hypocrisy.

Why the hell do some men do this?  I'm a man and I don't get it at all.  Maybe they're as smart as this guy.

The Michigan legislature has essentially legitimized medical fraud.

The American Bible Society now expects its employees to actually live in accordance with the Bible; several have already quit.

Never be too quick to call someone a Nazi.

Kooky schemes for changing how voting works are often just a both-siderist distraction.

Police stopped paramedics from helping the Parkland students, even after the murderer was caught.

Bruce Gerencser describes how his political views evolved as he left religion.

They did not "give their lives" -- their lives were taken from them.

Here's a truly humane Christian.

What religion you have almost always depends on an accident of birth.

This is what the Catholic Church calls an "expert" on homosexuality.  No matter what the Pope says, Catholic doctrine is inconsistent with tolerance.

Beware of this computer virus -- though if you do get it, I'd recommend going to a computer repair shop rather than trying to deal with it yourself.

Here are eleven forms of harm that religion does (found via Nan's Notebook).

The NFL kneeling movement is the epitome of legitimate non-violent protest -- and the establishment still won't tolerate it.

Calvinism is morally depraved.

Franklin Graham's California crusade illustrates the angry and defensive stance of today's Christian Right.

Think and Thrive blog has some questions about animal abuse.

"I can still thank whatever gods are listening that I don’t live in....."

The authors of the Bible had no idea what the universe is actually like.

We need to differentiate news from propaganda, but this is not the way to do it. Maybe this is related.

Rick Santorum shows his true fundie nature talking about misplaced immigrant kids.  In fact, the government may have handed over some of them to human traffickers (found via Shower Cap).

Nowadays military action usually doesn't achieve its goals, but it still has its enthusiasts.

We know what color this dinosaur was.

Why is there so much hype about "epigenetic changes" in DNA?

A year after Trump's betrayal, the Paris climate deal is still going strong.  And despite him, solar and wind power are booming and creating jobs -- even in the US.

Ireland told its bossy clergy to bugger off.  So should we.

One man in Australia has helped save over two million babies.

Even in Germany's most Catholic area, many are unhappy with a plan to place crosses in public buildings.

Practicing Christians are down to 18% of western Europe's population.

You may have seen claims that the EU is planning changes in copyright law which threaten the internet (both found via 両刀使い).  Apparently it's an Alt-Right scam.

Here's yet another case of religious brutality toward children.

Hamas jihadists bombard Israeli civilian targets with mortars.  OK, now back to blaming Israel for everything.

The new ebola vaccine is being put to work in an actual outbreak.

There are people who compare Trump to Jesus.  He actually resembles a different New Testament figure.

If you've always said you would take a stand against evil if given the chance -- now's your chance.

Republicans serve up another steaming pile of racist candidates.

We're winning despite, not because of, weak leadership.

People who vote and fight for what's right sometimes get things done, cynics and pessimists and ideological purists never do.

Shower Cap blog has another round-up of craziness.

Trump is a terrible negotiator.

Heitkamp risks alienating a key voting bloc.

Congress continues its attacks on the safety and income of sex workers by threatening their bank accounts.  Because Elizabeth Warren is one of the key people pushing these attacks, I can no longer support her for the 2020 Presidential nomination.  (I'll still vote for her if she does get nominated, but I'll oppose her in the primaries.)  Another threat has arisen in Nevada.  Some sex workers are standing up for themselves.

[500 days down, 962 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Anonymous Zog said...

I can understand why some people compare Trump to Jesus.

Every time Trump comes up on the news, I think, "Jesus Christ, yet again," or "Oh, God, Donald Trump."

03 June, 2018 09:55  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The GDPR has made some bloggers go nuts. The new EU privacy policy has bloggers talking all over social media. Everyone is scared if they don't update their privacy policies they are going to get fined or have their blogs deleted.

03 June, 2018 11:24  
Blogger Ami said...

I think I had a revelation this morning. I don't actually need to read a bunch of things on the internet all week, I can just stop by here on Sundays and read what you've posted.

My personal favorite (and it was hard to narrow it down) was the little dinosaur in Adidas pants.

03 June, 2018 12:00  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just been browsing through some of this stuff ....

As far as the bank accounts of sex workers ... I guess that keeps track ... dont know. I am a tad surprised to see Warren and Rubio work together. I would assume that Warren is on it, because of the abuse of women thing (?) You know guy, every law or investigation going on, by law enforcement and government, there is someone who finds a way around it, etc. I know a sex worker for example ... she has a shitload of debit cards that she puts her money on from them indie cash/ payday loan joints. Even many people dealing on the street level of drugs are using them, not your major banks. I guess though, they are looking at getting the big players, I dont know. The streets are a different ballgame from even what politicians or the establishment knows, it is a culture and world of it's own, and isolated from most of our world. What I see in the streets/ hoods ... none of those could figure out how to deal with it, you got to be in it ... and the problems from trafficking, whether people or contraband ... is a product of the societies that the establishment promoted indirectly. Even though I'm a family man, living in my area ... I still visit areas that are way less fortunate, see alot, talk with alot of folks, I guess because I grew up kind of like a street kid ... too much to get into here ... but, bottom line ... it wont work, the way we do things.

Water bottle cannon ... not familiar with it, or the purpose.

Dude's sending pics of their dick to women? ... that's not a ideal way to meet ladies or win them ... maybe it's some kind of fetish?

Killing gays "humanely" ... these SOB's (preachers) that try to present this, actually sugarcoat this idea to followers, to try to justify it, by making it seem more humane or whatever, so they feel "good" about themselves. lots' of "good", religious people for centuries were psyched up through similar garbage to justify their inhumanity and murderous missions ... they will never be humane, for they dont understand it.

"Project Blitz" .... you see this kind of mindset growing, I myself have wrote about this too. There is a whole culture growing in this country (and a few others), to bring back the glorious dayz of all the evils of the past, and what they have done. Sadly, even though I have no reason to view Trump as fundi, he actually fires up these people, just like racists folks, whether intentionally or unintentionally ... I would hope that Trump would stop and look at some of what he does, and the mindset he advocates. Then the rest of them feed each other. I commend those who speak out against these things, because it's not anything democratic, and against freedom of any sort. Cramming their religions down citizens throats, is just plain wrong period ... that is NOT religious freedom, but enslaving people. Yes, the Bible clearing even states that gays deserve death.

"Naturopathy" ... I have seen a real rise in this, and I also believe that it should be strictly regulated and watched. I'm not saying that natural methods are bad ... I'm saying that capitalism on steroids, brings out the worst. I hear radio shows all the time, and see ads, with all these voodoo cures.

James Harrison's blood ... what a story!

Ebola vaccine, Interesting, because I didnt know they had one. ... Later

03 June, 2018 14:31  
Blogger Martha said...

You share some really interesting links. The one about "killing gays humanely" is shocking. How can anyone justify such thoughts or beliefs? It's appalling.

04 June, 2018 06:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zog: Before this is over "Trump" itself may become a swear word.

Mary: Elzuw does seem to be right that it's mostly far-right sources pushing the idea that this is a threat. 両刀使い retracted and deleted their original post against it. Hopefully the whole thing is a false alarm.

Ranch: Warren and the others who are pushing this stuff claim they're going after abusers and traffickers, but that doesn't get them off the hook. It's not difficult to see that the legislation is mostly hurting innocent sex workers. There's no excuse for the innocent.

I guess the dick pic thing is a sort of electronic equivalent of flashing. It's a compulsion. I can't imagine anyone thinks women would react positively to it.

The fundies know they're losing the culture war and the only way to re-assert their dominant position is to capture the power of the state to force it on everybody.

Martha: The Bible mandates the death penalty for homosexuality, and during the Dark Ages it was actually enforced (not humanely either). For anyone who claims to believe in the Bible, there's no wiggle room available.

04 June, 2018 12:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ami: Well, I like to think my interests are wide-ranging, but I see only a sliver of the vastness that is the internet.....

04 June, 2018 15:35  
Blogger Dr. Theda said...

Thanks for listing our Crypt... and we got a Smile from your comment... Thanks

05 June, 2018 11:20  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

"Killing gays humanely".... and people wonder why I own guns.

05 June, 2018 12:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Dr: Thanks for the blog! It's a great find!

Comrade: It's an option that's looking more and more potentially necessary, the way these guys talk.

06 June, 2018 05:18  
Blogger NickM said...

"Trump" has been for donkey's years British slang meaning "fart". As ever us Brits are way ahead of you.

07 June, 2018 10:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: Oh, yes, I was just pointing that out in the comments here a couple of days ago. I suspect in American slang it could end up meaning something even more offensive, though.

07 June, 2018 10:47  

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