06 May 2018

Link round-up for 6 May 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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May 1 was Halfoween.

It's just "the end" in Swedish.

Las Vegas has a giant fire-shooting praying mantis with a British accent.

Roadway may be unsafe when wet.

Here are some good ideas.

This is the Alborz Mountains under the Moon (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

See what talking looks like, from the inside.

Brigadier Sir Nils Olaf III inspects his troops.

Should we read books that make us uncomfortable?

There are actually people who get worked up about this kind of nonsense.

Anastasia Bulgakova draws countries as fantasy warriors (found via Miss Cellania).

The description keeps saying Homo sapiens, but I don't think so.

The notorious education report "A Nation at Risk" wasn't quite what you probably think.

Religion makes people ridiculous.  Sometimes, dangerously so.

TPM looks at the godawful political art of Jon McNaughton (Green Eagle spotted this guy several years ago, and more recently his totally-deranged successor).

Professor Chaos fisks Ross Douthat's laborious misunderstanding of sexual liberation.

"The Right are the original snowflakes."

Economic inequality in the US is this bad.

18-year-old Keshia Thomas acted with genuine heroism in a perhaps unworthy cause.

"I'm too stupid to understand it, so it can't be true!"

Most pathetically desperate man ever.

The "spoon trick" can save women and girls from ghastly abuse.

An ex-fundamentalist describes the path to enlightenment.

No, Cambridge Analytica is not shutting down, it's just staging a thinly-disguised name change.

No, whites are not on the way to becoming a minority in the US.

2012's shocking Republican comments on rape were derived from traditional Biblical attitudes.

LifeSite News bills itself as a serious traditionalist-Catholic news site.  But this posting includes a reference and link implying it takes the claims of Democratic "spirit cooking" seriously -- claims as absurd and outrageous as the Pizzagate or blood libels.  (I wasn't able to point this out there, since LifeSite has long banned me from commenting.)

A standard libertarian caricature of liberals is roundly pwned by several commenters, including me.

A Chinese-style prom dress triggers the latest diarrheal burst of "cultural appropriation" nonsense.  Actual Chinese people are unoffended and a bit baffled.  Even the media are starting to wise up.

A new Republican-backed law threatens the safety of sex workers -- and the freedom of the internet for everyone (found via Politics Plus).

Ridiculous car prices are leading to dubious lending practices.

The reason people don't respect conservatism is that its ideas are bad.

There's a common thread among several recent outbursts of violence.

The US hasn't fought a war against a competent enemy in decades.  If we do have to, are we prepared?

Sorry, you can't "harmonize" sense and nonsense.

Footprints bear witness that hunters 10,000 years ago braved even the largest prey.

The warming of the Arctic affects the whole planet.

The US health-care system ranks worst -- and most expensive -- among 11 developed countries (found via Miss Cellania).

Canadian money is cool.

Thousands of people went to the coast of Britain to mumble to themselves and fiddle with trinkets, in an effort to get more people to believe in mumbling to themselves and fiddling with trinkets, and to promote the idea that women should be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

A traveling blogger gets a taste of medieval Germany.

Dortmund's "Bordoll" is a brothel with a difference.

The European Union faces daunting budget problems now that it will soon no longer be able to sponge off of Britain.

A superhero comic annoys the bigots.

This piece of shit is what Israel is expected to negotiate with.

Molestation and embezzlement run rampant in the Catholic Church in Honduras.

This young man is worth a hundred of the sniveling Western cowards who would shy away from outspokenly supporting him.

Kazakhstan is changing its alphabet, not a simple or cheap matter.

This man speaks for me:  "What they need to be, is defeated" (found via Hackwhackers).

In Ohio, choose the real Democrat, not the wingnut.  And don't be fooled by both-siderist nonsense.

Erick Erickson shouldn't have to take this, but he shouldn't have dished it out either.

The firing of Patrick Conroy created an interesting split among Republicans.

"It’s been one bowling ball after another, propelled via howitzer, directly into our collective crotch."  If that's not painful enough, there's Giuliani.

Republicans may run against impeachment -- bad idea.

Republicans face another tough House special election in a red district.

Don't take millennials for granted.

For more links, see Fair and Unbalanced.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I was browsing some of this stuff ... and was interested in the clash in EU concerning Brexit. I been curious about EU countries in particular, because of how this corporatism via neoliberalism been gaining ground there ... as far as future budgeting, and how individual countries will react to what is to come over there. Also, in my view, corporatism is getting more control in countries that have stronger government, more peoples voice and input ... doesnt matter if it's EU, South America, Asia or whatever ... the same scum is tearing our countries apart globally. If United Health Care got their way for example in UK ... they will pay off enough politicians, to try to get rid of NHS (they've already been working on trying to infiltrate their NHS), replace it with garbage like we have, then of course over the years, try to force other countries to follow suit (long story). But the whole goal, again, is to financially break governments, to have to depend on privatization for everything ... even though it dont sound connected with what's happening ... it's all connected indirectly to the new capitalism agenda, which is anything but "free". I just hope that EU countries will fight back against all the milking, neoliberal politicians and related trash, that are being put in place, cuts and much else. I hate seeing this shit happen in euro countries, especially in the western sector and places like Scandinavia ... I look at these places as ahead of us, more socially and financially balanced and liberated, etc, they inspire others, like us ... hate to see these neoliberal policies and politics ... try to make them the shithole our country is becoming.

Interesting links concerning the ground sloths vs, ancient hunters!

Also what caught my atencion, was the Newsweek piece concerning U.S. Health Care, and falling short of the 11 countries in the analysis. Interesting because my tele is saturated in primetime with pharma and healthcare joints, bunk overpriced 24/ 7 clinics (which Dallas must have one of the highest concentrations of!), and frankly the f'n drug commercials are aggravating ... I mean like, 7 minutes of programming and 5 bloody minutes straight of them joints, then 7 of the programme, then 5 more minutes from them, etc, etc. Now according to our loved ones (some of this f'n recycled garbage we have in Washington/ politicians), combined with the medical/ insurance/ pharma joints official line ... where they say we are the best in the world, etc, etc. Looking at the 11 countries involved in the research ... it's no surprise where we fall/ rank. I would guess that the corporations of health care, are comparing us with countries like Vietnam, North Korea, Afghanistan, Rwanda or whatever ... to paint how "great we are". WTF did Trump say when talking office? ... "ohhh, the health care in this country will be so beautiful and great, you wont believe it, etc" (similar wording) ... not that I believed it, especially coming from a compulsive liar ... but we still have folks that will believe talk like that. ... I'm outta here ....

06 May, 2018 15:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I can't imagine the UK ever allowing the NHS to be eliminated and replaced with the kind of mess we have here. The voters would be solidly and vociferously against it. Notice that in the linked post about health-care systems of rich countries, while the US system was rated worst, the UK system was rated the best. Even the British Conservative party has never contemplated getting rid of the NHS, though they've reduced its funding as conservatives tend to do with everything.

As far as "neoliberal" policies are concerned, the EU is one of the worst offenders. For years it imposed tough austerity policies on its Mediterranean member states, much like the policies Republicans want to see here, and has devastated the economies of those countries in the process. One more reason why I'm very glad the UK is breaking free from the EU. There's evidence that the voters in other countries would break free from the EU if given a chance.

Americans don't realize how far we've fallen in certain international rankings due to the progress other countries have made. In maternal mortality rates, for example, according to the last figures I've seen, the US is on about the same level with Iran and Romania -- countries on the edge between the developed world and the Third World.

06 May, 2018 16:07  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Thanks for adding me to your link round up. You have found quite an interesting variation of things to read.

07 May, 2018 09:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

My interests are pretty wide-ranging.....

07 May, 2018 20:23  
Blogger Adam said...

The catholic church never changes, regardless of time and location

08 May, 2018 06:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hey, if it was good enough for the Dark Ages.....

08 May, 2018 08:07  

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